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Is your prostate screaming at you? Telling you that something is wrong with your body? Is an inflamed prostate telling you that your body is toxic? Is it telling you that its overloaded from years of abuse? Is it so toxic and so abused that it is loaded with cancer? Is your doctor telling you that you may be a candidate for TURP? Is BPH keeping you on western medical medication? Are you getting up and going to the bathroom constantly all night long and can’t sleep?

If you are a man reading this and your doctor has told you that you have prostate cancer, no doubt the first thing they told you is that you need to have your prostate removed! Immediately they fill you with fear! But do they tell you that prostate cancer is the slowest moving cancer in the world and that you are more than likely to die from something else, before your prostate cancer has any say over your death? This gives you time to do things that will clear your prostate of its toxic load and clear it of your cancer. You can’t expect a western doctor to talk to you this way. They just are not taught any of this in medical school. Their thinking is very obtuse when it comes to chronic disease. Drugs might work for a while, but eventually they fail too, because of the body’s pollution load. Also a drug only masks a symptom or complication going on in the body. Except for antibiotics, drugs are not meant to cure or remedy anything. They are a form of trickery or sorcery on the body. The word Pharmacia from the Greek means “a form of sorcery. That is where we get the word pharmaceutical from.

Would you like to be free of the whole thing and be back to living a normal life? Then you need this new ebook written by Dr. Rick Santee, ND! So, if you are ready to take control of your health care, but need correct knowledge to move you in the right direction, then you need to get a copy of his new ebook PROSTATE RELIEF NOW!

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Normal-Enlarged Prostate

Dr. Rick Santee, ND

An out of the box thinker who gets results. Dr. Santee has worked decades, in the trenches with the sick and dying as a Naturopath, working to get them well. Years of experience have brought him into contact with exceptional insights and therapies. He has travelled all over the globe learning from other men of science from all the sciences, including the holistic ones and he will not work with someone unless he can see the proof for himself to what is working and why. While Western medical doctors use only drugs and surgery, such methods are good only for trauma or congenital issues. They are useless approaches when it comes to any form of chronic disease issue.

Dihydrotestosterone regulates the prostate, but when the body gets too toxic, this hormone gets diluted and becomes ineffective. You can use natural supplements giving you Betasitasterol to help regulate the prostate. But you don’t need western drugs to get Betasitasterol back into your body. Still there is more. If your body is toxic, then anything you put into your body as a supplement will get lost in all the body’s pollution. You’ll need to learn to detoxify your body.

Even the hormones get diluted that are created by the endocrine system and exocrine systems as the blood stream gets adulterated along with the extracellular fluids of the body’s living water systems, unless you go to work detoxifying your body. As hard a fact as it is for you to accept, you are really a big bag of water walking around on a skeleton in this world. This is why you live on a water world like the Earth. Only a few pounds of minerals make up your body which is seen with any form of creation. The rest is all water based and evaporates when the body is lit on fire when cremated. What you don’t realize is that your body is perfect. It’s programming is perfect. No matter how you see the Creator of the Universe, made your programming perfect.

When you can accept this, then you have to ask yourself these two questions; “What did I do to mess up that perfect programming of my body that is leading to my death? And can I fix it all somehow?”. Also, cancer is not a disease. It is a natural process. You can read more about that in THE MASTER’S KEY, also offered on this website.


Cancer is triggered or the “on switch” is thrown, once certain conditions are met in the body. Why this is done, you’ll have to read about in THE MASTER’S KEY. Dr. Santee knows these truths too. However, throughout his ebook, PROSTATE RELIEF NOW, he talks in a down to Earth fashion throughout his ebook, while presenting the science with many colorful illustrations that will help you learn what is going on inside your body and what you need to do to turn it all around! It is a very well written ebook. Dr Santee also presents a myriad of references he draws from to help you further in your own research efforts. The real nice thing is he starts to teach you what you need to do to change your biological terrain. So you are not just learning what is going wrong; you are also learning the steps you have to take to start to detox your body using integrative medicine.

