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So you want to be the best at Battlefield 3? Let’s face it, the buzz of getting HUGE KILL STREAKS is awesome. However if you have just started with Battlefield 3, you are in for a STEEP learning curve! In fact most players give up to be honest. All you need to do is take a look around online. People whining about getting killed all of the time. if this sounds familiar, you can forget getting ranked online. HOWEVER, become a Battlefield 3 legend ALMOST  overnight! Discover how to dominate Battlefield 3 and play like a pro-gamer today! HD video Guide shows you how to beat campaign and dominate multi-players! Updated for “Back to Karkand” DLC expansion pack…Weapons guide…get a full overview of the new weapons and how to dominate with them… maps guide…complete written guide & video guide to new maps featuring choke points, strategies, team work, weapon & vehicle strategies… new killer strategies and trophy guide… unlock the new trophies fast…get killer strategies before anyone else…so much more! Be the player everyone wants on their squad !!! Get this guide if you are really into Battlefield 3!!!

I’m in contact with a young fellow in college through my Youtube channel, age 22, who loves internet games and is in the know to what is up and coming. I asked him to share some of that with me and here is how he answered when he wrote back.


Kevin Montague: I could use your help with something you love to do. Mark, can you tell me what’s up and coming in the internet game business? College students are usually the most progressive to what’s in the know with the market place. Given you love games, especially internet games, what’s in the know in the time ahead? Start with Battlefield 3 if you will?

Mark A.: No problem. Battlefield 3 is a First Person Shooter which came out in November of 2011. It’s known for it’s online multiplayer where 2 teams fight. There are 3 game types in Battlefield 3 Teamdeathmatch which is to kill the enemy team, conquest which is to capture a base and try to hold it as long as possible to gain points(There are 3 to 5 bases depending on which map you play on), and finally there is rush where 1 team must try to destroy an enemy team’s base while the enemy team must defend it. There are many ranks in Battlefield 3 and as you climb higher in rank, you unlock more weapons, weapon attachments(Such as scopes, laser sights, etc)

Other popular games that are arriving this year are Call Of Duty series, Halo series, Assassins Creed series. New games that are expected to hit big sales are Borderlands 2, Resident Evil 6, Halo 4, Call Of Duty Black Ops 2, and there’s a new console coming out this Holiday season called theWiiU. If there’s anything else I can think of I’ll let you know. 

Kevin Montague: Thank you Mark! I’m sure my visiting gamers, who are into these games, appreciate hearing from a true blue gamer like yourself!

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