Become an affiliate marketer for KFFMenterprises and earn very good commissions. Both books being offered on this offering page have been selling, but it is a big world and I need help reaching the free markets of the world. This is your chance to make some good money or big money, if you are set up in an already established niche market of your own that caters to the health sciences.

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UPDATE: 3/28/2021 – Here is my immediate goal right now! Ideally, I need power affiliates who already have a niche in the health science market, who have the audience, who are ready to hook up to my Payhip.com and Bookbaby.com accounts RIGHT NOW, so they can get their product links, and are ready to sell, sell, sell!

However, even if you are not an established power house affiliate looking for new opportunities that will make you money, I’m prepared to set you up to be one!

I’m a turn key operation right now! I’m moving the marketing along through two methods: 1) bulk email transmissions into inboxes, with help from several existing affiliates, who are helping get the mail out each day and 2) Powerful interviews helping to get the word out to millions of listeners attending to online talk radio shows. Leading the pack of interviews is my appearance on Coast to Coast AM and George Noory. and 3) Working with Lately Social to do regular ad postings on Instagram and Twitter concerning THE MASTER’S KEY and Dr. Rick Santee’s book PROSTATE RELIEF NOW.

I have digital inventory through Payhip.com and physical inventory through Bookbaby.com, to sell and countless millions, who are among the sick and dying, who need the powerful knowledge found in THE MASTER’S KEY or its lesser 143 page version eBook titled CHRONIC DISEASE SYNDROME/PREMATURE DECOMPOSITION PROCESS:CDS/PD PROCESS. My main niche market is the health sciences market these days. I’m more than qualified with both the experience and educational background to be doing what I’m doing at age 64.

Even with the advent of the COVID19 virus sweeping the globe, the knowledge I’m working to bring to the attention of our world is greatly needed right now. Our world has gone into crisis finally and answers are needed away and apart from the status quo, which my work supplies. However, keep in mind that both books were not written for the sole purpose of helping with the COVID19 pandemic. Both books focus on the chronic disease process that has been plaguing our planet for some tome time. THE MASTER’S KEY alone covers everything from CFS to Cancer, how the disease processes work and how the reader can learn how to turn the processes around, on their own, and get themselves well. I also encourage each reader to work with their healthcare professionals, as they learn the knowledge being taught in each book. All the ground work has been done to date with the research work.

Regardless of the titles I chose for my current list of original Books, they are a result of a 23 year struggle I went through to regain most of my health, when I got struck down by the chronic disease process and the science that was used do to what western medicine thinks is impossible to do. I prove the current science wrong, showing a new vision to the working model for chronic disease. The books are pure science, but done in a fireside chat manner when you read them. I also mix in some of what I was exposed to in my two NDE death encounters at age 25 and 44, to help the world better understand the Periodic Chart of Elements and how it is seen from the “spiritual realm”, as well as what Einstein’s equation really means when you see what is waiting for you in death. I don’t like even using the word “Spirit” in our language these days, because that is not what God is when you die. The whole of creation is located inside of God’s being with God being an endless ocean of Light, consciousness and love I learned, who became the structured creation you’ll learn when you die, if you’ll just ask.

Jesus is all too real I learned. You can meet Him when you die, if you’ll focus on Him during your life. God forces nothing onto anyone I learned in death, but what I learned about the Universe satisfied a lot of my questions even with the first NDE I had at age 25. Everything is all free will driven in His Universe and what the Universe real is will surprise all of you in the end, not to mention where God is heading it all. THE MASTER’S KEY is being offered to help sinning humanity learn the Lord’s righteousness so lives can be saved through man’s science. This is something I wanted to do since I was in the 7th grade as a boy back in the 1960s I might add and there is much more science I still desire to reveal.

However, the secular world is doing a bang up job to try and throw Him out of the equation, which is only resulting in more and more death on the planet. The secular world is trying to throw the baby out with the bath water in my experience with death and meeting Him. As such, man stagnates his own movement toward all truth in the bargain and what the health sciences can offer dying humanity. What Jesus really is will surprise all of you, if you ever get to meet Him. Even my feeble attempts to explain Him, beyond what The Bible makes of Him to be, using our languages to teach with, can not do Him justice. He is both the Creator and the Creation when you meet Him in the Light. I’ve already started to teach the basic truth of the Universe through one of my Youtube channels I’ve titled “Beyond LIFE there is the LIGHT”. What I reveal in this video changed the way I look at the Periodic Chart of Elements as a scholar and scientist too. You are welcome to listen if you wish:

I did my best to explain this to George Noory on Coast to Coast AM when I was interviewed twice. Not to see basic absolute truth is to fail in using man’s sciences to unveal God’s lasws about the creation: Not to see this is to also fail miserably in understanding Einstein’s equation of E=mc2 and what that really means from God’s point of view as the Creator.

