Do you offer hard copies of the ebooks you offer on your website? I’m gun shy about buying books on the Internet, especially when downloading an ebook.

On-Demand publishing is the wave of the future. It allows unknown, yet very  talented authors or well informed authors to finally get known, without the high cost that it takes to print and publish a book. Personally, it is too costly for me to print hard-copies of my own eBooks and keep an inventory stored and ready for shipment. Starting 2020 however, I’ve started a working relationship with Bookbaby.com located in New Jersey in the United States. Heading the offerings is THE MASTER’S KEY TO UNLOCKING AND MASTERING CHRONIC DISEASE, now available in soft cover, paperback form and thanks to the Internet, I can offer my years of research to you and others, who need a printed version of the book at a price that is reasonable for both Bookbaby and myself. There are no free lunches in life and it cost me a lot to even make THE MASTER’S KEY a reality. I have to pay back all my creditors who carried me through all of this these past 26 years. While with the ebooks you get instant gratification when you download online, if you prefer to cuddle up with a book, take advantage of my relationship with Bookbaby.com.

If you desire a hard-copy of your ebook, once downloaded, just use your toner printer to print the ebook. If you live in the United States, for the covers, you can go to a local Kinkos near your home to have the printed pages bound. Kinkos is national in the United States; where you can have the book of pages bound. This only cost me $5.00 USD to get done at a Kinkos near my home and it looks great! There are many publishing facilities, even office supply stores, who offer in the well developed cities of the world these days such binding services. The important thing is the information contained in the ebooks, which are here to serve and support you in the health sciences, as you grow and learn in our very complex world. I work to offer ebooks that offer truth and real applicable knowledge that will benefit your needs.

If you should run into a problem with a download, simply contact me at kffmenterprises@gmail.com and I’ll do what I can to guide you. Payhip.com is proving to be a great company, who I’m working with. So is Bookbaby.com. Payhip.com is located in the United Kingdom. Together, we’ll make sure you get an ebook, when you pay for it. Same with the original music I offer on my website or any of the other products you may desire to purchase.


When I click on my ebook to open it, my PDF reader is asking for a passcode? I was not given a passcode or password.

Most of the issues are simple to address. Your problem will more than likely fall under one of the below four answers:

1) Check to see that you have typed in the entire password and that it is correct.  Make sure to type in the carrots and questions marks in the code.

2) You have printing privileges with the ebook you were sent. The password is good for the life of the ebook PDF file. You can open your file using this code whenever you want. Just make sure to put your password in a safe place where you know where it is for the times you need to open the ebook file.

3) Your password is good for the life of your ebook PDF file. You also have printing privileges, not just reading privileges. One of the advantages of having an ebook related to health science is that your PDF reader will have the ability to search out topics when you need to. It is faster than doing it from a hard copy version of the book. The entire planet is moving fast to this way of reading as part of On Demand publishing. The computers also make delivery instantaneous once an order is put in (Instant gratification publishing is what I call it)

4) You will have received a THANK YOU letter from the Payhip system after you made your purchase. If you have not put my business email name into your safe sender list before purchasing, then chances are the THANK YOU letter went to your SPAM folder or your TRASH folder. Check there for the letter, which has the current passwords listed for each ebook. Here are the current passwords in case you can not find your THANK YOU letter. The Payhip computers are very efficient and are run by the Farah brothers who are two very bright techs who own Payhip and run it.

Concerning your book THE MASTER’S KEY TO UNLOCKING AND MASTERING CHRONIC DISEASE, if you really did have the answer for things like CFS, Fibromyalgia and even Cancer, why are you not just giving it to the world?

There are literally billions of websites on the globe right now. To just throw the answers out there, would be like throwing a grain of sand into the ocean and hope that everyone finds it. You would never find the information. It is foolhardy to think that it is easy to reach all the different mindsets with new information. It takes marketing and a lot of politics to get new discoveries heard and accepted.

