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Another unsung hero in the field of research who works outside of the box of the regular Western medical system. More and more physicians are tuning to the field of research that Dr. Young has been pursuing for decades now, like Dr. Rick Santee has been doing. This page shows some of the things Dr. Young is in the know about when he looks at the blood, which Western medical doctors balk at in the world of the status quo, where only serum blood exams are used. When you know the things a live cell exam reveals, drugs are not of much help when dealing with chronic pathogenic disease caused by the CDS/PD Process. Take a little time to read this page, so you learn something about Dr. Young's work.

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The work of Dr. Robert Young, MSc, DSc, PhD;

The following are just a few examples of the thousands of micrographs I have observed in the last two months viewed under brightfield, pHase contrast and darkfield microscopy, scanning microscopy and transmission microscopy.  

Dr. Robert Young ND

Forward from Kevin F. Montague; scholar and scientist;

Before you look at the slides presented by Dr. Young, note first how healthy blood is suppose to look when viewing the first slide; as you then start to see what happens to the blood, even when a serum blood exam tells the doctor the blood is fine, when it is not. Even when a western medical doctor does a serum blood exam on your blood, the blood often does not look like this first slide at all. It is usually corrupted and adulterated these days in most people, yet passes all the things it is tested for with flying colors in a serum blood exam. Even when a oximeter is put on your finger to test your oxygen blood levels, the blood often is anemic (electron deficient at the cell membrane level). The oxygen is there in the serum, but can’t be utilized by the red cells (erythrocytes), because the cell membranes of the cells are compromised in a bad way, especially when the cells are chaining together (rouleau). You see some of this in slides 2 and 3 on this page. Worse is the fact there can be many parasites present in the blood that will go undetected, simply because the doctor is relying solely on a serum blood exam, where the blood itself is not being viewed directly though light field and/or dark field microscopy.

Unless all the blood looks like the first image you see in this series of photos, the blood is far from healthy, even if you pass all your serum blood exams, upon looking at your serum blood panel done by your western medical doctor. In short the serum blood exams are notorious in lying to the doctor of what is going on in the blood et al. Both serum and live cell exams are needed simultaneously, any time the blood is examined. For the life of the flesh is in the blood, and I have given it to you to make atonement for the souls upon the altar; for it is the blood that makes atonement for the soul. (Leviticus 17:11 – KJV of the Bible). While Jesus gave up the blood out of his body to redeem the soul from destruction, the blood itself has to keep the body from destruction and can not do so, if the blood itself is corrupted. Just as we need our Lord’s life to preserve us spiritually, as beings made of Light you’ll learn when you die, the body needs the blood to keep the flesh from destruction. The blood is life to the body: What the Spirit of God is life to the soul. This is what the passage is telling the reader. I’ve met our Lord twice in two full death experiences in my life, both at age 25 and at age 44. So expect me to work to combine our Lord’s word with man’s science at all times when you embrace my teachings, whenever I post.

So why do Western medical doctors balk at these live cell blood exams? The answer is simple: For one they don’t know how to read them and two, the exams simply go deeper into the problem of disease and reveal the real reasons behind chronic disease problems, showing the true cause of the chronic disease process, which can only lead to remedy of the patients problem and permanent cure. Western medicine is really not in the business of curing anything: They are a business. They need renewable income from drugs at all times to keep them going in this money driven world. That means the real truth has to come from people like myself and others who know what is going on: Who are working to bring the truth into the world to save lives. I’m alive because of this knowledge after my western medical doctors told me to go home and die some three decades ago. Remember that Dr. Robert C. Beck said that “a patient cured is a customer lost” for the medical doctors. They don’t make renewable income, unless they keep selling drugs. If you get well, where you don’t have to take their drugs all the time to manage your symptoms from chronic disease, they lose that steady income source. Such is the modern day evils of the system. When you finally see this, then you’ll realize you are on your own to get the truth to get your body well if you are fighting anything from CFS to Cancer in this world.