There are no meaningless details in my Books. If anything I say too little and not enough, leaving room for more future writing to add to the product line. Presently THE MASTER’S KEY is the only book that is available in both eBook and physical production form. I first started THE MASTER’S KEY through Payhip.com out of the UK some 10 years ago, under other titles as I kept writing and then as of last year contracted with Bookbaby to make the book available in soft cover, paperback form; at a price any college student can afford to pay these days. More is coming. Just know it takes many months of work to prepare just one book for pre-press.

I’m also promoting Dr. Rick Santee’s new book PROSTATE RELIEF NOW. Santee was a major appearance in my life when all my doctors told me to go home and die at age 37. I also offer my first healthcare report titled SPECIAL HEALTHCARE REPORT 001, as well as Dr. Robert C. Beck’s documentation titled TAKE BACK YOUR POWER. You get product-links for all four of these, when you sign up to my growing network, through Payhip.com alone.

THE MASTER’S KEY eBook has over 27 years of research work behind all the information revealed in it. It took 15 years to write it too. This is cutting edge science in the field of integrative medicine, shown through medical science, while working to help compliment the work of Western medicine and open their eyes to so much they are missing in their research work. This book has been selling, as I’ve been making appearances on the internet through invited interviews. However, it is a big world of some 8 billion people and I need worthy assistance with the marketing….people who are in sales, who are serious about making money selling such wonderful new books to a world in great need right now. You can learn some of what this book reveals at my URL webpage

I’m a 63 year old researcher, a California State scholar and University graduate in the arts and sciences as well as an author and writer, who was inspired to write THE MASTER’S KEY through a horrific 27 year event in my life and an event which walked me into my divine life purpose for being born. This is also a work, which is right on time with our world health issues and needs. A lot has been suppressed by the health authorities these past many decades: This is knowledge the world NOW needs apart and away from the status quo of standard Western medical practices who keep doing the same thing over and over, even to deal with cancer and get no new results. This is suppressed knowledge the FDA and AMA have tried to keep from all of us for the sake of selling drugs, while keeping mankind away from the benefit and efficacy of the holistic and light sciences.

Become an affiliate marketer and distributor, while earning commissions. I provide support training to get you started using SMTP and POP3 server training for free, so you can learn how to get into people’s email inboxes right away, like I’ve been doing with my own efforts over the years. I supply ad copy and mailing lists you can work from once you sign up. But you must prove to me you are serious about working with me to help me along, while we help our world together. I’m quite dedicated to the work I’m doing too.

I need an army of established affiliate marketers, preferably who already have an existing audience, but need worthy new product to sell. However, I will not chase you away, if you wish to build your audience from scratch with my new health science books. I will teach you how to get started. What online marketing teachers will charge you $1500 to $2000 to buy from them, I will teach you for free. Marketing is easy to learn, but having selling products is a different issue in the world market place. There is no magic formula to making money in any business, not even on the net and anyone who tries to tell you, you can’t do it, is not teaching you correctly. It takes daily steady work, like I’ve been doing, nothing more, to get known and make sales happen in the world community. There is no other way to do it: No magic formulas. The more you know how the internet works, the more you create an atmosphere to make money, but you must have a viable product or service people need.

I welcome all the help I can get with the sales. It’s a big world! I offer good commissions for the products I’m currently offering through the Internet. All eBooks are pass-code protected to help keep pirating down to a minimum through illegal pass-alongs. This encourages customers to pay for their copy of the eBooks, when they want to read one of the eBooks. With THE MASTER’S KEY, they can also buy it as a printed book through the services of Bookbaby.com at this time. There are no free lunches in life and no business can survive when that is the case. The key to business is providing a needed service or goods at an affordable price: I believe in a balanced transaction at all times and don’t work for free either.

