Gaston Naessens & The Somatid

Gaston Naessens was treated badly by the world for creating his ingenious invention he called a Somatoscope. Today, these devices are called phase contrasting microscopes that do live cell blood exams. The medical mafia has been doing its best to keep practitioners, who use these incredible devices, out of the free market; because of what they reveal that can get a patient well. However, as the battle rages on in the free market place, more and more the western medical system is failing to keep these devices from emerging. In truth, every western doctor on the planet should be using these incredible microscopes to help get their patients well. Look below and learn more!

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Who is Gaston Naessens?


Gaston Naessens was born March 16, 1924, in Roubaix, in northern France, near the provincial capital of Lille, the youngest child of a banker who died when his son was only eleven years old. Naessens died February 16th, 2018. In very early childhood, Gaston was already showing precocity as an inventor. At the age of five, he built a little moving automobile-type vehicle out of a “Mechano” set and powered it with a spring from an old alarm clock.


Continuing to exhibit unusual manual dexterity, a few years later Gaston constructed his own home-built motorcycle, then went on to fashion a mini-airplane; large enough to carry him aloft. It never flew, for his mother worried he would come to grief, and secretly burned it on the eve of its destined takeoff.


After graduation from the College Universitaire de Marcen Baroeul, a leading prep school, Gaston began an intensive course in physics, chemistry and biology at University of Lille. When France was attacked and occupied by Nazi forces during Word War II, young Gaston, together with other fellow students was evacuated to southern France. In exile near Nice, he had the highly unusual opportunity to receive the equivalent of a full university education at the hands of professors also displaced from Lille.

By the war’s end, Naessens had been awarded a rare diploma from the Union Nationale Scientifique Francaise, the quasi-offical institution under whose roof the displaced students pursued their intensive curriculum. Unfortunately, in an oversight that has cost him dearly over the years, Naessens did not bother to seek an “equivalence” from the new republican government set up by General Charles de Gaulle. He thus, ever since, has been accused of never having received an academic diploma of any kind.


Inspired by his teachers, and of singular innovative bent, Gaston, eschewing further formal education– “bagage universitaire” (academic baggage) as he calls it — set forth on his own to develop his microscope and begig his research into the nature of disease. In this determination, he was blessed by having what in French is called jeunesse dorfee, or gilded childhood — “born with a silver spoon in his mouth,” as the English equivalent has it. His mother afforded him all that was needed to equip his own postwar laboratory at the parental home.

— Taken from the book titled “Suppressed Inventions” written by Johnathan Eisen (Page 157 of 560)

A SUMMARY OF EISEN’S BOOK: A scientist with a revolutionary cure for AIDS is incarcerated without explanation. Valuable artifacts are mysteriously misplaced by a prominent archaeological institution. Three celebrated astronauts perish in a suspicious fire after voicing their criticism of the US space program. Yet our world’s most powerful agencies hastily dispel these alarming reports as conspiracy theories, and bury them in padlocked archives. The fact is that a suppression syndrome exists in our society. Suppressed Inventions and Other Discoveries exposes the startling degree of truth behind the rumors. Jonathan Eisen has collected over forty intriguing stories of scientific cover-ups and programs of misinformation concocted to conceal some of the most phenomenal innovations in mankind’s history. These no-holds-barred accounts force us to confront the naivete — and danger — of trusting our academic and political leaders to act always for the common good. Suppressed Inventions and Other Discoveries presents documented evidence that corporate self-interest, scientific arrogance, and political savvy have contrived to keep us in the dark about technological breakthroughs or interplanetary contact that may shift the current balance of power. Prepare yourself for a revealing look at the research and development to which we’ve been denied access. Suppressed Inventions and Other Discoveries begins by examining the ties that bind the medical establishment to powerful pharmaceutical corporations. Then it details the struggle of the independent researcher against Orthodox Science and its code of conduct, the Scientific Method. Next, the book investigates the cover-up of information concerning UFOs and extraterrestrial life that’s certain to make you reconsider what you thought was science fiction. The final section discusses just a few of the numerous alternate energy resources and fuel savers that, if put on the market today, would soon run the fossil fuel monopolies out of business. It’s clear that we’re sorely lacking some vital information. Suppressed Inventions and Other Discoveries is a bold — and necessary — effort to help us educate ourselves. Our future depends on it.

What now follows are two videos that reveal Gaston Naessens Somatoscope, how it works and how it was instrumental in revealing the 16 stage cycle of the somatid ability to pleomorphosize.