Attempts to bring answers to the FDA and AMA in America, only winds up with the solutions taken away from people like me and then locked up, so no one has access to them. I’ll bet you didn’t know that is what is going on all the time. The FDA and AMA are not interested in cures to diseases. They are only interested in what will keep the money moving in to keep their doctors and nurses working. Otherwise you are on your own to get yourself well; up against the evils of the world. However, I encourage everyone to work with their doctors, as you AND your doctors, both learn what is in THE MASTER’S KEY. If your doctor won’t work with you, seek out one who will through ACAM (The Amercian College for Advancement in Medicine)


Look for the tab on the home page that says “Find Practitioner”. It can help you find those who are medical practitioners who are open minded to the integrative medicine and all the differing medical disciplines.

I’m here to help you learn the truth and re-empower you, so you can take control of your own healthcare effectively, even if you are dying from the process man calls “cancer”. In truth, you will learn from THE MASTER’S KEY that cancer is not a disease, but a natural process you unwittingly threw the “ON” switch too. I can teach you how to throw it the other way to the “OFF” position.

Keep in mind that if all the Western doctors got everyone well, they would be out of business for good. That’s why their system favors drugs or pharmaceuticals, which only mask and cover up symptoms, but also serves as a renewable source of income for them as a result. The word pharmaceutical from the Greek means “a form of sorcery”. Bet you didn’t know that one either. The word drug means “to cover up” or “mask”. A drug can not cure a disease. In can only impede the symptoms until eventually the underlying cause kills you in the bargain. Such are the profound evils of the day. See now why it would be impossible to just give the knowledge away revealed in THE MASTER’S KEY???

Your body is a living water system, which can be adulterated over time: The word adulteration means “to pollute”. Western doctors treat such a polluted system with drugs, with the hope they can manage the symptoms. In truth, they are only adding to the problem, not rectifying it when they use drugs. I like a good pain killer when I need it,b but I don’t want to live off of them the rest of my life. Do you?  Once the body system becomes really polluted, then the drugs don’t work anymore. You have to clean your system out, but you also must shut down a very interesting process in that pursuit or you get no where getting well from chronic disease. I have named this process the CDS/PD Process.

This is how I saved my life from a death sentence my western doctors gave me back in December of 1997. Western medicine failed to make this separation, since the FDA was formed back in 1938. In 20 years, I unveiled what they should have unmasked in 80 years, but never did, simply because they wanted drugs to serve them as patented remedies they could control and not real answers to remedy disease in the organic body that would serve as permanent “cures” or answers.

When you see the truth to what it all is, which I do, then you realize that a lot of work is needed to undo the lies all of you have bought into, so the real truth can get into each of your minds. That’s why I start my new ebook with the words “It all starts with a change of vision!” When I can change your vision, then I can teach you how the process works in organic life in my new ebook, which will then change the way you look at using the medical alternatives to get your body well. The alternatives do work, but only if you know what is in my new book THE MASTER’S KEY TO UNLOCKING AND MASTERING CHRONIC DISEASE.

Does your 30 day money back guarantee apply to all your original ebooks?

Only to the ebooks! The 30 day money back guarantee applies to all my original ebooks titled. Bookbaby.com has their own customer service department and their own policy. They are contracted as a separate outsourcing facility company to which I have no ownership in. So, please refer to their operating policy when you visit their website offering any of my original books. Here is the list of current works that are in ebook form right now.





To date, no one who has bought and read these ebooks has ever asked for their money back. These books are that rich in original information, opening a new doorway of understanding for the entire planet. What helped me in the writing of THE MASTER’S KEY is what I was exposed to in two full NDE experiences, both at age 25 and 45. Go to my Youtube tab and look for my Youtube channel “Beyond LIFE there is the LIGHT”. I have three testimonial videos uploaded that you can watch for free. Also watch my teaching video titled “The Location of the Universe”. You are in for a mind blowing understanding as you learn the real truth of what we all are a part of while we are living on planet Earth.

