You do not need a vaccine to block the protein receptor sites of any virus, be it the COVID19, AIDS or common cold RHINO viruses. All you need is electrons to block the receptor sites. So, why does not every hospital have these devices stocked in to deal with the current pandemic?

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For both the Corona Virus and AIDS Virus: The history of sending electron load through the body to deal with viral load, dates back in time with the U.S. Patent office for the past 100 years. Dr. Beck reveals this in his documentation titled TAKE BACK YOUR POWER. This is hard to find documentation these days, but I sell it on my website for a modest price, for those of you interested in securing a copy easy enough, while you also consider the work I’m doing to help the sick and dying find the truth in this world to help you with your non-environmental and non-congenital chronic disease issues. While Dr. Beck’s work warrants everyone’s interest, it is not a fully comprehensive approach to chronic disease. You need to know more if you are to enjoy the full efficacy of his approaches.


Dr. Beck paid for the doctors to conduct the exams and tests of over 700 AIDS patients to prove how well his protocol works in attenuating or lessening viral load in the body, making all AIDS patients in his study test seronegative in the end. So why are not hospitals stocked up with these devices he created, given, even he, proved the technology works? Well, he took his results to the American FDA and in no uncertain terms was told he was bad for business. Why? Because he knew how to get people well. The doctors in Hawthorne, California were losing business because of his knowledge. So, they told him to leave the area, because he was “bad for business”. This is why Dr. Beck said that a “patient healed is a customer lost”. Such is the evil of the day no less. Such are man’s ongoing sins to humanity. Hell must be full of a lot of doctors too these days.

Medicine is a business and anything that will take away the cash flow from Western medicine is not embraced at all by their system. In short, they don’t want cures or remedies. They just want drugs that manage symptoms because drugs are a renewable source of income. Think about it? Think about a chemist who knows exactly how to manage the symptoms of your body to control pain and complications, but says he or she can’t cure you? If they know how to exactingly know how to control you symptoms, don’t you think they would know how to remedy your health issue? Can’t you see you are being lied to by the ones who have all the money? Some of the best answers I’ve found in medicine can be found in the most humble apothocaries, even in the United States. Men of science with degrees working in back rooms helping people to get well no less, while the Western medical doctors are cleaning up on drugs by those who are ignorant to the whole scheme of things.

Western medicine is good to turn to when you are facing a trauma issue or congenital issue, but not when it comes to chronic disease. Why? Because most of their money comes from managing the symptoms of chronic disease. Why wreck a good thing? Still, they are as clueless as the day is long when it comes to the issues of chronic disease. Except for what antibiotics can do, the worse person you can turn to when dealing with a chronic disease issues is a Western medical doctor. I’ve dealt with them all my life after 63 years of living. I’m alive this far into my life not because of what they really know either.

This is why, if you want to get well, you have to turn to the books in the United States or from other parts of the world; written by authors like Dr. Beck or private scholars and scientists like myself. Books are protected under the first amendment here in the States, which protects freedom of speech and freedom of the Press. Still, even those of us who are authors can be attacked by the FDA for what we write. You have to have at least $100,000 to fight the FDA or AMA when challenged or the truth can easily be taken away from all of you through a site like mine. The FDA knows they can be easily defeated by the first Amendment of the Constitution when challenged too, but if those of us who are the last bastions of truth don’t have the money, you can easily kiss the truth good bye in this dark world with all its evils. If you wonder why I charge like I do to sponsor sites like this, know that there are no free lunches in life kids. Wake up!

Even scholars and scientists like me are not readily listened to these days, because we know how all this stuff really works. Many have been sent out of this country too, like Dr. Santee when the FDA told him to leave the country because he was getting people well. He too was bad for business. So, unless we can offer the information under the first Amendment here in the United States, you will never be told the truth on the net, all for the sake of the money running the current day medical industry and this applies globally too.

Even when I’ve tried to send out ads through social media, too often I’ve had that had refused. Why? Because anyone who takes the time to read the social media guidelines of any of these free social media sites will learn they want a milk toast world when such a world does not exist. They want every thing lukewarm to keep the peace, even if it means blocking the truth. Nazi Germany did this back in WWII and millions of men and woman died to put a stop to such ways of lying. Little wonder why their logo was that of a “crooked cross”. The internet is the last bastion of hope for the truth as long as private sites like mine continue to function and reach out with the truth to our sick and dying world.