COMMENT SECTION QUESTION: “I can’t help but feel that this is more relevant now than ever. Could the somatoscope actually see RNA material, eg. the alleged pathogen they have labelled Sars-COV-2? If so, it ought to demolish the fraudulent use of PCR as a diagnostic test.”
—- Andrew Kendall

The Somatoscope or any phase contrast microscope, in a sense, fills in the gap between regular microscopy and electron microscopy. However, unlike conventional microscopy, where liquid staining is needed to view a specimen, the tissue or blood, can be easily studied, while the specimen is still alive.

To see a virus, you still need an electron microscope to view any virus, given how small a virus is: I don’t know of any work where phase contrast microscopy is being used to study viruses en vitro. You can learn what the average size of viruses are by reading this article taken from the Britannia encyclopedia.


The invention of the electron microscope focuses on Max Knoll and Ernst Ruska at the Berlin Technische Hochschule in 1931. They finally overcame the barrier to higher resolution that had been imposed by the limitations of visible light with this approach. It was shortly after this technology was created that the first virus was seen.

Two scientists contributed to the discovery of the first virus:
The Tobacco mosaic virus. Ivanoski reported in 1892 that extracts from infected leaves were still infectious after filtration through a Chamberland filter-candle. Bacteria are retained by such filters. So, a new world was discovered: filterable pathogens. You see this demonstrated in the movie “The Andromeda Strain” created back in 1971. Depending on what high school you went to, you had a good chance of being introduced to this method of filtering in the course of your studies, unless you were too busy falling in love with someone in your class and not paying attention to your studies. (chuckling)

kfm-up-against-book-case-a Webmaster’s Notes:

It took me 15 years to write THE MASTER’S KEY TO UNLOCKING AND MASTERING CHRONIC DISEASE while I continued to fight to regain what the disease process had taken away from my body. These days I have to walk around using a walking cane and take pain killers for my back, after overcoming over 45+ “incurables” that Western medicine could not master for me with their drugs and surgeries. What had been mainly hit during the battle to save my life were my peripheral muscles. In my lower back, formed myofacia tumors or what have also been regarded as fatty tumors; but these formations are knotted up in the neural pathways between them and my spinal cord; making it impossible for me to exercise or do much bending. It had been a lot worse, but I turned to ozone injections over 15 long years and managed to do what was considered impossible to Western medicine: I shrunk the tumors over time, but have not fully cleared them fully to the present day. I’m continuing using 35% peroxide injections into the remaining areas. There are no clinical trials with this type of approach using 35% peroxide for such a task, but I’m handling the injections well while numbing the injection site with 4% Lidocaine efore I inject the peroxide. The proportions I use for each injection are confidential to me, given what I’m doing is experimental on my own body. My golden retriever had also eaten the same sausage I had eaten, which did this to my body and to my horror, I watched formations appear all over her muscles over time, while she too was crippled. At least I was able to identify and stop the process on my own so my own body did not wind up covered in tumors, but I was too late to save her. Eventually I had to put her to sleep to get her free of the horrible pain she was in each day. I simply had not figured out the CDS/PD Process in time to save her life, but had figured it out in time to save myself through the horrendous battle I had been thrown into by God and the Universe.

While Naessens work was inspiring to me, it was clear to me that he was not seeing the full picture or purpose of the somatid in organic life and why it went into its 16 stages, which I talk about in THE MASTER’S KEY. Still, his work was revolutionary, which is why I’m taking time to talk about him on my website and honor his work and contribution to man’s science. Eventually, I was to learn there are three processes going on inside the body related to the somatid, the protit and the cells of the tissues, as well as the bones, which leads to metastasis. At the heart of it all is the cell membrane’s involvement in all of this. To learn how I took his insights further, buy and read my ebook THE MASTER’S KEY.

If you are looking for a technician who offers their services in checking your blood using phase contrast microscope technology, which is how Gaston Naessens Somatoscope is referred to these days, then go to this page on Betterblood.com for a growing list of microscopists who you can contact.

This list was only a very short list some 8 to 9 years ago, but has been growing steadily over the years. The FDA and AMA are constantly persecuting those who know the truth that can get people well, here in the United States. It’s all about the money and keeping the doctors and nurses working: It’s all about control and the freedom men and woman have died for to build America anymore. The only last bastion for the truth is the Internet. If and when that goes, the devil will have the world fully. I can hardly wait for our Lord’s soon return, because once He takes His own, then all you see around you, including those that were not taken, will be destroyed, including the FDA and AMA. I’m saying this as a man having been twice dead too.

If the technician you got can only record your blood and not read it AND you would like me to read the recorded exam for you, akin to the knowledge revealed in my book titled THE MASTER’S KEY, I charge $150 for such a service. I have to pay my bills too or I can’t help others like yourself when you need me. You will have to supply me about 30 minutes of recorded material with the blood recorded at different levels of magnification, so I can study the relationships going on in the blood. You can contact me at my email address:


Kevin F. Montague
Author, Scholar, Artisan, Scientist & NDEx2

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