Daniel Ott Interviews Kevin Montague on The Edge Broadcast

On June 6th, 2020; Daniel Ott interviewed Kevin F. Montague, as he tells part 1 of his first of two NDE experiences. Daniel further asks Kevin things related to the Bible, given Kevin got to meet Jesus in death. Kevin is both a scholar, artisan, scientist and author with his scholastic training, all the way up to the University level.

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After my first Interview on Coast to Coast AM November 19, 2019, I got an invite by Daniel Ott asking me to be on his Youtube show, so we could talk about my book THE MASTER’S KEY, and my two NDE experiences. This interview took place on June 6th, 2020. However, after I told just the first part of my first NDE experience, which has two parts to it, Daniel wanted to explore our talk in relation to the Bible given I met Jesus in my first NDE experience. I didn’t mind his exploring our talk in the way he did.

The time the Earth is in is vicarious at best in man’s history right now. We live in paranoid times these days, with people having many questions with many concerned about what lies beyond death. The work I’m doing embraces the divining line of physical life as to what causes death to the physical body, but also what is beyond your body if you should go all the way into death. I’m at a odd time in my life when I think about it having been physically dead twice in my life

The Bible belt is the hardest bunch to reach when it comes to these NDE experiences and what many of us are bringing back with us in the way of knowledge. When I first had my first NDE, I really had no desire to share it with anyone, because the world is not on the same wave length of what the real truth is about concerning the Universe and what we are all a part of on this planet in terms of the greater scheme of things. Religions have tried to define it all, but usually don’t do a very good job explaining it all. As much as I love my Christian friends, they need to know there is a lot they are not seeing in their book called The Bible, which is keeping them from seeing what I got to see in death. It’s there in their book too, but they can’t see it.

Take time to watch this teaching video where I teach through the Bible THE LOCATION OF THE UNIVERSE. This presentation is offered through my Youtube channel titled “Beyond LIFE there is the LIGHT”.

Daniel Ott took things in a different direction from any of the other interviews I’ve had to date. I didn’t mind the direction he went because I know many Christians are having trouble understanding and accepting so many NDE experiences on Youtube and I did want a chance to explain this thing in a way they can see it through their own language of understanding. It’s not really hard to understand when you know enough of what it is all about and what God really is in the end.

I like that Daniel Ott kept images of my book on his background; THE MASTER’S KEY TO UNLOCKING AND MASTERING CHRONIC DISEASE, because the real purpose of these interviews is not to talk about my NDE experiences. The real purpose is to promote THE MASTER’S KEY to help the sick and dying find new answers, while also teaching their doctors new insights that will bring about healing to those seeking it in their body.

While Western medicine focuses mainly on drugs and surgery, I learned through hard experience what integrative medicine is really all about and what you have to do to save your body once it goes into the chronic disease process. This is cutting edge science too. Anyone who thinks they can figure out on their own that which is revealed in THE MASTER’S KEY are fooling themselves, because it took me about 20 years to figure the whole thing out and to write about it scientifically. THE MASTER’S KEY is more a mix of my story and the science I learned to how the chronic disease process works while clearing it from the body using innovative thinking any of you can use for your own body to clear it of any part of the non-congenital and non-environmental chronic disease process.

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