Heave Ho!

If you have a warped sense of humor, then you'll love "Heave Ho". Planning on having a demented party with your friends? Need to give a friend or family member a good laugh? Then "Heave Ho" will do it! Click Here to Learn More!

Product Information

I was well known for my “warped and sometimes twisted” sense of humor back in my twenties. (chuckling) The art of some humor is to be able to take positives and make them into laughable negatives, while often showing the downside of something in life in a fun filled way.

I had been thinking of all the medicines I had to take growing up that made me more sick than the disease that was in my body.  In the 1970’s, television and radio commercials were no longer in time duration than 30 to 60 second spots, unlike the info- commercials of today, which have no time limit on them. Often the audio radio commercials used what was called A/B rolling of the voice in the ad format, so as to jazz up the sales pitch in order to sell the product and make it more exciting to listen to.

I thought one night, why not create a product that is designed to get you sick, not get you well? The benefits of such a product would help you take time off from work when you needed it or to miss classes at school. So I came up with “Heave Ho!”…. guaranteed to make you sicker than a dog in 10 minutes or your money back! (chuckling) I then applied the radio techniques of the day to get the point across. The end result is this disgustingly, funny spoof, on western medicine and their drugs.

I suppose this kind of humor would fall in the line of Spike Jones type humor or Monty Pithon humor, as well. If you were alive during the 1970’s, you’ll understand where I’m coming from with this kind of humor. Even if you were not alive during that time, this kind of visual slap stick humor is great for a laugh.


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