Jonathan Landsman Interviews Kevin F. Montague

Jonathan Landsman interviews Kevin F. Montague concerning THE MASTER'S KEY and how the new book is related to his two death encounters which took place at age 25 and 44.

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Jonathan Landsman

to Unlocking and Mastering Chronic Disease

As promised for October 23rd, 2017, the interview I had with Jonathan Landsman a few months ago has been released. It had taken over a year to finally get interviewed by him as I shared my story and information with them. The reason for these interviews is to help get the message out about THE MASTER’S KEY. To help that happen, I was encouraged to share my two death encounters, also known as NDE’s in this world.

Before the interview day, I was asked to construct 6 questions I wanted Jonathan Landsman to ask me. However, once I was on the phone with him, He told me He was going to change the line up of questions. He then told me what those questions would be. I told him the changes were no problem to me and we proceeded with the phone interview.

This interview came out very well I think. Jonathan thought the same thing when we finished the interview.

Kevin F. Montague

So for those of you who are following me and are interested in the work I’ve been doing to help the sick and dying, as well as the spiritually lost, here is my interview with Jonathan Landsman for you to benefit from.

Please enjoy what I shared with Jonathan Landsman.

I share a little of my two NDE experiences at age 25 and age 44 in this interview, which Landsman was very interested in having share. I don’t share the fullness of each encounter in this interview, but you can hear more about my experiences at my youtube channel titled “Beyond LIFE there is the LIGHT” Here is the URL to this new youtube channel.


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