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TheAstrboy9 channel is dedicated to the discovery of absolute truth through the arts, sciences and spiritual pursuits of the world, bringing healing to your heart, mind and body (The heart is part of the soul). According to Edgar Casey and the teachings of the American Indians, the soul is located in the center of your chest. I was shown no differently in death. Anytime you feel heartache, you are really feeling a form of soul ache telling you something is not right in your life or that your expectations aren’t being met!

Thank you for your love and support when you purchase from me. You’ll be helping me buy time with my current economic situation to write my new manuscripts revealing how to handle the Chronic Disease Syndrome. Keep in mind scholars are not rich and need your help. the more I’m supported through your purchases from my eStore, the more I’m able to support you through the incredible things I have planned, yet to come to TheAstroboy9 channel. In this way we help each other. 🙂

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