The Architect of Love

We never bother to think when we go to work each day of those who went through long schooling to learn how to build the buildings we work in, not to mention make them safe. And what about our homes? All the thought that went into even a single middle class house so it could last 50 or 100 years? Well, this song is dedicated to all the Architects of love who give us a roof over our heads. / Click Here to Learn More!

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My brother was studying to become a licensed architect back in my twenties. This was back in the 1980’s. He had also bought himself a new Firebird Pontiac car in those days. I remember the day I drove with him to pick up the car which had just been unloaded off a train full of new automobiles, delivered fresh from the factory for him to drive home. It was his first new car he had ever bought: a black car with gold decal work and a T-top. It was a beauty of an automobile back then.

One night, I got inspired to write this song and then do the arrangement. My brother was someone I loved, since I was a boy. He also loved praise, as did I, for anything done that was a well done job. Both he and I would perform miracles, if we had to, just to be loved and appreciated through our lives. We prided ourselves, as people you could count on, when we gave ourselves to our work or helping someone out. It was with this in mind that I knew he would always be looking to build buildings all of you would be safe in: Hence the name “The Architect of Love” came to my mind.

I was looking back at the time I was living in my Aunt’s attic when I wrote these lyrics, after getting out of a business investment that had gone wrong in a new cosmetic company called Dynique International. That was around age 23 or so. That old attic had a lot of charm in it and so I started to let my imagination go one day, as I started to write the lyrics of this song which I then tied into my brothers Firebird and his work he was doing at Genslar and Associates back then. I had the song done in 1982 and then finally went to work on the arrangement come November of 1983. You hear the end result is this final recording of the song and arrangement I had come up with.

I realize no one ever writes songs for the architects in the world, so perhaps this is filling in a gap for the ones who we put so much faith in, who build the large skyscrapers, so many of us work in, in all the major cities of the world. It is an exacting art and an architect has to know so many scientific disciplines to get a license. It’s not easy to achieve, given all the exams they have to pass to prove their proficiency in their craft which also takes many years of schooling to achieve.

Frankly, I enjoyed riding around in my brother’s Firebird back then. I’ve always been a struggling artist, scholar and scientist in life, so it was clear to me I would never have been able to own a car like his, unless one of my creative projects took off one day, even my music. So this is not only for the architects of love out there, who might enjoy this song, but for those of you who might have loved driving around in a Firebird sports of that time period.

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