While building electron load in the body will also attenuate something as bothersome as the common cold or rhinovirus, there are other factors that must be addressed when using this kind of technology to fight things as serious as COVID19 or even AIDS these days when the viruses are killing people. You must also address the parasitical, chemical and physical blockages in the body that come from the CDS/PD Process, which I talk about in my book titled THE MASTER’S KEY TO UNLOCKING AND MASTERING CHRONIC DISEASE.


Those who are ages 50 and over will need to address this aspect of their biological terrain and clear it first, before even thinking of using anything like the Beck blood electrifier. You can use the blood electrifier to start if you wish: Just know the healing crisis will not be easy to endure if you do. The reason is, once the body starts the healing crisis, the patient can expect what I call a prolonged Herxheimer reaction to get going, which can last a few years and is no fun to endure, until the body is more clear of its adulterated state if the patient has an already compromised health situation. There are four exams you can have done, with some help from your western medical doctor, which will help you know what you are walking into in advance, before starting anything integratively. These exams are revealed in THE MASTER’S KEY.

Those who are 35 and under might be able to more readily jump into the use of Beck’s technology when fighting anything as serious as COVID19 or the AIDS virus. Much depends how adulterated their body is before starting. Most people these days are walking around with heavily polluted or adulterated bodies; a process which can be seen through a live cell blood exam. Most examiners can not read their own exams and need my book to help them along, but I can read them expertly as a scientist and I want every doctor on the face of planet Earth to learn what I’ve learned these past 26 years.THE MASTER’S KEY will teach you how it all works.

THE MASTER’S KEY also serves as a field guide on how to scout the internet for what to use integratively when it comes to all chronic disease issues, not just viruses. The book has 26 years of research behind it and took 15 years to write. Below is a link to a video presentation done some 30 years ago just as the Beck blood electrifier was coming into the world. Listen to Christian minister Charles Spradlin and Physicist/Engineer Mike Seilor talk about the Beck blood electrifier, as you learn more to how it works and how to use it. You can learn more about Dr. Beck’s work on this URL page of my website also:


SOTA Instuments is located in Canada. I don’t personally affiliate in the sales of their products, but I have worked with Russ Torlage, when I found a bug in their WOZ5 ozone unit some time back, when using it after purchasing it. SOTA has been through a lot with the medical authorities in Canada, where they are not allowed to tell the truth of what these units do. You are allowed to use them on your plants and animals, but not yourself these days. This has been going on for 26 years, simply because the medical authorities know these units really do work and get people well. So they do everything they can to keep the truth from reaching the public so drugs sell and not the truth.

Originally, I bought my equipment from Dr. Rick Santee, ND, who the FDA told to leave the country back in 2005. I attended his court hearing where the FDA failed to show up after Dr. Santee was wrongfully arrested. Rick was working with Mike Seilor, who appears in the video below when I met him. I was too sick to build my own ozone machine and blood electrifier/colloidal silver maker, so I had to pay Mike to build the units for me. Understand if you buy these units from SOTA, you can not tell customs you are using them for yourself. You can say you are using it for your dog or planet, but not for yourself. Not until all of you reading this, stand up and fight for change in the United States and your country, will it all change in this world. The problem with the world is everyone only thinks of themselves, even those of you reading this are doing that exact same thing. Once you each have what you want, you could care less about someone else, even to fight for their political rights in this world full of darkness and evil. Still, there are those of us who love the truth and are sticking our necks out to help.

I personally started with the Beck blood electrifier after my Western medical doctor told me to go home and die; after eating contaminated sausage bought at a local Vons Supermarket near my home. It kept me alive until other approaches were used to help clear my body of all its parasitical, chemical and physical blockages at that time. I had already gone through 3 years of heavy complications related to the meat, before my doctors gave up on me. The suffering my body went through was unspeakable from the parasites that got into it and even when I did master the chronic disease process in my body; I had endured over a dozen areas of trauma, before I stopped the process, which I have to live with today. If my book THE MASTER’S KEY had been in the market before I got hit, I would not have suffered the trauma my body took on. Don’t let what happened to me, happen to you.

My background is heavy in the arts and sciences: At least the chronic disease process finally hit a person who took the time heavily document it and reveal how it all works over time, as both a California State scholar and scientist in the arts and sciences. Let me help you, through the efforts of my work and suffering, when you buy a copy of THE MASTER’S KEY. Don’t let it cost you what it cost me to learn the answers to it all and what you will need to learn to reclaim your life.

Kevin F. Montague
Author, Scholar, Artisan, Scientist & NDEx2

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