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Welcome to Halo 4 Guru! You have just found the ULTIMATE guide to DOMINATING Halo 4 anywhere on the web! The Halo 4 Guru guide has been put together by an ELITE team of Halo players! Every inch of Halo 4 has been covered, so you get the latest, deadliest most sought after techniques anywhere! You may have seen other guides out there? That’s fine, but this is the ONLY guide that provides REAL proof of the skills of the game! / CLICK HERE to learn more

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 Are you ready for Halo 4 Guru?

This is not just some quick put together guide with GENERAL info! You get a COMPLETE guide to the game both in written and HD Video format, so you can actually see how to dominate the game!

If you are new to Halo 4 consider this section boot camp! We explain how to start off on a winning streak and basic tactics that will keep you alive in the field! Even if you are an experienced Halo player a look through the boot camp section may give you a few pointers!

First thing is first! You want to complete the Campaign on Legendary and get the “Legend of 117” Achievement and even better if you do it solo you will get the “Lone Wolf Legend Achievement!”.

Halo 4 Guru gives you  an extensive guide to the campaign missions for all difficulty levels so you can unlock those achievements and play the game the way it was meant to be played!

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Halo 4 Guru!

This is where Halo 4 Guru really will help you! We provide you with a comprehensive multiplayer guide covering ALL online game modes so you will be unstoppable! You will get written guides that will give you tactics, choke points, multiplayer lessons and more as well as HD videos to back it up by some of the best players in the world!

Halo 4 Guru will give you a comprehensive, in-depth guide to all aspects of Halo 4… but … the guide is MUCH more than that! Instead of just TELLING you about the game, you will have a guide that will actually make you a BETTER player! In short you will become one of the top players FAST! This is NOT just a guide that has been put together with details about the game – you will be learning from some of the BEST players in the world!



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