Kevin Moore Interviews Kevin F. Montague

Two major NDE experiences affected the way Kevin F. Montague views life as an aging scholar and scientist while issues of chronic disease lead him to write THE MASTER'S KEY TO UNLOCKING AND MASTERING CHRONIC DISEASE. This interview attempts to reveal these experiences Kevin F. Montague had which had great influence in how he wrote THE MASTER'S KEY, which you can buy on this website.

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There is one main reason why I decided to reveal my two NDE experiences which happened at age 25 and 44: The insight I learned when I was in the Light helped me to work with the healing sciences in a way that gained powerful results. Dr. Nechemia Peleg, MD, my Western medical primary care physician, told me in one of his exam rooms I was not going to make it, after eating contaminated sausage I bought from a local Vons Pavillion near my home. I was carrying over 45 major complications in my body when he sent me home that day.

One of the things I learned about Western medicine through all of this is that they are not a precise science in the work they do: Far from it. Their blood exams, tissue samples, their PET, CT and MRI scans help them to try and make a correct diagnoses, but more times than not, their reasoning is incorrect. All the more reason why there are so many lawsuits you see on television these days against the Western medical system and its doctors. In short, Western medical doctors are always learning. That is why they are called “practicing physicians”.

My background has always been in the arts and sciences since I was a boy, all the way to the University level of study. While my undergraduate work was done at Loyola University of Los Angeles back in the 1970s, I had always thought as I got older, I would resume my graduate work one day. I also had thought it would be in medicine and computer science. I’ve walked that direction in spite of the lack of formal training at the doctorate level regardless. My book THE MASTER’S KEY TO UNLOCKING AND MASTERING CHRONIC DISEASE makes for a remarkable thesis too.

I didn’t think readers would understand some of the information I present in THE MASTER’S KEY, unless I told of my two NDE experiences. While NDE experiences tend to be controversial these days, the internet is loaded with people sharing their experiences. I learned in death there is only one reality to the whole creation when you die. Where you go after you die is a topic for much talk these days. The Light is not properly understood, even by the Christian Community I learned in death and yet “the Light” is accounted for in 1 John 1:5 which reads; “This then is the message which we have heard of him, and declare unto you, that God is light, and in him is no darkness at all.”

While in death I learned God’s true form and being is a formless ocean of Light, Consciousness and Love that became all that is and that we all live and exist inside this being we call “God”, what I was exposed to, caused me to look at the Periodic Chart of Elements in a whole new way with the first NDE. Instead of seeing the chart as a chemical chart anymore, I now see it as a chart of light particles that have consciousness and when strung together, take on some interesting possibilities. It also started me to see everything in our alternative health fields in a whole new way too.

This insight has been growing and expanding in revelation content as I’ve continued to age. While my doctors could find no way to save me after I ate the Vons sausage that had given me a death sentence, I was walking into a new doorway in my life which was changing the way I look at the Creation, even as a scholar and scientist. The result not only helped me to properly identify what the chronic disease process is all about, apart from non-congenital and non-environmental disease, but it sent me down a pathway where I learned how to change my biological terrain correctly and regain the health of my body. The downside for me however was that before I figured the whole thing out, leading to the writing of THE MASTER’S KEY, I endured trauma to key areas of my body, including damage to my heart, a herniated disc, a lesion and fatty tumor in my pubic bone area, nerve tumors in my left and right wrists as well as tumors under my jaw. I also had to endure extensive hemorrhoid surgery from the helminthes that got into my body from the sausage.

Beyond the parasites that got into my body which were killing me, I learned about another amazing process I call the CDS/PD Process and the major subject of THE MASTER’S KEY, even though THE MASTER’S KEY reveals a lot more than just the CDS/PD Process in the bargain.

So while talking about my two NDE experiences is needed so as to bring forth greater insight into organic health through man’s sciences, those experiences also were key to helping me know how to work with all the current day alternatives while talking about new machines that can be built which can do what God can do when it comes to defining what a supernatural healing is all about. I don’t talk about this to be esoteric or “out there” somewhere when it comes to man’s health sciences. I simply am opening up a new door of discovery that has been trying to present itself to mankind for the past 100 years. My book is a “bridge” of new discovery showing great promise for mortal man. For this reason I’m allowing myself to be interviewed as of late.

I think Kevin Moore did a very good job interviewing me as we talked about some of my story. Regardless of what your beliefs may be, both Earthly and religious, know that the Universe works from the basis of absolute laws which are discoverable and definable. I’m adding onto our medical understanding something that has been missing in the teaching protocol of all health care providers. Just as there are no meaningless details in a motion picture screen play, there are no meaningless details in any part of the body when working to diagnose disease. One of the greatest discoveries that is being pushed aside by today’s medical system as a great medical tool are phase contrast microscopes which can study the blood while it is alive. When the blood is adulterated in any way, it is not in the state it is in to fool doctors as a messy clutter. Far more is going on in the blood that when read properly, along with Western medical exams, a major insight into chronic disease can be understood and reversed when properly understood. The documented case studies in THE MASTER’S KEY prove this out, making the book a good source of inspirational reading as I show what is truly possible when it comes to reintegrating the body from its de-materialization process when death is activated in the body.

I also think my two NDEs are appropriate to talk about in my work, because chronic disease is the hallmark of the divining line between both life and death of the physical body, even though I learned in death all of us are eternal spiritual beings made of the Light you’ll see in death which became it all in the first place. The body is just a heavier or more denser compression of that one Light we call came from, while we each interface with our physical body during our sojourn on the Earth or any other planet in the Universe.

That I met Jesus in death makes for interesting discussion too. He is quite real and so is the work He did on the cross I learned in death. Yet those who have these NDE experiences have a diverse number of experiences when you listen to many of the NDE experiences. I just barely scratch the surface in my interview with Kevin Moore to what the whole thing is about when you die.

If you are Christian and think these NDE experiences are not scriptural, take time to listen to my one hour teaching on my Youtube channel titled “Beyond LIFE there is the LIGHT”. The video is titled THE LOCATION OF THE UNIVERSE. You are in for an enlightening one hour teaching too as I show you things in the Bible that even your Pastors are blind to in the book. This is a main key fundamental truth that will help open your mind to the words of the Bible and lift your consciousness to a much higher level too.

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