AIRWOLF RETURNS – The Motion Picture (Original Score)

When Stringfellow Hawk killed Dr. Charles Henry Moffet who had killed the love of his life Gabrielle, little did Stringfellow know Moffet had a son. His son got ahold of the blueprints for Airwolf and created a new Airwolf leading to the battle of the century. As Moffet's son creates global havoc with his improved Airwolf model, the old Airwolf rises up to meet the challenge in AIRWOLF RETURNS. Hear my original opening score as the motion picture opens up to reveal what has transpired since Airwolf was first launched back in 1984! To all my Airwolf fans all over the globe! ENJOY THE MUSIC NOW AVAILABLE THRU CDBABY! / Click Here to Learn More!

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When I first opened up my CDbaby artist page back on October 5, 2009, to my amazement, almost right away, a remix I did in 1989 of the Airwolf Theme music, inspired from the original television show, dating back to 1984, started to sell, all on its own. I was doing absolutely no advertising at that time. Still 6 to 12 copies would sell each month and has been doing so since then.

I’ve been learning that many who are current day Airwolf fans, both young and old, would love to see a new motion picture made, capturing the theme of the old television series from 1984. With that said, I went to work this past year to write an orchestration score I’m now offering off of my CDbaby artist site.

The result is this beautiful new movie score! While I know of no such real movie work being made as I write this titled “AIRWOLF RETURNS – The Motion Picture”, I thought in order to help meet the fantasy fulfillment of all the Airwolf fans in the world, I’d render this arrangement to how such a score might sound today, using today’s compositional way of thinking behind movie score writing.

I loved the old television series too and always wanted to do a modern day orchestration of the theme. I finally have done that. While true; no current motion picture has come out yet with the release of this musical score I’ve done, who knows? It might spur a door to open, by inspiring a motion picture indie to take on the project. If that happens, I would love my score to be used to open the motion picture film.





Why did I write this score the way it sounds? Well, I envision a scene in the new movie where two new recruits comes along to replace an aging String-fellow Hawke (Jan Michael Vincent) and a deceased Dominic Santini (Earnest Borgnine). The new recruits are told where the cave is that houses Airwolf. Dr. Moffet’s son has appeared earlier in the movie and has created a up-scaled version of Airwolf, causing havoc in the world and the old Airwolf is needed for battle.

So opens the scene in the desert, like the original did back in 1984, as the camera moves into the mountain cave where Airwolf has been kept all these years. This is the opening fanfare of my score. Then, as Airwolf is seen rising from the open mouth of the small mountain, where she has been stored, my music begins, as she makes her return appearance after 30 years. This is her first set of maneuvers after 30 years of being dormant.

String-fellow is old and aging and Santini has died, while two new pilots take over the controls, which the former pilots use to hold on the super aircraft. Little does anyone know that modifications were made to Airwolf, while she was in her dormancy. The five minutes of my score takes her on her new maneuvers to show the new pilots what she can now do. These new modifications will be needed to face Moffet’s son in battle. Dr. Charles Henry Moffet was the original designer of Airwolf, as the story goes, who was killed in the 1984 television pilot story.

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For the measure of music;
Kevin F. Montague
Composer & Arranger
of the new music score . . .


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