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During my late teens and early twenties, I wrote a number of wonderful songs and instrumentals that never got covered back in those days on radio. However, they were preserved on tape and transferred to computer over the years. Most of these works are excellent, in spite of the fact I was a struggling poor songwriter, who was also an innovative engineer.

Product Information

Find some of my original songs and instrumental works using this Music Player. This player is connected to my CDbaby artist page. When you find something you like and would like to buy, just click on the Buy  button and you’ll be taken to the CDbaby artist page. It’s simple and easy to make a purchase of my original song works. To date the top sellers are the “Airwolf Theme (remix)” and “AIRWOLF RETURNS – The Motion Picture (Original Score)”

I have to pay royalties on some of the cover songs and instruments, so the price on those works cost a little more than the ones I don’t pay royalties on. Pricing depends on the contractual agreements I have with the distributors handing my music these days.

Please don’t shy off from buying my music. Artist like me can not make it alone and I need the money from sales to help me reach the world with my beautiful musical works. Advertising costs, even over the internet, not to mention the time that goes into composing, writing and arranging each original musical work. The Bursting the Bubble I album took size months to write while working 12 hours every day to compose and engineer the final product. All of this is done on spec that I’ll make back the money when the album sells. I have to pay my bills, if I’m to have the time to devote myself fully to more musical writing. When you buy my music, you help me pay my bills so I can keep on writing.

You can also find me on Jango Airplay Radio these days. Use the URL button below that will take you to my Jango Airplay Radio Station.

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Kevin F. Montague
For the Measure of Music



You can visit my photo albums that I’ve prepared on my facebook page dedicated to Bluefire Music Enterprises. Don’t worry, you can still buy one of my musical songs or instrumentals, once you are on that page, by accessing my CDbaby estore from that page location, in case the mood finally strikes you to buy some of my songs or instrumentals for your future listening pleasure.

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