Western medicine use to work along side the Catholic Church in the early part of the 20th Century you should know, but then they debased their priesthood, when they fell away from our Lord’s calling to them for the sake of money and like the fall in the Garden of Eden, turned from their true calling by not trusting Jesus to lead them. In many ways the Catholic Church has done similar in their calling over the decades, as the world goes deeper and deeper into darkness. Keep in mind I stood in the presence of pure righteousness, as well as pureness of heart and mind, when I stood before Jesus, while in the Light at age 25 when I died the first time. Our Lord is incapable of making a mistake. He is a “right thinking” God: This is the true definition of the word “righteousness”. I have learned after 65 years of living that the creation works from a myriad of laws that work perfectly with each other. Only when those laws are broken does disease take place. My work seeks to bring grace (unmerited favor) in the form of scientific answers to help the individual learn those laws and then learn how to realign their own body back up with those laws, to restore their health. I can’t fight old age however. (chuckling) That is an issue between the DNA programming and the brain’s ability to read that programming that causes old age to happen: A separate issue from chronic disease.

These live cell blood exams do not need to be taken away from the patient. One of the problems going on in the everyday business of living among the medical professional is there are many people offering these exams, without the needed training to read them correctly. As such these people are persecuted by the status quo of the current day medical system. These live cell blood exams actually provide a myriad of benefits, a serum blood exam can not reveal to a western medical doctor. In fact, I think the western medical system needs to set up programs to train examiners properly in how to read such viewings of the blood, so these examiners CAN work along side doctors to give a more complete examination of the blood that serum blood exams often fail to see. Many things are too often missed by western medical practitioners, which heavily happened to me when I ate contaminated sausage one day, loaded with parasites I didn’t know where there: Especially the liver fluke larvae located in the meat I ate. I walked the entire western medicine approach to the problem and got no where with Western medicine for 3 years: All the way to the day when my doctor, Dr. Nehemiah Peleg, MD, said there was nothing more Western medicine could do for me. It took a live cell blood exam later on done by Dr. Rick Santee, ND, who caught what every doctor I went to was missing. All those doctors owe me back all the money they took from me for being the ones who were the quacks through the ordeal they put me through I might add.

The only reason why you often see the disclaimer on websites offering alternative medical approaches, telling you that something is offered only as “informational purposes only” is because these live cell examiners are being heavily persecuted by those who think these exams are a form of quackery. I don’t see these type of live cell exams that way at all after three years of dealing with the Western medical system. I do see them as a gift from God that are not being correctly understood however. I go to work showing how these exams can be of great help to the western medical doctor and their patients, when properly understood and then used. I present this knowledge in my book titled THE MASTER’S KEY TO UNLOCKING AND MASTERING CHRONIC DISEASE.

Live cell examiners should be paid through the insurance companies, once they are expertly trained. The only reason why these examiners are being shut down throughout the world system is because they are not being expertly trained and as such, not understood. The live cell blood exam can be used to catch many things Western medicine’s serum blood exams are not seeing when a doctor is running a full physical examination of a patient.

Dr. Young is an expert at what he does. So am I and so is Dr. Rick Santee. My own background is heavy in the arts and sciences over a life time while coming through University training back in the 1970s: Yet even with that training, I never stopped studying and learning through the decades as I continued my studies in all the sciences as an aging scholar and born scientist. I don’t have my formal graduate work done, because our Lord lead me down a different pathway of learning, so I would learn more correctly how his creation works and yet I have been studying the work of Western medicine for decades as well as the way other health sciences approach chronic disease in all organic life. I’m a student of all the sciences, not just the medical. You might call me a master scientist. What do I mean by a “master scientist”? How do I define a master scientist? Well I don’t have to know all God knows to be a “master scientist” because the purpose of the scientific approach is to help search out the truths of God’s creation, using all means possible to do so.

I don’t have to know all that God knows to make me a master researcher also. What makes me a master is that my long life has allowed me to do a lot of scientific reading and study, as well as gain a lot of experience: As such, when new problems are presented to someone like me, I have a better chance of unraveling the answer to a problem, regardless of its complexity, than a younger man or woman my age can do, with far less study work and experience. The same is true of Dr. Santee and Dr. Young. I’m constantly studying every day with no one paying me to make me study. Why am I doing this? Because this is what I was born to do I learned in death when I went into the Light at age 25 and faced our Lord in death. No one on this planet can do what I can do right now, let alone write my first science health book I titled THE MASTER’S KEY, which is why I’m still here with all of you at age 65. When Western medicine failed me, the knowledge I reveal in THE MASTER’S KEY served as a field guide to the answers that saved my life.

