The Million Dollar Bank Game

Originally designed as a giveaway premium offer for the banks and savings and loans back in the 1980's, this game has taken on a charming appeal. While it teaches how the real banking system works in a fun filled atmosphere, it also captures the math of the 1980's, giving it novel appeal as well. / CLICK HERE to learn more!

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Bank Game - Lonlan Brochure 1992 (A)
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Here is the award winning Million Dollar Bank Game, as it reappears after many years! Here is a game that will help you make dollars and $ense of your understanding of the American banking Industry in a fun filled way. It took over a hundred years, before someone thought of actually doing a board game on the American banking system. No one before this game had ever attempted covering the subject matter, let alone in a way that would make it fun to play. It is not only fun to play, but educational to the principles of the current American banking system.

Purchase a dream home and pay it off in your lifetime! Experience having money in the bank for a change! Live off your interest! Feel the thrill of paying off your loans, as you become debt free! Obtain a job position you’ve always wanted and earn the really big money!

Designed primarily as an adult game, The Million Dollar Bank Game enters game players into the real world of banking based on the United States banking system. No prior financial experience is needed to play! the game will give you the insight on how the modern day banking system works and operates.

Goal: The first player to become a million dollar depositor with the bank while having repaid all their loans … WINS THE GAME.

Package of Contents:

•Career Moves (24 playing cards)
•Life Fortune (30 playing cards)
•Errors or Favors (25 playing cards)
•”HOME” (5 cards)
•New Account Passbooks (5 types)
•Loan Documents (5 types)
•Liquid Cash Play Money (7 denominations)
•Playing Dice (2)
•Piggy Bank Game Markers (4)

OBJECT OF THE GAME: The object is to become a Million Dollar Saver. The first player to acquire One Million Dollars ($1,000,000) in New Account Passbooks while having repaid all their loans, wins the game.

STRATEGY OF THE GAME: Invest your liquid cash (money) into New Account Passbooks which will earn you interest. You will have to decide the advantages and disadvantages of investing in the different New Account Passbooks. Make use of loans to expand your investing options. Be aware that you can acquire liquid cash by entering Loan Row and securing loans (Loan Documents) or you can secure Passbook Loans on your New Account Passbooks (Take advantage of Home Loans; when they sell, you make big money in profits). The first player to acquire a million dollars in New Account Passbooks and pay off all their Loan Documents and Passbook Loans declares him or herself the winner.

It’s all here when you play … The Million Dollar Bank Game! The first game player to become a million dollar depositor with the bank, while having repaid all their loans… WINS THE GAME! How you get to the goal is up to you and your knowledge of the system.

The board game sets up quickly and easily. No need to read an entire set of rules after setting up. Just start rolling the dice. As each player lands on a square, they read the rules aloud as to what each square does. Within about 20 minutes, each player will know the rules. No financial experience is needed to play the game, but playing the game will give you the insight you need to understand the modern day banking system.

“…Interesting and absorbing.” – Chicago Tribune

“…novel, well thought out product…” – Lizz McArdle, Premium Division, Bank of America

“A unique concept…” – Richard O’Haack, Public Relations, Home Federal Savings of America

“…fascinating product…” – William A. Shane, President, Mercury Savings

…It will help you learn how to better use your dollars and $ense!

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