Bluefire Stallion

Imagine if you will it is a moonlit night. You are a young boy or girl again, walking home through a mystic forest. Suddenly. out of that forest comes a magical horse, as bright as the blue part of a candle flame etched in flames, but in no pain. This is the Bluefire Stallion: Free; opening a doorway to spiritual magic in your life. / Click Here to Learn More!

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This was completed sometime in 1975. I had been entertaining the idea for a band during this time period in my life, but was having trouble coming up with a name back in those days. As I was developing my own style of music, I often use to sit in my bedroom or the school music room with just a single candle burning to light the room. It was good for meditation while I tried to get in touch with my spiritual muses, when I was ready to create a new song or instrumental work.

I was staring at my candle one night, after a while of thinking, and focused in on the center part of the flame. As you know, with most candles, the base part of the flame of any candle is blue in color. It is also the coolest part of the flame; with the white part being the hottest part of the flame. I wanted to say that my music had a “cool” sound to it, without using the word “cool” anymore. The word “cool” was a left over word from the 1960’s. So I came up with the name “bluefire”.

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I had always loved horses and mythology. So one night, I let my imagination take me to a place that was magical. I remember an interview with Ursula Le Gruin and Bill Moyer. Ursala Le Gruin wrote “The Lathe of Heaven”. She stated in the interview that when she writes one of her books, it usually starts with a character appearing in her mind. She then allows that character to take her by the hand and into his or her world. She then allows the story of that character to unfold through her thoughts. She never knows, she states, where the whole thing is going to take her. That’s what I do with my fiction as well. I dreamed of the Bluefire Stallion, which I tried to capture in the pieces of the cover artwork for this song and then let the stallion reveal a moment to me of its life. I saw myself as a boy again and caught for a brief moment in a forest, a timeless image in my imagination, which made for great lyrics that make up the song and fiery musical arrangement.

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When I look back, the stallion seemed to represent my more fiery brave side I kept sequestered in many ways through my life. So many fears growing up made me shy, as I entered my 13th year. A lot of that had to do with the abuses I got from my mother growing up and the kids I grew up with in the four grade schools I attended, before high school. I had lost my self confidence and my self esteem, before age 13, which I told no one about. This stallion was fearless and full of love, made of a cool blue fire, but with a fiery red main. The colors represented water and fire in the colors of the stallion and represented the cleansing I was going through, both spiritually and in mind and heart when this song was written, as I entered into college. I had finally gotten away from the influence of my parents, which had sorely messed me up growing up and was more on my own starting 1975. For the first time, the real me, the real love that was being suppressed, was starting to try to find its way into the world. This would not come without mistakes along the way too, but at least I was finally flowing into life and it was starting to show in my initial composition works I was taking on as a writer and composer.

What inspired the opening was a form of chord riff Elton John used in his piece entitled “Funeral for a Friend” off his Yellow Brick Road album. I love the fiery triplets he used at one point in that one piece, as he was building it all into “Love Lies Bleeding”. So, I capitalized on that form of triplets to open the band arrangement for this work.

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With each arrangement I wrote, I had a set format in mind for the Bluefire band which I had hoped to form one day, which never did happen, because I started to run into serious health issues when I reached age 27. I never did get my Bluefire band off the ground in the real world as a result, but my band exists in virtual reality these days through the internet. The world missed out on all the fun that would have been created, if the people at the food establishments who had done this to me, had done their job and if my western medical doctors had not been so dumb, as to not see the cause of what had gotten into my body from parasite filled food I ate one day. Still, I had written enough music to create a number of albums worth of saleable music for the day, if it had gone the other way. Who knows how much more I would have written, if it had all been different.

So, sit back and envision a cold October skyline. See yourself as a youth again in a magical forest. Then imagine the stallion you see on my cover art suddenly appearing before you, as divine magic surrounds you and inspires you to be the noble being you were born to be! It’s all part of the hero’s journey of adventure no less.

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