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Infertility 01For those of you who have read and watched my presentation page on the Chronic Disease Syndrome, you know that I learned that the western medical system really does not want you well. A customer cured is a customer lost. Well, every aspect of their profession is affected by the same politics. Listen to Lisa Olson as she  spells it all out to you. No doubt you will identify with all she has to share to what she did to try to get pregnant. List is a certified nutritional specialist, Health consultant, Medical researcher, Speaker, Author, and most importantly, a former infertility sufferer.

Are you in your late 30’s or 40’s? Do you have tubal obstruction? Do you have high levels of FSH? Do you have PCOS or endometriosis? Do you have uterine fibroids or uterus scarring? Do you have ovarian cysts or lazy ovaries? Do you have a history of miscarriages. Does your male partner have low sperm count?  Do you want to get pregnant quickly and naturally within 2 months? Do you want to give birth to healthy babies? Do you want to reverse both female and male infertility issues? Do you also want to improve the quality of your life dramatically? Can all these issues be turned around for you faster and easier than you ever thought possible?

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Dorothy Macleod, April, 2010 - Ontario Canada

“Hello Lisa, I have no words to express my gratitude, Lisa…I have fought with infertility issues for more than a decade. My Gyn told a year ago that one of my tubes was blocked, and had insisted that IVF was the only option left for me. I was desperate and terrified due to my relatively advanced age (I was 38 a year ago) and the 2 ovarian cysts that were giving me hell, that I would be childless. My husband and I decided we will keep on fighting as I have read many awful stories about the side effects, the low success rates and pain involved with the IVF procedure so we kept looking for a natural alternative. We almost gave up and then I found your website and emailed you for guidance BEFORE I bought your program. You were so supportive and kind that I immediately ordered your book and started the program along with my husband who had poor sperm motility(an issue that your program addressed as well). After two months of trying I got pregnant with my first baby boy. With one blocked tube and 2 ovarian cysts, I think this is nothing short of a miracle! Thank you for everything, Lisa!”
Dorothy Macleod – Ontario, Canada

Infertility 03


LISA OLSON discovered a pattern after 12 years of trying to get pregnant, then finally she became pregnant with her first daughter at age 43 and then gave birth to her son at 45!!! Impossible you say? Nothing is impossible as long as you possess the correct knowledge that will open the doorway you desire to walk through. You just need to climb a little higher in your understanding. Lisa will share with you five powerful keys that will get rid of your infertility for good. She summarizes on her presentation page. Just hit one of the CLICK HERE buttons while you hear her explain it a whole lot better. This is one brainy gal I might add and worth your time as a woman who is really struggling with this issue in your body.

Listen to her discuss the five keys
that will change your life!


1) Infertility drugs may increase the rate of ovarian cancer
2) Invitro Fertilization can lead to risky multiple pregnancies and baby brain damage
3) There is a strong link between diet and infertility, but diet alone can not cure infertility.
4) Infertility is not a localized problem of your reproductive system, but a warning signal of a serious inner imbalance
5) The only proven way to reverse infertility is to GET PREGNANT NATURALLY AND SAFELY


Infertility 02
Stop struggling for an answer.
Lisa Olson will help you!

I’m offering her wonderful book on my website,
because I learned similar principles
to save my own body
from the chronic disease syndrome as a man
even after I had contracted cancer
costing me 20 years of my life
to find the answers.

Please take time to listen to this wonderful gal
and buy her book!
The same insights that delivered me from cancer
will aid you in your goal to have children.

The answer lies in helping your body balance its internal environment
no matter what you goal is with your body,
even if you are woman desiring to get pregnant.

Lisa Olson is on the right track.
Let her help you get on the right track too

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