I’m alive because of what these other men know as well as others like them. So I promote them on my website. I promote them so others like you can not just lay down and die, if your community western medical doctor has given up on helping you or is doing nothing more than giving you drugs, which are not clearing you of your disease process. Drugs, you should know can cure nothing, except for what antibiotics do to attenuate (lessen) bacteria and protozoa load in the body or even viral load these days. The world of pathogenic disease does not wait hand and foot on the offerings of western medicine to cure it. You need all the healing sciences working together: nutrition, herbal, electron medicine, electro-medicine, mineral therapy, vitamin therapy, amino acid therapy, physical cleansing therapies of the GItract, liver, pancreas, kidneys, skin, extracellular tissues and intercellular tissues and other alternative approaches that work to reintegrate and regenerate health, not destroy it further, which is what drugs do.

Drugs are poisons. So why is it that those who promote these poisons are the first to scream scam against safer natural approaches or forms of examination? The truth is, poison sells in big medicine versus more gentler ways of healing the body of its ills. This shotgun way of thinking to medicine comes out of World War I and II I might add when all they had in the playing fields of medicine was sulfur to pour onto wounds and surgery to cut off body parts that could not be saved by the ravages of infection induced in the battle field. Those who scream “scam” all the time are usually pro violent medicine in my dealings with the Western medical field I’ve learned over half my life time. The reason for this way of thinking is that most of these Western medical practitioners make their money through renewable income through the prescribing of drugs and all too often these people are not even trained on everything else that is going on in the world that works from the advantage point of alternative medicine. The ones especially at fault in their lack of knowledge are the young doctors coming out of medical school sadly enough. As such, integrative medicine is not taught in our medical institutions of training.

Integrative medicine is the only way in today’s world to regain your health, if you have lost it to chronic disease over time. Even Cancer is not a disease I’ve learned in my own study work, but a natural process of the body that is activated when certain conditions are met, turning on the programmed decomposition process of the body. Cancer does have an “off and on” switch to it, once you understand how it is formed in the body and I reveal that in THE MASTER’S KEY.

Don’t think I don’t use what Western medicine has to offer when it comes to pain killers. I like a good painkiller just as much as the next person, but you don’t have to live on them either. Painkillers are good, in my view, while you are working to get to the heart of disease, the cause of it, unless you are using the pain killers to handle trauma to your body. Western medicine has its place in what it can do, but it is also very limited in a great many ways. When is the last time you ever heard of Western medicine permanently curing any one of anything. Yet when their position is threatened by other approaches that can get people well, they are the first to scream “scam” or bloody murder when it comes to their rights. The truth is we need them all when it comes to medicine and men like me, Dr. Young or Dr. Santee should not be suppressed, who are working to bring the truth into the world to help mankind along.

I was taught growing up that that the purpose of medicine was to help sinning, struggling humanity; receive grace from God for their ills. We have departed from that way of thinking from the days when I was taught back in the 1960’s growing up. I’m all for the scientific method to help us learn the truth about our Lord’s creation. So, we need to get back on that pathway of truth all the more these days. God is not some mystical reality that can not be understood. Science was created to glorify God, not take mankind away from God: That is what I was taught also by my teachers growing up. All law begins in the realm of the Light or what we call “Spirit”; while living in the flesh. The physical realm is nothing but an extension of the Light which is where true or real life is found. This is clearly taught in the Bible too as well a what I learned in death at age 25. Break God’s laws and I can promise you they will break you in the end. Without the law, there can be no “Tree of Life” or the structured creation I’ve learned over a life time: Nor can there be any cause and effect in the creation. Break the law and it will kill you fast enough. However, because of the work of our Lord, through Jesus, the Son of God, we find grace, unmerited favor for our ills even through man’s approach to God’s truths while using science to get us there. I’m dedicated to this cause as an aging scholar and scientist to my readers. So are men like Dr. Young who love studying God’s creation in the work Dr. Young is doing.

