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One of my all time favorites was Elton John's "Your Song" which was released in 1970. I was just ending my first year in high school back then at Notre Dame High School of Sherman Oaks. This was recorded when I was 23 years old with nothing more than my piano and vocal AND a lot of love and heart in my voice as I sung it to. Click Here to Learn More!

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I got a late start in life learning music at age 17. I had asked for piano lessons and a piano from my mother when I was age 5. The piano did come through my dad at around age 10, but given we lived in an apartment; I couldn’t practice much, because my mother was telling me all the time that the piano was too loud. She thought I had lost interest in the piano, but in truth I never did. I just was trying to be good and honor the neighbors as requested. Still, I agonized for each day I could not touch the piano sitting in our apartment each day.

By age 15, I was given a guitar by one of the nuns at St. Francis of Assisi Church in North Hollywood one night after one of the prayer meetings I attended to help out with the music ministry. Sister Joan was the gal who gave me her guitar. That guitar is with me to this day some 35 years later. I called the guitar “Joani”.

Once I got my state scholarship, I chose Loyola University at age 17 as my University of choice. I majored in their technical communication arts and sciences program. I also double majored in music; to catch up on lost time. I excelled in music theory which was a two year course in my music studies under the teaching of Leroy Southers back in the 1970’s. By the time I was hitting my mid twenties, I had been writing many songs and instrumental works as time passed. Then I had my first NDE where I met Jesus in the Light, who told me my life was “wrecked”. I saw I had been destined for the entertainment industry and the music industry much earlier in life in that NDE experience. I was encouraged not to come back, but did to help my parents and brother. You can hear a little of that experience in my interview with George Noory on Coast to Coast AM. Here is the link.

One of my favorite artists was Elton John back in those days. I remember back at Loyola University, Elton came through the on campus dorms passing out albums to the students in their dorms. The guys who knew my love for music, were trying to find me, but no one knew I was in one of the music rooms, working on one of my original works, when our dorm got the visit by Elton. My friend Craig Strickland even told me later, when I came back to my room that Elton walked right into my dorm room and noted my music spread out on my desk and bed. He started to look at it all too and found it interesting. Too bad they did not find me. I could have played some of the music I was working on for Elton. I might have gotten a good break in the music business that day as a result.

Still, I loved many of his piano songs and naturally since “Your Song” was one of his number #1 hits, I took the time to learn it and sing it as I was building my repetoire.

So here is “Your Song” done some 38 years ago, with me on electronic piano and vocal. .

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