Dr. Santee is not only a well known Naturopath, but he also is his best patient too as he is getting older in life. Everything he recommends in his ebook, he also does for his own body as well. So he practices what he teaches. He has also taken heat in the United States by the FDA for all the work he has done to get people well. Back in 2005, when he was arrested for getting people well all the time while working his offices out of California, the FDA failed to show up at his arraignment simply because to do so would have meant putting Dr. Santee on the witness stand before a federal court judge. If that had happened, then all the things that Dr. Santee knows that really do work would have gone into the federal court records. That is the last thing the FDA and AMA in America want to have happen. Why? Because it would prove they are a fraud to the public with all their drugs and surgeries.

The FDA and AMA want to protect their bottom line in the end and they make their greatest money through drugs which can cure nothing and are meant to cure nothing in the end. So a deal was struck behind closed doors and Dr. Santee was told to leave the country because he was “bad for business”. Same thing was done to Otto Warburg who won two Nobel prizes for his advances in understanding cancer and how to clear it from the body all naturally. He too was told he was bad for business and was kept from coming into the United States.

These days Dr. Santee lives in Spain and continues to do his great work saving lives, but the United States is all the poorer as a result. Dr. Santee was instrumental in helping me to save my life, when I bought and ate contaminated sausage from a local grocer named Vons Supermarket back in 1994 here in Los Angeles, which cost me a few decades of my life. I was house bound and bed bound to some 45+ complications and a death sentence by my Western medical doctors in the bargain. Thanks to this man and what he knows, he got me on the right path to help me save my own life. Because I’m also a artisan and a scientist, I took the knowledge I was learning and took it even further in the revelation process leading to me writing a new ebook titled THE MASTER’S KEY which took 15 years to write.

This treatment toward Dr. Santeee explains why people have been traveling outside the United States to get free of their chronic diseases over the past 50 years. The reason for this exodus to get better health care from other countries is all politics and money behind the games played in the U.S. economy. It is more important to kill millions of people, who are dying of cancer or other chronic diseases, to keep the economies of the world going, so money exchanges hands, than to get those people well. Same is true with all the chronic disease issues, even with CFS/ME and Fibromyalgia these days DON’T BE ONE OF THESE VICTIMS! …. WAKE UP TO THE TRUTH OF IT ALL!

If you are ready to take charge of your own health, then you need this incredible ebook in your personal library of knowledge!

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Medical Mafia


FDA 3D log (black on blue)

More and more doctors have been leaving the FDA over the past twenty years, simply because they are tired of seeing their patients die. Through organizations like ACAM.com (American College for Advancement in Medicine), western medical doctors who have been studying the alternatives have been making themselves available as licensed medical doctors, also skilled in the medical alternatives to help save lives. Some are re-embracing the knowledge our great grand parents once knew. Others are embracing the emerging science coming from private researchers. Dr. Rick Santee is such a researcher. Dr. Santee was a victim of a system that has gone insane in its greed, which is reflected in its laws. The western medical system has come to be known as the “medical mafia” by the underground scientific community globally. The entire art of being a Naturopath has been being attacked by the FDA for some time now. When you hear Dr. Santee’s story, three States have kept the FDA from controlling Naturopath practices where these people who do know their stuff and do good can practice without needing a formal license. Those States in the United States are Rhode Island, California and Minnesota. Western allopathic medicine works with deadly drugs and surgery. I think the things man makes should be regulated, but the things God made or Nature made really don’t need to be regulated per say, although there should be a base for communicating correct knowledge among Naturopaths and scientist dealing with integrative medicine like the research Dr. Santee has done over his life time.

California Academny of Sciences

What made California great back in the 1960’s was its freedom to practice the arts and sciences freely so that new discoveries could be made. Now everything is so legislated to death, man’s laws have put a stranglehold on the truth to the point that man’s laws are killing most people, not saving them and fueling it all is greed. Just watch the free television air wave channels to day and notice all the lawsuits being filed against the things Western medicine thought was great 50 years ago when I was a boy. Seems we indeed have sown into the wind and reaped the whirlwind in our thinking as a global society these days requiring a change of vision. It is also what is killing what was at the heart of the Californian economy back in the first half of the 20th Century. Personally I see nothing wrong in making money or getting rich. But to create drugs that only manage symptoms for the sake of renewable income….well that’s going too far. How about some real answers??? We all would like instant results when we are sick, but the body is a dynamic environment and results with the alternatives are only gained when you stay with the treatments and don’t stray from their steady application. The good side of western medicine is they desire instant results, but have sacrificed good sense for the sake of expediency in the system these days which is killing a lot of patients in the bargain, like I said.

