George Noory Interviews Kevin F. Montague on Coast to Coast AM

George Noory Interviews Kevin F. Montague; as he talks about his two NDEs, which lead to him writing THE MASTER'S KEY. To date, two interviews have taken place. First on November 19th, 2019 and then again on April 5th, 2020.

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Author, scholar, artisan and scientist Kevin F. Montague had two near-death experiences, which opened his mind to how the world works as well as the science behind various topics, including what causes cancer. His 20-year journey dealing with the chronic disease process lead to his book The Master’s Key, taking science into the next 40 years, yet to come.

Mr. Montague shares some of his two Near Death Experiences with George Noory where he met the King of the Universe, Jesus, in the Light with His first NDE. When all his complications went to over 45+ major complications at age 44, after eating contaminated sausage, he died again and traveled to the Lord’s heaven. He came back to finish writing the book he had started titled THE MASTER’S KEY TO UNLOCKING AND MASTERING CHRONIC DISEASE. You’ll also hear some of Dr. Rick Santee’s story as Mr. Montague shares how Dr. Santee played a major appearance in his life, which helped to get Mr. Montague going down the right road to clearing the chronic disease process from his body. Dr. Santee is the author of PROSTATE RELEIF NOW!

Listen to this two hour interview with George Noory on Coast to Coast AM while Mr. Montague shares key events in his life that lead him to writing THE MASTER’S KEY.

Since Mr. Montague has to sign a release with Coast to Coast AM, in order to do the interview and have access to their network, he can not just give away the entire interview on the net. Coast to Coast AM makes its money through their Insiders who subscribe to Coast to Coast Am monthly and through advertising dollars. The full interview is about one hour and twenty minutes long. However, you can hear the first 20 minutes of the November 19, 2020 interview by listening and watching the video below:

The interview is labeled as Hour 3 and Hour 4
on the Coast to Coast AM interview page.

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. . . from those who listened to me on Coast to Coast AM November 19, 2019.

Hi, my name is Kelly. I found you on Coast to Coast and I greatly admire you.  I wanted you to know that you have an audience in me.  I am very sure you have many people who listen to your show, and even though you might have been meant for Hollywood or the stage, you may have dodged a bullet. I believe Hollywood has been taken over by bad powers and the good Stars that are open with believing in a good God are treated badly. I think you have your audience and I’m glad you made these movies. Thank you and God bless you. I’m a Newbie to this and I have actually had shooting stars from my dad. I asked him if he was proud and he has sent me a shooting star on two occasions. What’s not to believe. 

— Kelly Brennan
(December 10, 2019)

George Noory Interviews Kevin F. Montague

Coast to Coast AM – April 5th, 2020.

Mr. Montague returned on Coast to Coast AM mainly to try and help educate the public to how viruses work in the human body. Given Western medicine has no cure for viruses, given everything they do is drug driven, He does point out the simple way to disable viruses in the body, which has been in our sciences for quite some time. Theodore Roosevelt banned the pursuit of electro-medicine in 1910 to favor the drug companies, because he himself had stock in a few of the drug companies of the day. It isn’t that electro-medicine does not work. It does! But you have to know what you are doing. Mr. Montague and Mr. Noory also referenced Mr. Montague’s book THE MASTER’S KEY, which is a field guide for anyone to use as they learn how chronic disease works in the human body and how to reverse it all using integrative medicine on their biological terrain.

There is no other book like THE MASTER’S KEY on the planet. Mr. Montague has had two full death encounters with the Lord of the Universe… Jesus, both at age 25, when he went into the Light, off the operating table, at Hollywood Presbyterian Hospital and again at age 44 when I died in his bed from 45+ major complications, related to the chronic disease process going on in my body through contaminated sausage he had bought at a local Vons Pavillion in 1994. The CDS/PD Process is a universal process and works from major laws or principles of our Lord’s creation, which you need to learn about. Mr. Montague does not exclude Jesus from his work having met Him in both NDE encounters. How it all change the way He looks at the creation would take another two hour interview on Coast to Coast AM.

Anyway, his main purpose for reappearing on Coast to Coast AM, as a scholar and scientist, was to help bring peace, by bringing truth to all the Coast to Coast AM listeners. However, George Noory wanted his to recap his first NDE and he finally got into telling about his 2nd NDE this time around. There was ample time to talk about the corona virus and things everyone can do to get well, if they get hit with the virus. For those who have the money and can afford such treatments, he talks some about electro medicine and how it works. Most of you, I’m sure, have no idea to how electro-medicine works and THE MASTER’S KEY is a real eye opener into the light sciences when you buy and read the book. The full interview is about one hour and twenty minutes long. However, you can hear the third 20 minute segment of the April 5th, 2020 interview by listening and watching the video below:

The interview is labeled as Hour 3 and Hour 4
on the Coast to Coast AM interview page.



Do you struggle with the following? ….CFS/ME (chronic fatigue syndrome), Fibromyalgia, Fibromyositis, brain fog, constant forgetfulness, dementia, uncontrollable anger and frustration, hormone imbalances, mood swings, chronic thrush, eczema, arthritis, COPD, Candidas Albicans, GItract dysbiosis, hemorrhoids, fungus of the blood, chronic anemic blood, adulterated blood, Crohn’s disease, liver disease, kidney disease, pancreatic disease (ie; diabetes), heart disease, strokes, blood clots, arterial sclerosis, multiple sclerosis, neuropathy, arthritis, bursitis, Rosacea, Celiac disease and the big one…….CANCER!

No doubt all of you who have these issues have faced your western medical practitioners who are at a loss concerning your symptoms and are telling you to see a psychiatrist? Or they just give you useless drugs that never go after the cause of your condition! Am I not right? You are not crazy!!! It is all organic! All of these problems are related to a universal process I have named the CDS/PD Process. THE MASTER’S KEY will teach you it all and re-empower you, even if your western medical doctors have given up. So don’t wait until it is too late and your doctor comes into the exam room telling you that you don’t have long to live. Buy and read THE MASTER’S KEY today!


Written by Dr. Rick Santee, ND

Dr. Santee was arrested after a complaint was filed with the FDA because Dr. Santee was not using drugs for his patients. Yet, Dr. Santee was getting people well and doing no harm to his patients using all natural approaches to get his patients well, even from CFS and the big one….CANCER.

When Dr. Santee was to be arraigned, the FDA failed to show up in court. The FDA knew that if they allowed Dr. Santee to take the witness stand, he would reveal the truth to the lies of the medical system. So behind closed doors, Dr. Santee was told to leave the country because Dr. Santee was bad for business: He got people well. Some have been killed by what is called the “medical mafia”. The FDA and AMA do not want cures for any of the big chronic disease problems in our country and our world. The reason is, if they got everyone well, every doctor would be out of business. Such is the evil of the day. So Dr. Santee left the country and went to live in the Caribbean.

I finally asked him to write a book while I was working to set the internet up for the selling of THE MASTER’S KEY, which I had written to do what every researcher in the world should have done, but would not do or could not do. He titled his book PROSTATE RELIEF NOW! The book is great for the aging baby boomer generation, but good for all men who have prostate issues at any age. Prostate trouble is not just a issue that comes with age, but it is often an issue for men at all ages once their body become sexually active. Don’t have your prostate removed or settle for TURP. Buy and read Dr. Santee’s book first. You can not afford not to.

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