Even infantile cancer is something that is not being properly understood in today’s approaches Western medicine is using and so many kids are losing their body parts to surgery, simply because doctors don’t really know how to go after the tumors of the tissues and clear them without surgery. Little has changed with their approach to the truth in the past half a century since I was a boy. A lot is being done with the “mab” drugs these days to try and go after these issues and problems however. Still, I’ve come to learn myself that cancer is not a disease, but is a natural process that has an “off and on” switch to it, as I work to make sense of the natural approaches to healing over the past 3 decades, as addressed in my book I’ve titled THE MASTER’S KEY TO UNLOCKING AND MASTERING CHRONIC DISEASE.

There is so much in the underground scientific community that main stream medicine is suppressing for the sake of selling drugs, it leaves most patients paying with their lives in the end as a result. Don’t let that happen to you. Take back control of your health and learn more on your own. My work is devoted to bring you the truth at the scientific level of thinking, but I also love to bring God’s word into the whole thing from the Bible when it applies, having been dead twice and in our Lord’s presence twice in my life. That is what I’m working to do on this website, given I was not given this option initially when my western medical doctors failed me and sent me home to die some 30 years ago while misdiagnosing me badly from the get go costing me the loss of half my life in the bargain.

If you are being blessed by what I do post on my website and especially by the original books I’m writing and offering, which you are reading, please make a donation to my work, as well to Dr. Young’s research fund. Private researchers and scholars like me are not supported by grants, private funds or government grants. I too need the money for equipment and supplies regardless. Western medicine mostly survives by insurance money for payments of their work, where all of you have paid into a collective fund to support doctors and nurses, yet a lot of that money goes into investments and the pockets of the bureaucrats, who run those businesses without any consideration to supporting the truth that can save those who are dying. Medical research is often paid for by private and federal grants or foundation money. Everyone is in competition with each other when it comes to the money to help them find answers. Like I keep saying, they are a business, not a charity. So they will attack God Himself if it serves keeping themselves in business regardless if they ever really learn anything new from their research work in the end.

There is so much data already built up in our system, but not enough researchers sitting down, like I do, to sort it all out and make proper sense of it all, while reporting to the public what it needs in order to get results where the issues of chronic disease are involved. Your support helps men like me do the work I’m doing. Same for Dr. Young. Make sure to send a donation to Dr. Young, so he can reach his research goals too, as a private researcher. Here is his donation URL:


What you are about to now see are images provided by Dr. Young, most Western medical doctors will never find revealed from a serum blood exam concerning their patients. I hope these following images will give you food for thought in that the established medical system may indeed not really have your best interest at heart with the trust you put into their hands concerning the issues of chronic disease. Remember, it is your life you are entrusting to them, even if they kill you in the end, which they often do to their patients. I remember a doctor I talked to at age 25 while having a surgery done back then. I had a hemorrhoid surgery done at that time which was hell to endure and his position was that I should check out of the hospital as soon as soon as possible. When I asked him why, his answer to me is that people only come to hospitals to die, not get well. He wanted me to live, which is why he wanted me to leave soon and heal at home. Imagine a doctor telling you that truth about how he views a hospital and telling you that people only come to a hospital to die? Still he was right in how he viewed hospitals as an experienced physician.

If you desire to really learn more about what live cell exams can reveal to assist both doctor and patient, buy and read my book THE MASTER’S KEY TO UNLOCKING AND MASTERING CHRONIC DISEASE. In my book, I’ll show you documented case studies where the serum blood exams revealed little to nothing of those who were chronically sick and then how live cell blood exams were taken after the serum blood exams were done and show an adulterated blood system, not shown by the serum blood exams. It’s quite a wake up call to see what I show from my research work, so you can see the hypocrisy of the Western medical system, when they dumb ones scream “scam” or “quackery” with these exams. You’ll see that the ones who are the quacks are the western medical doctors themselves who scream “quackery” in the end.

