All Your Love

I suppose we all have fantasies of finding our perfect soul mate one day. Too many find they have to settle for what is best compatible for them and their partner in life. Still others just never settle down and keep searching, until their dying day for that perfect soul mate: That perfect lover. / Click Here to Learn More!

Product Information

This song was completed on March 15, 1985. I wrote this song as a fantasy of me in a better world than our own, where dreams do come true which has never been the story of my life I might add. I suppose, in one sense, this song is a composite of all I could imagine love to be one day, all wrapped up in one other person: A hopeful want to be of me meeting my perfect soul mate. I had let love relationships go by too. Youth is often full of much confusion that makes this happen and is some cases, I was let go of a relationship when it didn’t work out.

So for those of you who are hopeless romantics, you need to purchase this song at my artist page on CDbaby.com. I was born under the Libra sign actually, which is why I mention the Venus star in my song. Us Libras are normally very partnership oriented. So if you dream of not being alone and finding that perfect someone, this song is for you!

Kevin F. Montague

PS: The instrumental you hear as a sample from the short video taken from the Bursting the Bubble I CD is entitled “Spy by Starlight”.

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