Are all purchases secure on your website when I make a purchase?

A definite….Yes!

However, you make no direct purchases through this website. This site serves as a “hub” that will take you to other websites, which offer a particular product you desire to purchase that is being offered from KFFMenterprises.com. The four main sites that this site is tied into are Payhip.com, Paypal.com, CDbaby.com and Clickbank.com. All of these sites are secure sites. Even if you should read a “Connection is not secure” on the main URL field concerning the home page of this site, you won’t be making any purchases direct from this site. You will, however, be re-directed to other sites, which are secure. While the main HOME page of this site tends to read “Connection is not secure”, you’ll note that the pages are under an SSL protection at all times. So you can expect the pages to read “Connection Secured”. Just know, when you are ready to purchase, you will be redirected to the sites of other companies I am doing business with who have very tight security on their landing pages I use. You will be free to use your credit card or Paypal access to make a purchase, securely, when you are ready.

With my original ebook works, you are taken to Paypal in the end, where you operate in the Paypal environment to make a secure purchase. So rest assure, your information is kept secure at all times. While I offer a 30 day money back guarantee on the original ebooks I offer, you are also under the Paypal 180 day dispute and return policy. I have yet to have anyone wish to return THE MASTER’S KEY, once they buy it. It is a remarkable work that took me 15 years to write.

The other products are offered through Clickbank. So, when you purchase those products, you are protected by the Clickbank servers as you make your purchase. They also offer a 30 day money back guarantee with their products and I work with them to honor their policy if you are not totally satisfied with a purchase through their services.

My music is offered through CDbaby, who has many partners they work with globally. I have had no returns on my music once sold, but I understand all the partners work to satisfy the customer, if for some reason you are not satisfied with the purchase of any of my original music.

I don’t use a shopping cart with this website, because I combine these three services along with the services of Payhip.com, who makes my original books available to all of you through On-Demand publishing. Because I’m working with four resources, it is better to keep the website set up the way it is. It’s more paperwork on my end to keep track of it all, but it works out better for you, so I can offer the diversity I’m offering on KFFMenterprises.com

If you have any questions or suggestions, always let me know and if there is anything you like about the website, please let me know. Criticism does not have to be negative. I like hearing positive insights as well. This website has thousands of hours behind its development over the past 3 years and I take pride in my work and offerings to each of you who are taking time to visit me

Please also know this website is being protected by SSL at this time through my cpanel access to this site. However, if you see the words “NOT SECURE” on your browser, like Chrome or Firefox, do know I have asked for tech support with GVO who hosts this site each year and they can not resolve the message “NOT SECURE” because my images (pictures) and URL links don’t all have the https designation with each URL link. What I have is a mix of http and https designations. GVO tech support did try to rectify the message issue, but when they tried, I lost all my images and all my URL access to my other sites and their landing pages. So, this site was then restored to its former settings. When I have time, I’ll change all the http designators in each link to https to finally uniform the site. This won’t affect you visiting the site or your security at all, but I’m writing this message for those of you who may see the “NOT SECURE” certificate message.

Also, understand that all purchases take place on other sites which are secure. This site serves as a HUB to those other sites and never at any time is your personal information in jeopardy, even when you subscribe to this website. Thank you for your understanding. Being a webmaster is very demanding. I’m constantly learning and making improvements to this site, while making sure all measures are being taken to keep this site secure for myself and all of you who visit me.

Can you tell me more about how your affiliate program works?

Yes! I offer a really wonderful affiliate program both through Payhip and Bookbaby, which includes assisted free training for doing SMTP/POP3 technology.

I currently offer affiliate work with the original ebooks titled THE MASTER’S KEY TO UNLOCKING AND MASTERING CHRONIC DISEASE and Dr. Rick Santee’s new ebook PROSTATE RELIEF NOW. Just go to the tab that says AFFILIATES in order to learn more and connect with me, so as to have a chance to make money with me through sales of these original works.

