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Welcome to SWTOR Savior, You have just found the MOST COMPLETE resource there is for Star Wars The Old Republic! / Click Here to Learn More!

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Whether you have literally picked up the game today and just logged in or you have been playing since BETA we are confident that SWTOR Savior can improve your game and MOST importantly allow you to have MORE FUN!



What Sets SWTOR Savior Apart?

SWTOR Savior 08The first thing that sets SWTOR Savior apart from the rest of the pack is the fact that we
are MORE than just a quickly put together guide – much more…

We have complete WRITTEN guides that have been fully updated weekly since the BETA and
that are now updated the 2.6 expansion!

We are also the ONLY guide to back up everything with full 1080p HD videos so you will
actually be able to watch step by step guides to ALL aspects of the game in the member’s area!
SWTOR Savior also has a V.I.P forum that boasts over 2000 members! In fact we even have
a few key figures from the production team of SWTOR in there!

This not only allows you to give us feedback and let us know what you need – but it also
allows us to help you out when you need it!

Another awesome thing about the V.I.P forum is that you will be able to speak to fellow members and share hints, tips, builds, credit guides… you name it…

We also have routine contests and competitions in there for SWTOR merchandise such as the new SWTOR Razer Headset and the SWTOR Gaming Keyboard and mouse that is due to be released.

You will be able to get CONSTANT help from the SWTOR Savior team, other members and can contribute if you wish as well.

You will not find ANY other guide that offers a community forum and we think it is because they would not like the feedback about their guides!

There are also daily updates in the V.I.P forums so you will NEVER be out of date!


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