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"How to Reduce Fear, Escape Anxiety and End Panic": Every child is born to realize their mortality early on. Each child has fear and insecurity. To empower themselves, each choses a unique interest and path that will make them over power their fears and feel more secure. Fear is part of daily life. How you take action concerning those fears detemines your choices. Here is a book that will help you face and overcome the power of fear in your life / CLICK HERE to learn more!

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Childhood Fear 02Childhood Fear 05As we grow, we learn of our mortality early on. Think about it? A child might see a car crash at age five. A relative might drop dead in front of a youngster. Or a boy or girl might see two birds fighting while one bird kills another bird. Two parents who fight all thet time can build fear and insecurity into children in a home while the desire to survive takes control in an intolerable environment. Even the food we eat reminds us that we are not immortal and we learn this early on. It might even be a severe scolding of a parent or even abuse that makes a child become….AFRAID! 

Childhood Fear 04

 This is the face of FEAR!

Childhood Fear 05

Is this who you are on the INSIDE!
The Face of DREAD!

Adult Fear 02

Is this the real YOU no one sees???

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Whatever the stimuli, we each are faced with fear and insecurity early on as children. From there a child will choose a path they feel will empower them to rise above their fears. It might be a good path, but all too often it isn’t. The problem is, FEAR is faced too often alone, because the child feels embarrassed to admit to being afraid or may even feel threatened, if he or she admits to their fear and insecurity. We carry our childhood experiences into our adult years and those fears often dictate the path we take that defines us as adults. Eventually we get stuck in a mold we can’t get out of. This can lead to suicide or other destructive behavior.Childhood Fear 01


Often people won’t even desire to seek professional help from a psychologist or therapist. Behind this decision is more fear to how a total stranger might think, should they reveal their deepest fears and secrets. I’m sure you have felt this way often in your life. We all have secrets we hide, fears we feed and insecurity we nurture.

Childhood Fear 03

Fear will cripple you and keep you from experiencing the fullness that life has to offer. While it all begins in childhood, you are never too old to master your fears and become the wonderful and truly great person you are. In childhood, fear often keeps kids from being with the ones they truly love and are attracted too as friends. Not overcome, it can lead to isolation and loneliness in childhood and in the adult years. Once fear keeps children from  being who they are, when they are young and from doing the things they long to do, which will make them their best in life, then the road becomes full of doubts, apprehensions, and unfulfilled dreams. It doesn’t have to always be that way. You are never too late to change and overcome what keeps you from life’s best!

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Clearly the fears that start in childhood can keep you from living a full life.

♦ FEAR can keep you from that perfect job you greatly desire!

♦ FEAR can keep you from the love you long for.

♦ FEAR can keep you from doing the things you really love to do!

♦ FEAR is just not your friend when it comes to making a better life for yourself and those around you.

♦ FEAR will never let you be yourself.

♦ FEAR will never let you achieve great things.

♦ FEAR will never make you rise above your problems.

You have to stare it down and become its master!

Facing Fear 01You might be facing cancer or some other dreaded chronic disease. You might be facing a divorce and the whole dating scene again. You might need to face your own children who you don’t fully understand because you never got in touch with your own child when you were their age. The point is, if you are afraid, you are dragging around a ball and chain to your foot that is keeping you from flying and enjoying the best life has to offer. Age doesn’t matter. FEAR must be faced and mastered! Plain and simple and you shouldn’t be too proud to seek out help.


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Lucinda Bassett

Lucinda Bassett

We live in a day and age where so many fears are leading to clinical anxiety and panic attacks, even in other wise healthy individuals. I remember back in 1989, a gal by the name of Lucinda Bassett created a course entitled “Attacking Anxiety” and was sold through theMidwestCenterfor Stress and Anxiety. That was 25 years ago. Since then her work has opened doors into this area of human behavior leading to new research. Well, while that course was an expensive investment 25 years ago, this book is a much lower cost version that will help you identify and deal with your fears, how they cause anxiety and panic while learning how to disarm those fears which lead to these disorders. It is especially great for the elderly to read who have been housebound for so long as well as those who have been chronically sick and need encouragement not to be afraid to leave their house. It is not a replacement for professional therapy, but it can be a great add on to your pursuit to overcome your anxiety and reduce your level of fear.

Now what if I told you that you didn’t have to go to a psychologist to get started? What if I told you there is a really great book you can read that will make you face the music in your life and start to come to an understanding of your fear and insecurity? Mark Ivar Myhre has written a truly comprehensive book on the subject that will change your life and the way you think and feel about your fears. Go to his presentation page and let him tell you more about his wonderful book that will take you down the road you need to master your fears and make you rise to the person you long to be.

You want to stop rolling the dice when it comes to FEAR!

FEAR dice

 Here is your chance to take action and become master of your fears!

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