UPDATE: 9/11/2018 – I currently have some on-board global affiliates helping me out with the marketing outreach. However, only two have asked me to train them. and they are helping me get the word out these days, along with all the ads I send out each day. It’s a big world with 7.5 BILLION people living on it. YIKES, that is a lot of people who need my help!

I also, not only supply product URLs for each original product in my publishing line, but I also supply free ad copy and fresh mailing lists, if you’ll invest into the AB Bulk Mailer being offered out of India, which sells for $23 these days. Here is the URL to a wonderful program that will really get you started in the online marketing game.


I don’t make any money offering the AB Bulk Mailer, but it is a great way to start at low cost to start your own online business with me helping you do what I’ve been doing. You will also be assisting me to get the mail out in exchange for what I will teach you so my marketing model builds a growing presence all over the globe for the new ebooks I’m offering.  You can readily read about the AB Bulk Mailer on Youtube these days.

I’ll teach you about the CAN SPAM laws and how they work, so you can do cold calling on your own, making your computer knock on doors and get into INBOXES, while you are sleeping. There is nothing more delightful than to see a notice from payhip saying “YOU HAVE SOLD AN ITEM” and seeing the money in your Paypal account. Once you are set up, you just do your walk through each day like I do, to see what is sold or to execute any new ideas you may have to build your outreach. No success story is built overnight. It takes showing up each day and building a pathway to your goals in life, even if it is to make money on the net. Just know, the key to making money on the net, is to know your products and be caring toward your customers who need your help. The money takes care of itself when you keep this approach in mind with the world. 

I’ll teach you SMTP/POP3 technology for free and help you get your computer on auto pilot, to help me knock on doors for THE CDS/PD PROCESS ebook, THE MASTER’S KEY ebook, Dr. Santee’s ebook PROSTATE RELIEF NOW and any of the current healthcare reports being offered from KFFMenterprises original publication works. This does not apply to products being offered through Clickbank or CDbaby however. I do not offer affiliate programs for those outlets.

I supply teaching videos which I’ve recorded and I’ve been using with some of my onboard affiliates, who I take the time to train and who want to learn from me. What I teach is comparable to what Mike Dillard teaches on the internet these days, but without the high price tag of $1500 to buy his training course. All I ask is that you dedicate yourself to helping me get the mail out each day through your computer concerning my original product offerings each day.

Why am I doing this? It’s very simple. The world has 7.5 BILLION people in it and I can only get out about 25,000 emails a day on my computer systems. So I need your valuable assist to help me sell my new ebooks, which have been selling; given the populace of the world. It’s a lot of people to reach. You will earn some very good commissions for the assist, as payment to you when sales happen.

What is the VAT tax and how will it effect my purchase?


A value-added tax (VAT), known in some countries as a goods and services tax (GST), is a type of general consumption tax that is collected incrementally, based on the surplus value, added to the price on the work at each stage of production, which is usually implemented as a destination-based tax, where the tax rate is based on the location of the customer. VATs raise about a fifth of total tax revenues both worldwide and among the members of the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD). As of 2014, 160 of the world’s approximately 193 countries employ a VAT, including all OECD members except the United States,[1]:14 which uses a sales tax system instead.

— Definition provided by Wikipedia

If you are in an area where the VAT tax applies in your area, which usually applies to many of the European countries these days , know that the VAT will be added on separately to the price, which will be collected by Payhip.com located in the United Kingdom. You can learn what the VAT tax percentage is in your area by looking it up on the internet. A link is provided below that will take you to the United States Council for International Business to help you find your country to see what the VAT is for your area of the world, when ordering outside the United States)


Can I use my credit card or Paypal in making my payment?


You may use either your credit card OR Paypal to make a payment, whether you are ordering an ebook through Payhip.com or a soft cover paperback through Bookbaby.com. Here are the cards that are supported by both systems to date.

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