Minecraft – Beginner’s Guide

Hey newbie minecrafter! Are you tired of not knowing what you’re doing in minecraft? Did you get killed before the first night was even over? Well, your search for help ends here! / CLICK HERE to learn more!

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Your friends have been raving about Minecraft and begging you to play. You’ve bought the game and you’re ready to get started. Now what? You’re surrounded by blocks and you’ve heard something about breaking those blocks and punching pigs, but what else is there? A lot, as you’ll find out fairly quickly. Through this beginner’s guide to Minecraft secrets, learn the basics you need to know about crafting, craft tables, furnaces & smelting. Introduce you to the different minerals you can find in the game and explain the many differences between them so you can use it to your advantage. Show you how to use farming to save time gathering resources. Teach you about the dreaded ‘Nether’ world, how to get there and how to get out. Introduce you to passive, neutral and aggressive mobs and how you can protect and defend yourself and your items against their attacks. Explain what mods, skins and texture packs do and how to install them. Go to the website and learn more.

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