Jaberwocky (Version 1)

Eight Track multi-mix reading (Version 1) of the famed Lewis Carrol poem; The Jaberwocky. All vocal. This poem is in the public domain. / Click Here to Learn More!

Product Information

One of my favorite poems was Lewis Carroll’s “The Jaberwocky”. Carroll’s original name was Charles Lutwidge Dodgson who was a mathematician, logician and angelic deacon who loved to write. He was a wizard with words and playing with them which made him a fascinating writer which eventually lead to the writing of Alice and Wonderland.

My mother use to read this poem, “The Jaberwocky”, to me and my brother when we were children. I always loved her delivery when she read it to us. I did my best to mix her delivery and mix my own thoughts to how this poem should be delivered in this multi-mix recording, as I read the old poem which is in the public domain these days. For those of you who love poetry and who loved the work of Lewis Carroll, I hope you will show your approval by making purchases of this work off my artist page to help support me.

This original version 1 reading was done about 30 years ago, in 1981. I redid a new mix I’ve labeled as version 2 which I did a few years ago however, It has superior recording, but does not have the charm of this version. Both are good, but different in their own right. Both are different in their delivery. You decide which one you like the best or better still, just purchase both and enjoy as you see fit when in the mood for one or the other.

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