MDA Helping Jerry's Kids

You look at all the billions of dollars organizations like MDA brought in, during the years Jerry Lewis was chairman of MDA and to this very day, they still don’t have a “cure” for muscular dystrophy. Makes you wonder if they, the researchers, ever even intended of coming up with one, one day or instead saw they had a powerful money making machine and finally just forgot about finding a cure for the dreaded disease? Then look at Auguto and Miguela Odone who created Lorenzo’s Oil to tackle ALD (Adrenoleukodystrophy)? It didn’t take billions of dollars to find an answer either; just love for a boy the world gave up on. Lorenzo’s oil is 4 parts of glyceryl trioleate and 1 part glyceryl trierucate, which are the triacylglycerol forms of oleic acid and erucic acid and are prepared from olive oil and rapeseed oil. What the health industry failed to do or would not do for such an “orphan’s” disease affecting countless millions; it took a married couple who loved their son Lorenzo so much that they found a way to retard the progress of the disease and so was created Lorenzo’s Oil.

Lorenzo's Oil - Photo of Lorenzo at age 18

Lorenzo paid a hellish sacrifice in his destiny as his contribution to the answers and no one deserves more to be called a hero than Lorenzo Odone. Auguto was given an honorable medical degree out of Sterling University for his ingenuity and correctness in tackling the disease, even though more needs to be learned. Using nothing more than two altered oils to trick the enzyme that was malfunctioning in the body of ALD  patients to stop the breaking down of the myelin sheathing that was destroying their neural systems a real breakthrough was made. The issue of the enzyme that was malfunctioning is still an issue today. So more answers are needed, but still, many no longer have to face a ghastly death ALD leads to as long as Lorenzo’s oil is around to get them through their life until more can be learned.

The reason for mentioning these two examples in medicine is we might have more answers, if the alternatives had been given more understanding over the decades. The byproduct of the evils of our global system is men like Dr. Santee who finally come out and share what they have learned really does work, but good has to take a more hellish beating in the bargain given the evils of the day tend to take the money away from those doing good work. Real truth is not popular in this world either, especially if it takes money away from the drug lords of the world and I’m talking about the legal ones, not the street lords. Everyone needs money to make research happen. If it wasn’t for tax money, the public would go without answers because people think all this stuff is for free, when in truth it does take large sums of money to do pioneering research, even for private researchers like myself, as I write this webpage up. I think you see my point as I compare MDA and Lorenzo’s oil? One used up billions of dollars and came up with no cure, yet the other lived on a meager budget with full devotion to getting to the answer and one was found as a result. You do have to ask how badly did MDA want the answers to muscular dystrophy? Such is the politics of the world when it comes to money. Problem is the good guys like Dr. Santee need monetary support too, but at least with men like him or like myself, you get results, not decades of bureaucratic nonsense that uses up large amounts of money, while arriving at no answers or so we are told.

Drugs and Surgery

Western medicine doesn’t like anything that is not a drug or surgical technique when it comes to healing the body. This is necessary in their thinking if renewable income is to keep the priesthood going. I suppose in some ways it is a two edged sword. On one hand, drugs help ease pain, but cure nothing. Even I love a good pain reliever while I’m looking deeper into the cause of something going wrong in my own body. But the truth is, who wants to stay on drugs forever? No one serves up a piping hot plate of drugs each night to feed their body do they?