You can also join the Bookbaby affiliate program through Ascend Pepperjam and make commissions off of THE MASTER’S KEY, as you send your product links out. Bookbaby is located in New Jersey and ships all over the world. Payhip is located in the UK and they ship product to all locations all over the globe as well. Thanks to innovations in printing technology over the past 10 years, Bookbaby can swiftly print orders, one order at a time, if needed, on a daily basis and have delivery in the mail in a week’s time to any customer who orders from you as an affiliate. Your commissions are paid into your PayPal.com account through Bookbaby.com direct, as sales are confirmed and made. Any sales with my Payhip.com are first reported to me through my account. I then pay out reported commissions, as the Payhip.com computers keep track of sales, to an affiliates Paypal account through monthly reports I get from the Payhip computers. Payhip use to make direct deposits into an affiliate’s Paypal account, but once they teamed up with Stripe, so they could accept credit card orders direct, the book keeping was passed along to each client, like myself. There simply was no way to integrate their computers with the Stripe computers to make both credit card and Paypal payments possible for purchases being made. Maybe that may change in the future, but for now, this is the way it is in their relationship with Stripe.

Three of these eBooks are offered only through my websites or affiliate websites, which is the offering page hooked up to my Payhip.com landing pages. I also offer my first SPECIAL HEALTHCARE REPORT 001 through Kindle on Amazon.com, at a low cost offering, which has no pass code to it. It is offered for sale, at a very low price and encouraged to be used as a pass along…. a freebie of my work and ingenuity as a research scientist to help encourage sales of THE MASTER’S KEY and PROSTATE RELIEF NOW.

So in short, these eBooks can not be purchased anywhere else on the planet, but through me and my on board affiliates. I send out pass codes to reader/buyers through the Payhip.com system, once an eBook purchase is made. These publication PDF files can not be opened without the pass code in other words. The pass codes are changed often to scramble things up in the market place and prevent stealing. This is good business for both you, as a future affiliate and me, who baby sits things on this end; so as to protect our right to make profits on these original and unique works in the health sciences.

The story behind what lead to all of this is complex. Perhaps one day I’ll share the story through a book I hope to title WHEN MY DOCTOR TOLD ME. However, you can hear some of my story by listening to my recent interviews with George Noory on Coast to Coast AM or my interview on the Kevin Moore show.

Both patient and doctor need THE MASTER’S KEY and PROSTATE RELIEF NOW with all the cutting edge information revealed in both literary works. Trust me, just two books is enough work for you in reaching the world right now backed up by what I’m doing to do the main marketing on my end. The key to making marketing work is not to focus on too many products at once, but to heavily campaign a few of them globally to make them go viral, but you must have the right products too. Cafeteria style offerings don’t really work, unless you are an outfit as big as Amazon. If you’ll help me do this, then we both will win in the end with increased sales taking place, leading to my current product line going viral in the time ahead.

I’m a turn key operation at this time, operating under the name of KFFMenterprises. You can earn up to 30% commissions on “The CDS/PD Process” eBook, and THE MASTER’S KEY eBook. Bookbaby has their own percentage structure with THE MASTER’S KEY right now for affiliates who join. You have to talk to them as you make sales to receive your commissions, but I’m here to help in any way I can when you talk to them. Keep in mind they are a separate organization I contract with and that they do not operate under the name of KFFMenterprises.com I offer 20% commissions on Dr. Santee’s eBook PROSTATE RELIEF NOW, based on a deal I was able to make with Dr. Santee, to get his trust to be his on-line publisher. Dr. Santee was excised from the United States by the FDA, because he was getting people well as a Naturopath doctor. The same thing happened to twice Nobel Prize winner Otto Warburg when he tried to get into the United States. Because of what he knew in how to clear patients of cancer, Warburg was told that he was bad for business and not allowed to enter the United States. The first SPECIAL HEALTHCARE REPORT 001 offers a 50% commission and comes with no pass code to encourage pass-alongs, as I mentioned earlier. It can be customize so the report includes your product links as well. Just contact me to do this for you.

I pay well, because I want to get the knowledge in these books into the world community and free market place, to help the sick and dying find the answers they have been praying for. It has cost me, and key relatives, some $2.3 million dollars to make all of this possible. This was money no one had in the beginning, as I also had to walk through the heart of hell with my own body, as I learned how we have been lied to by the world medical system and how to master the chronic disease process in my own body so as to shut it down! Fortunately, I have the scholastic background to qualify me for what God put into my path, to solve for all of us.

There will also be the opportunity for up-sells, as new published products are created, related to this growing network. I am not being supported by any government agency, corporation or foundation with this independent work. The scientific proof revealed in THE MASTER’S KEY speaks well for itself. So this is a unique opportunity for you, to not only make money, but help our hurting world, which needs the truth, find real answers right now.

