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Losing weight is not just a matter of cutting calories, exercise and throwing the body into ketosis. Losing weight is a mindset change; a visualization change. It is how you define yourself and how you see yourself AND always want to see yourself. Motivation is everything in life. Motivation makes things happen!Click Here to LEARN MORE!

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Weight Loss Motivation Bible 05c Weight Loss Motivation Bible 08Isn’t this the truth to what most people think when they see a fat person? Seriously, what looks more attractive to you in the photo to the right? While having a sterling character and a good heart is admirable, the truth is, people are animals and they really don’t look to the inside of a person first when they eye someone down. The truth is, they scan a person’s body first and foremost. We are all constantly doing it all the time. On a crowded sidewalk you may easily scan a few hundred people in the process of taking an afternoon walk. Subways are the most hysterical to be on. People are always looking inbetween each person sitting across from them, but once all of those people look away to somewhere else, immediately the eyes go right on the ones that we find the most attractive and interesting. To say other wise would be to lie to yourself. We all do it…ALL THE TIME!

Weight Loss Motivation Bible 06While you need brains to hold a job, good looks opens more doors than not. Even the most talented need their looks to open the doors they desire to walk through and yes, then once they are through the door, their talent has to hold them up. Not only is having a firm body at a good weight a good feeling, but good health is nothing to joke about. Just lose your health to cancer, AIDS, diabetes, heart disease, or so many other chronic disease issues and you’ll suddenly realize you should not have taken your body for granted. Some people think they can just run their body into the ground and then they will die. The truth is our bodies are amazing vehicles and even when severely beaten into the ground, they will keep going, even in all the pain a body can be in while we go along for the painful ride.

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Unless you are bedridden or house bound where you can not exercise, then you have no excuse to start to go to work on your weight loss. The real issue is in how you look at your food, your goals in life and how you want to look during your journey in life. Those who have trauma done to their body have a good excuse not to be able to exercise. Even chemical imbalances can really make it hard to keep off the weight, even under the best attempts. But if all you do is compulsively eat and can’t seem to see the reason why, then you need to start getting in touch with the real you. THE WEIGHT LOSS MITIVATION BIBLE will help you do that in a big way!


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