Beyond LIFE there is the LIGHT

This youtube channel is devoted to help the living better understand how all the NDE experienced tie together with the one reality that we are all a part of all times. There are not different realities. Mr. Montague will help you with your own religious books to help you see the truth of it all, as well as introducing key things from man's science to help you better understand the big picture we are all a part of on the Earth.

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I have had two full death encounters in my life. The first was at age 25 off the operating table of Hollywood Presbyterian Hospital at age 25. The second happened at age 44, in my home, where I died alone.

My hope for this channel is to connect the dots through various resources, be they either religious and/or historic books, NDE testimonies and/or man’s science, to help you make more sense of who and what God really is as our source. The reason for this approach is to help the living, who have not had an NDE experience, try to come to terms to the absolute reality of what it all is, up against each person’s assorted beliefs. In the end, you learn there is only one reality, not many when you die.

Kevin F. Montague Author, Scholar, Artisan & Scientist
Beyond LIFE there is the LIGHT

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