Like I said earlier, I’ve been fully dead twice at both age 25 and 44. I was allowed to come back to write what I’ve revealed in THE MASTER’S KEY at age 44.. In truth, I did not have to come back to do this for our world. The sacrifice I made in my body, you will never truly know, in terms of what I suffered through, while my own body was used as the primary guinea pig through it all. My condition was being documented, while I learned a lot of truth about the Lord’s creation and how it works as a scholar and scientist. In my case I had no choice with the path I was given to follow. Doubtful any scientist would have wanted to even try to pursue the path I was put on voluntarily, but I was told I was dying by my doctors and I chose to fight.  The choice was left up to me to return from death to complete this work. Given how much I love our old world, even with all its hurts and troubles, I chose to come back and complete the work I was born to do. Just know, I can’t do the marketing alone and I welcome your help with the marketing and the sales of the books, reports and other documents I choose to sell online. Help me make these products successful and I’ll be able to go to work on two more new books that will take the next several years to complete, as I build the product line.

I’m contracted with Payhip.com for eBook service. I can supply you the product links you’ll need for your sales, so you are in operation in minutes to earn your commissions. Just use the link button below to log into the “Join Payhip as an Affiliate” page. I have to approve all those who request to join and it usually does not take me long to get to the new affiliate requests each week. Allow at least 48 to 72 hours for me to get around to approving your request. I usually wait until I get a batch of requests that come in, before I start the approval process.

It helps my work load to work at that pace on my end; just so you know. Just press the button below and it will take you to the sing in page to become an affiliate of mine through Payhip.com.

You can also become an affiliate on Bookbaby through Ascend Pepperjam. Currently only THE MASTER’S KEY is being offered in soft cover, paperback form through Bookbaby.com. Just press the button below and it will take you to the starting page for their affiliate program. Just follow the instructions on the page.

Make sure you have a Paypal account before setting up your accounts as an affiliate. Paypal cost nothing to join. They make their money based on a per transaction basis with each payment you receive or send out. They work as a on-demand banking service. You can find them located on the internet using the below button:

All you need is a Paypal account, after you are approved for Payhip and Pepperjam, where your commissions can be sent to, as you make sales. Your personal information is not needed by me, when you set up both accounts.




Payhip will ask for your email address to start, so I can approve you. You’ll then be tied into my budding network of affiliates. Everything will be sent to you through Payhip.com, as far as your product links are concerned; while you open up your own affiliate Dashboard. Working inside Payhip AND Bookbaby are very user friendly I might add. So don’t think there is anything fancy you have to do to get going. All the work has been done for you! If you don’t have a Paypal account, just sign up with Paypal. Again, it cost you nothing to join Paypal.com.

Learn more about THE MASTER’S KEY and PROSTATE RELIEF NOW! The story behind THE MASTER’S KEY alone is a true story that has a growing audience right now. This is also a new business opportunity for you and your family, if you need to make extra money through commissions, selling an honorable product, as you help the new information in this eBook reach all healthcare professionals on our planet, as well as their patients, who are struggling with chronic disease issues in their body and have lost hope. The books present a new vision on organic disease that is unprecedented on the face of the planet and opens your mind to how to make the alternatives really work in a person’s body, who suffers from chronic disease issues. Once your read THE MASTER’S KEY alone, you will never look at a health store or pharmacy in the same light, ever again; and will see the power sitting there in health stores at your disposal, once you understand with clarity the laws governing your body’s matrix, as a living water system. Do not think you know what this book reveals. You will not be able to outguess its contents. It is like no other health science book you have ever read, in case you have read other health science books to date.

Here is a 12 minute video that will help introduce you to THE MASTER’S KEY
as sold in its ebook form.

Here is how THE MASTER’S KEY looks in its soft cover, paperback version through Bookbaby.


Please check this, my KFFMenterprises website to learn more. Feel free to contact me through my business gmail account if you need help at any time. However, everything is pretty much self explanatory.

Kevin F. Montague
Scholar, Artisan, Scientist and Author


I completed an agreement with Dr. Rick Santee, ND regarding the publishing of his new ebook titled PROSTATE RELIEF NOW. I’ve read his book and have known this man for the past 21 years. I know his views on medicine and how he looks at the world medical system. You can make 20% commissions on the asking price of this ebook through KFFMenterprises. (The book is not available as a softcover paperback book yet through Bookbaby.com)

Take time to check this eBook out on this, my website. This is timely for the aging baby boomer generation and for young men, whose bodies are being compromised by our overly polluted world, where the prostate is the target. More can be done than just masking symptoms with drugs or giving into surgical removal of the organ. The prostate can be shrunk at any age, if you know what to do. Dr. Santee uses his decades of experience as a Naturopath doctor, to help educate the reader to what their western medical doctors are either not telling them or are ignorant to, concerning the knowledge revealed in his new eBook.