Dr. Paul Ehrlich

The whole idea of creating drugs came out of the work of Dr. Paul Ehrlich back in the 1800’s, who dreamed of creating magic bullets to knock out disease. While trauma or congenital disorder can benefit from the surgical know how of western medicine, western medicine is clueless, as the day is long, when it comes to chronic disease issues of the body. This is the all too sad truth of the system and its shortcomings. All organic life is capable of healing itself when it comes to chronic disease issues when properly helped. While antibiotics can attenuate bacteria and protozoa’s load only, in the body, drugs as a whole can cure nothing in the body. All they do is mask and manage symptoms in the body. When you finally see this, then you can see that when it comes to western medicine, most doctors are interested in drugs as a source of renewable income, not a “cure”.

Fanned Money in hand

From one perspective this political approach was necessary for western medicine to fund itself so it could venture into areas of science man kind needed. Sadly, most people won’t fund the arts and sciences. They expect it all to be free and the answers to be there while when they are needed, not appreciating the pioneers who work hard to make the discoveries, not to mention what they sacrifice to gain the answers mankind needs. So in truth, those of you reading this put men like Dr. Santee into jail. The fault is yours, not his. I attended his arraignment and note that the FDA didn’t even show up at his hearing. A deal was struck behind closed doors no less and Dr. Santee was basically told to get out of town, because he was bad for business, meaning he knew how to get people well and you don’t keep selling drugs if you do that. The same thing was told to Nobel prize winner Otto Warburg when he tried to come into this country after his groundbreaking answer to cancer. Again he was told he was bad for business in the United States and so he was not allowed to enter into the country to bring the life giving knowledge he knew. Ignorance is a sinister enemy of man and too many men support it in favor of creating wealth. The only weapon left to reveal the truth comes from writing ebooks, like Dr. Santee has written and Dr. Santee must charge for his ebooks so he can make some money to help him do the work he does. I’m sure you don’t work for free, because you have to pay your bills like everyone else? Well, good men like Dr. Santee can’t work for free either and he needs your support as he reveals what he has learned in this first new ebook he has written titled PROSTATE RELIEF NOW!

Circular 34 first page

It is against the federal laws when living in the United States to claim copyright ownership over a word or phrase according to circular 34 of the Title 17 of the U.S. copyright laws, and yet the FDA clings to the word “cure” like it owns the word. The same applies to all medical terms and drugs. You can’t even use medical words or drug names in Google Adwords unless you give your medical license number to release those words to you. This is a major violation of Title 17 of the U.S. constitution. Too bad Kevin Trudeau didn’t know this when he wrote is ebook “Natural Cures They Don’t Want You To Know About”. Even their phrase “only a drug can diagnose, treat and cure a disease” which is the hallmark of the foundation of the FDA laws is not a phrase they can claim ownership to; for Title 17 of the Constitution forbids it and yet they have persisted in this manner since the FDA was charted in 1906. All it will take is a savvy law firm with some muscle to see this long time violation concerning Title 17 of the Constitution and then sue the FDA so as to make them back off from their claim over the word “cure” and their all mighty phrase “only a drug can diagnose, treat and cure a disease”. Besides I thought only a doctor could diagnose and treat a disease? Also a doctor can’t cure anyone of anything. Only the body or God can heal the body.

The body heals itself

All that a doctor does is he or she assists the body to help it heal itself. You can see from this form of context in thinking of the words, how the FDA has travelled down the wrong road in their thinking. This improper vision of organic life has caused them error in their practices as well. All you have to do is watch the free television air wave stations on television these days to see all the lawsuits going on from all the things western medicine has used over the past 50 years which are failing some 50 years later. Now enough time has passed so such treatments can be assessed by our laws given the number of deaths and deformities such treatments have caused so many over the past 50 years. What was once a noble priesthood….no longer is. While money is needed for any business to survive in this world. canabalizing the sick and dying for profit has become one of the most profound evils in our world. Dr. Santee is devoted to revealing the truth however and this new ebook he wrote captures the past 25 years of learning and in-the-field experience, which will greatly help you. It is loaded with specific treatments and insights to the issue of chronic disease and how it relates to the prostate.

