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Done in the style of the opening for the movie Fahrenheit 451. Four track mix with guitar and synthesizers. Soundtrack style. / Click Here to Learn More!

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One of my all time favorite types of movie making is science fiction. I loved these type of movies growing up and well into my adult years. I have a love for the arts and sciences, because they can fill in the gap of discovering absolute truth, where the religions fail and I love discovering God’s truths, regardless of man’s adulterating of the truths of the Universe. I always wanted to do movie scores, even when I was young. Why that all never happened is a long story, which was shown to me in my first NDE at age 25.

I got inspired to write this piece one day, while living in North Hollywood with my friend Kevin L. Norwood, who shared in the expenses of our studio apartment in those days. I was always waiting to borrow a four track from someone, so I could be creative with my limited keyboard set up. There was never any money to pay for studio time either, but I was able to finance an electronic keyboard and a Korg Lambda synthesizer back in those days, while working at Gibraltar Savings and Loan for a few years.

After I ran into health issues related to my GItract, I left Gibraltar. I took on temp work and eventually started to learn computers to make more money to support the pursuit of my talents; while working along side engineers doing technical writing and illustration work. An agent at one of the Temp agencies had an opening for a company called Sattel Technologies in those days, which got me going into technical writing, illustration and desk top publishing work. I had the background for it too, given my training in the communication arts and sciences out of Loyola University. I was working on marketing my new board game called The Million Dollar Bank Game back in those days and found the new company was willing to work with me in pursuit of that product in the market, while I was working to support them while being paid as an employee.

I had seen movies like Fahrenheit 451, in my high school years, which was what inspired me to write this for some odd reason. I also loved the work of Bernard Hermann, who did much of Alfred Hitchcock’s movie work. One of my all time favorite old classic movies was “The Ghost and Mrs. Muir”. Hermann worked with chord structures that were unique in his day and experimental, but quite free flowing and at times, creepy to listen to; which was great with Hitchcock’s work. I loved his style and way of thinking. So this was my chance to take a shot at his type of style with my own flair added to the thinking.

This work was completed on July 31, 1981. The syncopation and at times, off-rhythm approach, is deliberate on my part. I was trying to create deliberate tension with the off syncing of the rhythms, as a test of my ability to push the envelope of what defines rhythm as well as unity vs. non rhythm defining the unity in a musical work. Edgar Casey told the world that the universe works on the basis of music and light. In my first death experience at age 25, I went into the Light and found Casey has all of it right.

So, if at times it feels like the sounds are pushing against each other, they are, with deliberate intention and yet it all stays together in the end, regardless. I loved experimenting with new ideas, as they came to me. I had been at the study of music for about 8 years in my studies after getting a late start at age 17 versus asking my mother for a piano and lessons at age 5, which did not happen. I’d have reached this level of proficiency sooner, as a born prodigy, if I had gotten the piano lessons I asked my parents for at age 5. So, like I said, I was getting a late start in life at age 17 with my pursuit of music, which was my greatest passion. I love pouring my love out to others by expressing myself in song or instrumental work. Music is home to me. It simply makes sense to my spiritual mind.

So, sit back and relax after you order your own digital copy of this completed work. Send your mind into the Universe and imagine what you will, as you fantasize your own science fiction opening to the movie of your dreams, while using this writing to lead your way!

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