I’m a graduate of Notre Dame High School located in Sherman Oaks, California. I graduated cum laude in 1974. Note Dame has always been a college prep school focusing heavily on the arts and sciences.

I graduated as a California State scholar and chose to attend Loyola University of Westchester, California. I am also a graduate from Loyola come August of 1978: I got my degrees in the field of the technical Communication Arts and Sciences, as well as a second degree in Music, focusing heavily on original music composition and arrangement before graduation. I never stopped studying and learning after graduation at age 23 and these days am a artisan and a scientist.

I do not have my formal doctorate work done at this time given the pathway my life took which lead me to writing my first 411 page book titled THE MASTER’S KEY TO UNLOCKING AND MASTERING CHRONIC DISEASE. My new ebook makes for quite a thesis as a graduate work piece given all the new connections it reveals to how chronic disease works in all organic life and how each of you can take control of the process to save your own lives. Oddly enough, I had thought of becoming a medical doctor when I was a younger man. Now I’m glad I did not, because my view of Western medicine has changed given all the corruption going on in the priesthood for the sake of the money to keep their profession alive. Still, if I had taken on my formal graduate work, I would have chosen to be a research scientist, physicist and an author anyway. This is what I’ve become at nearly 62 years of age.

My background is heavy in the arts, sciences and religions of the world. I have a great deal of experience in the financial industry, as well as entrepreneuring my own consulting business in the field of technical publications consulting, which resulted in my own consulting business called Opal Star Industries back in the early 1980’s.

I’ve experienced two full NDEs (Near Death Encounters). The first was at age 25 and the second was at age 44 when I was in the heart of 45+ major complications done to my body from eating contaminated sausage bought from a local Vons supermarket.  Both experiences changed my view of the Universe heavily and my understanding of man’s destiny…. forever. My entire focus in life has been uncovering absolute truth through the arts, sciences and religions of the world prior to the first experience.

I am not married. I lost 25 years to chronic disease issues and still sustain some remaining trauma to my body which keeps me house bound, even though I identified the process that was killing while successfully reversing and clear it all from my body in the end. Not exactly the life I wanted either, but it is what it is for now.

My ventures into the arts include the field of music, especially in composing and arranging original compositions and works. My latest effort is the new orchestration titled “AIRWOLF RETURNS – The Motion Picture”. You’ll find this on my CDbaby artist page.

I was able to get fully involved in the study of music, starting at age 15 and going into college.  In addition to these entrepreneurial fields are my ventures into the Toy & Game Industry and eventually into the field of private medical research on the Chronic Disease Syndrome in man.

During my growing years, as I entered into college, I loved working out with weights, running on the beach, being with friends and enjoying life. When my health failed at age 37, due to contaminated sausage I bought at a local Von’s Supermarket in my residential area. Vons had been into financial difficulties from 1988 to 1996 I later learned. They had hospitalized 600 people, including myself and killed 5 young kids in the bargain with their killer meats. They did a good job covering up my case and even bought out one of my doctors, Dr. Richard K. Gordon. It’s a long complex story you can read about on my LinkedIN page where I offer a 74 page treatise of my story.

Just look under OWNER – KFFMenterprises. You’ll not only find my 74 page treatise of my story, but also articles connected to Vons supermarket. What these people got away with is deplorable.

The result is that life turned my path heavily into our medical sciences, which walked me into my destiny, as I worked to uncover intense new insights into how the chronic disease syndrome works in the body. It amazed me in the end that all these companies, who say they have our best interest at heart, take in billions of dollars a year for research and never ever come up with a cure for any chronic disease issue on the planet. I’m just a humble scholar who met our Lord in death, twice, sent back to do what everyone else won’t do and should be doing. On a pauper’s budget, I did what all the major game players should have done decades ago in revealing how chronic disease works on the planet. The horrible truth I learned about this world is it truly belongs to the devil, because not even the FDA or AMA want the answer to all the disease issues. They would be out of business if the cures were known. Still, our Lord of the Light, as I call Jesus, commanded me to write what I titled as THE MASTER’S KEY TO UNLOCKING AND MASTERING CHRONIC DISEASE, which has lead to this website and so much more I’m revealing on my youtube channels.

I took my body from a cancer state and put it into full remission with no drugs and no chemo or radiation, while I wrote about my discoveries, now being offered in my new book titled THE MASTER’S KEY TO UNLOCKING AND MASTERING CHRONIC DISEASE. This manuscript is available for purchase on this website also.

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