Below is the URL link to offering his new eBook, where you can learn more about his work, if you plan on becoming an affiliate marketer through KFFMenterprises.com

I encourage each affiliate to read each of my original books they are going to promote as an affiliate. The more you know a product, the more successful you will be in selling the product globally.

Kevin F. Montague
Scholar, Artisan, Scientist and Author

Very Important!

Make sure you put my email address in your safe sender list after you make the request to be approved as an affiliate.


I follow up with a welcome letter and other emails, as well as some training videos on SMTP and POP3 technology that detail out what KFFMenterprises.com is all about and what you can expect your commissions to be, as you make sales happen. I not only get you started with initial teaching, but I’ll be offering more teaching in the time ahead as KFFMenterprises continues to grow.

SO MAKE SURE KFFMenterprises@gmail.com is in your safe sender list right now!

Reaching private email accounts is usually no problem, but trying to reach Yahoo, AOL, Gmail and Hotmail requires a little  effort on your part to make sure my emails reach you by setting me up in your safe sender list.

Most of the time, foreign emails are treated as SPAM and are sent to the SPAM folder with the four type of emails I just mentioned. So make sure to check your SPAM folder for your Payhip.com emails or Bookbaby.co emails, when looking for your registration information, if you did not put my business email account in your safe sender list. 

Thank you!

What Defines Success as an affiliate marketer?

Six simple disciplines define success:

1) Persistence

2) Risk Management

3) Organization

4) Innovation

5) Communication

6) Reaching Out

This is what makes any business truly successful in sales and for successful community involvement! There is no quick way to wealth, even if you open a store on a street corner. It is the same on the net, but I can get you going FAST, as you assist me with the mailings for the ad offers I’m supplying each of you, who work with me. I’d love to hear from you too, through my gmail account. So, don’t be a stranger. Write me and let’s talk!

If you’ll purchase even one of my original eBooks, read it and invest in a program on the net called the AB Bulk Mailer after becoming an affiliate, I can supply you, not only the product links of my current product line, but free ad-copy and a FREE large, but current email list you can work from. The AB Bulk Mailer is about $20 these days. I have no business interest with the company selling the computer program, but it is an ingenious way to get started getting the mail out into inboxes these days. It is how I started, before I could pay for a monthly dedicated server out of China, with money from sales I get each month these days. You do not have to pay further to get you started, once you buy the AB Bulk Mailer and the AB Bulk Mailer will put your computer on auto pilot and help you sell my original eBooks, while you make commissions. Everything is a turn key operation here at KFFMenterprises! This is a good way for you to get to know the product and make back the money you spent to buy one of my original eBooks, while you help someone else learn from my health science book offerings.

I don’t make any commissions for recommending the AB Bulk Mailer program for purchase, but it is the best low cost program I have found, by which you can access SMTP and POP3 technology for reaching the INBOXES of others, if you are just starting out and low on money. You can reach others with what my eBooks have to offer and who are getting no answers from their doctors: Most of the work has already been done for you.

I also will provide you; for FREE; four 15 minute videos that will teach you the AB Bulk Mailer program. This is a great opportunity for you to put your computer on auto pilot and have a chance to make back what you paid, regarding your purchase.

Here is a list of the current KFFMenterprises affiliates, who are on board to help serve you.

These affiliates are listed in order of their
geographical location globally.

Emmanuel Egwurube lives in Africa. He is an entrepreneur and budding digital marketer from Lagos, Nigeria. He has domain experiences in Human Resources and Administration as well as Financial Intermediary Services, Sales and Marketing in the organized private sector of the Nigerian economy. He now pursues his passion in healthy living and network marketing. You can email him at the following URL location: eegwurube@gmail.com

Dmitry Voronkov lives in Russia. He first contacted me when he was listening to one of my two NDE experiences on Youtube. He ordered THE MASTER’S KEY and read it. Afterwards, we talked on SKYPE for a few hours. From then on he wanted to help get my work known by the world. So, we started to work together. You can find his blog at the following URL location: http://themasterskeybook.weebly.com/

Mike Santos lives in Texas, the United States. He is married with two children. He also has served in the United States Navy and is a disabled Veteran who understands what it means to have your body compromised by life. This is a loving and compassionate man, ready to help you with your questions. These days he is the “My Health Book Guy”. You can find his blog at the following URL location: https://www.myhealthbookguy.website/


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