Total Population of the World by Decade, 1950 to 2050

Our world use to only have three billion people on it, back in the 1960’s, but since then the global population has grown to about 7.5 billion in just 50 years. The Census for the United States alone came in at 317 million at the beginning of 2014 and it continues to grow. Because of this increase in numbers, teaching people how to take care of their own health, has become all the more important, because so many are poor and in the working class needing real answers at an affordable cost to keep them going. This is where the blessing of ebooks being printed on the Earth or offered as ebooks in the Internet, falls into place. Doctors from all the differing healing arts are spread out thin over the planet these days. Edgar Casey stated we needed them all, when he was alive and I agree, but if real success is to be achieved in integrative medicine, a way to bring all the disciplines together is greatly needed.

Dough boy holding power cords

These days the entire western medical system is a disconnected concern on the planet. Also, science is not limited to what the western medical priesthood knows. There is much in the herbal, nutrition and alternative health care sciences that has been growing and developing over the decades, whether or not the FDA wants to give its blessing or not. Always at the heart of having an alternative treatment approved is the lack of money to run them through the FDA in the United States. While other countries have their own medical systems, many are not well developed, but because of this lack of development, greater freedom is available to the researcher to explore new treatments, which is why so many travel out of the United States to get “cured” of even their cancers and other diseases. This has been going on for decades. Even twice Nobel prize winner Otto Warburg, a botanist who saw how cancer works with his focus on the cell membrane, was kept from entering into the United States. He was simply told he was bad for business, meaning he got people well which was not good for the selling of drugs and surgery.

Cuffing Santa Clause

Some approaches on chronic disease fall way short of the mark, but then there are the ones that truly show promise or have a lot of private research behind them that is being sequestered, but are treatments that are powerful even though they are not drug related. Dr. Santee is well studied and experienced in many of these fields of science and because he was getting people well, he was arrested by the “medical mafia” as he calls it. It was like putting hand cuffs on Santa Clause, simply because Santa loves to do what is right. Below is an interview Rick Adams had with Dr. Santee; I think you will enjoy listening to, especially if you are confused to what is going on in our world health systems. Be prepared to have your eyes and mind opened, as you learn the truth about the world health organization, the western medical system and how it all works.

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If you buy right now, I’ll give you a price you can afford concerning Dr. Santee’s new ebook and the incredible knowledge it will reveal to empower you. Feel free to share the science revealed in the ebook with your healthcare practitioner. Western medical doctors need to learn the knowledge Dr. Santee teaches because many things in our sciences have been oppressed by the evils of the system over the past several decades

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If for any reason, you truly are not satisfied with the unique knowledge you will read, I will refund your money, (minus Paypal and Payhip servicing fees) no questions asked. I’m confident you’ll be more than satisfied by the knowledge Dr. Santee reveals in this ebook and will want to keep the ebook as a future reference ebook. I use the knowledge in Dr. Santee’s ebook, as I’m approaching age 60, which to date is keeping me from using Western medical drugs for my aging prostate.

While Dr. Santee’s eBook is easily worth $500, given the investment it took to research the answers by Dr. Santee, who uses the knowledge with his own male clients , you won’t pay $500. You won’t even pay $250 or $100, yet after you read it, you’ll no doubt wonder why I didn’t charge you that price; given you can’t find the knowledge and understanding in this ebook anywhere else in any other health science ebook, given all the connections Dr. Santee made as a research scientist and practitioner. I won’t even charge you $75 for a copy of Dr. Santee’s current work.

It is available through Payhip.com, as an ebook and can be in your hands in the next 5 minutes by ordering through Payhip.com. So you are only a few steps away from owning your own copy of PROSTATE RELIEF NOW!….all 224 amazing pages! Payhip.com works with PayPal in making payment to me for your copy of this new scientific work. Just push one of the green GET STARTED NOW buttons and you will be taken to my Payhip.com page to start your order. 

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All the Science is explained in this new ebook. You don’t have to be a scientist to understand what you are about to read and there are many photos and illustrations to help your understanding to what you’ll be learning, as you grasp onto Dr. Santee’s knowledge. Any layman, as well as any medical professional, can understand the wording in this ebook. Dr. Santee has spent years working in the trenches with the sick and dying, while he learned how to teach and communicate this knowledge to those who wanted to learn from him.

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