Kevin F. Montague
Author, Scholar, Artisan, Scientist & NDEx2

UPDATE 12/15/2023 – Email from Dr. Rick Santee, ND

From one of our friends:
“After seeing many videos of people sticking spoons etc. to their vaxxxine injection point it appears that magnetic nanoparticles such as Ferris Oxide are being used in the vaxxxines.  The other clue is that the below article discusses Superparamagnetism in nanoparticles at different temperatures. That would probably explain why some Vaxxxines are keep ultracold. For example the Phizer Covid-19 Vaxxxine is keep at  -94 degrees Fahrenheit. That is colder than Antarctica. The need for ultracold is to prevent the magnetic nanoparticles from clumping together. Once they are inside the warm human body they start to clump together thereby creating the distinctive strokes and heart attacks. When Ferris Oxide is mixed with Graphene Oxide nanoparticles and nanochips you have what is in the vaxxxines. This is called “Black Goo” and is discussed in many Sci Fi films and YouTube videos. The victim can be tracked with WIFI and 5G. Very hi levels of 5G can fry the person from the inside out. And they might die from heart attacks and/or strokes. Also the victim might get very sick and will be diagnosed as turbo cancer when in reality it is vaxxxine poisoning. Also lots of heavy metals and random carcinogens to round out the Witches’ brew. Once someone sees that there are no viruses then they can see more clearly what is in the vaxxxines. See the book “Virus Mania”. All of this is clear in the Engineering world but MDs do not see it because they believe in viruses and vaxxxines. We encourage everyone to contribute to this tentative research as it will be hard to help the victims until we are very very clear on the poisons used.”

1. Healthy capillary human blood – even in color, even in shape and even in size.

2. A large symplast of magnetic graphene oxide observed in the live capillary blood using phase contrast microscopy.

3. Ferric oxide with lactic and sulphuric acid crystals observed in the live capillary blood using gright field, phase contrast microscopy and energy dispersive spectroscopy [EDS].

4.  A large symplast of Nano Graphene oxide particulates observed in the live unchanged capillary blood of a metastatic lung and brain cancer patient after chemotherapy.

5.  A large symplast of Nano Graphene Oxide observed in the live unchanged capillary blood under pHase contrast microscopy.  I calle these symplasts of graphene, ” Graphene Atomic Bombs”!

6.  Graphene oxide in the center of what appears as a vulgaris bulgarus parasite at 1500x magnification observed in the live capillary blood under phase contrast microscopy.

7. Graphene Oxide threads and bubbles observed in the live capillary blood with brightfields and pHase Contrast microscopy.

8.  Different morphology of nano graphene oxide as ribbons, tubes, dots and sheets as observed in the live unstained capillary blood of a VAXXinated female.

9.  Nano Graphene Oxide Threads as observed in the live unchanged capillary blood under pHase contrast microscopy.

10.  Nano Graphene Oxide sheets, tubes, threads and dots observed in the live unchanged capillary blood under pHase contrast microscopy.  Please note the red blood cell clots throughout the smear.

11.  A large Nano Graphene Oxide Tubular blood clot observed in the live unchanged capillary blood under pHase contrast microscopy.

12.  A large fibrous graphene oxide blood clot observed in the live unchanged/unstained capillary blood of a vaxxinated female under pHase contrast microscopy.

13.  A pathological capillary blood clot containing graphene oxide threads and tubes observed in the live unchanged/unstained blood of a vaxxinated female under brightfield microscopy.

14.  Self-Assembling Graphene Oxide Based Biosensors observed in the unchanged and unstained capillary blood under pHase contrast microscopy of a vaxxinated female. 

If you would like to view more micrographs of the live unchanged and unstained capillary blood and my vaxxine research please click on the following links below:

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Dr. Robert Young


Dear Family and Friends,

Thank you for your love and support for so many years.  I am truly thankful, grateful and humbled by your generosity and your prayers. 

With Great Love and Respect,

Robert O Young MSc, DSc, PhD,
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Learn more about how the CDS/PD Process works through the work of Kevin F. Montague, scholar and scientist. Learn how this one process defines everything from CFS to Cancer when it comes to the issues of chronic disease. You will be empowered on what to do to help get your body well, even if your western medical doctors have given up on you.


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