I Have a Home

We all have a special spot we go to when we need to clear our thoughts or talk to God. The best Church I've ever attended is being alone by the ocean side or being up in the mountains for a walk alone as I've talked to God. Usually you could find me down by Dockwhiler Beach, which is just below Venice Beach, California or up in the mountains at the top of Mt. Pinos, part of the Fraiser Park area; looking at the curvature of the Earth. / Click Here to Learn More!

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I Have A Home - Master Artwork

As I started to get into music more and more starting late at age 15, one of the first songs I wrote on guitar was “Speckled Sands”. Actually, the very first song I ever wrote was “The Sweetness of God’s Spirit”, which is on my Bursting the Bubble I album, but only the instrumental arrangement. That song is also available as a separate single among the offerings I have on Google Play Store.

I had been to a Catholic Charismatic Prayer meeting at age 14 where God took away the veil that keeps us from feeling God’s intense love for all of us; which totally decked my body, as waves of heat and love flowed through me all night and for two years afterwards. They had to carry me out of the chapel that night, like a rag doll and all I wanted to do was love everyone, like I had always wanted to do, since I was born. God took away the pain and all the inhibitions that the world, with its conditioning through religion and my family, had forced on me. From then on, I was never the same, as I started to change.

Then, with my first NDE, I experienced at age 25, I got to see the source of that incredible power of love that had flowed into me at age 14; as I stood before the Son of God, Jesus, while being surrounded by God’s pure white light spirit. I was in a place where there was nothing but light all around me in other words. I re-learned God is this ocean of formless light, to which the whole creation is suspended inside. After I got a partial life’s review, I learned the original plan for my life had been “wrecked”, to use our Lord’s words, mainly by my mother. I grew up as a badly beaten (abused) child all the time, which is what I suppose her mother had done to her growing up. So, I withdrew from life, instead of embracing the life I was originally planned for, which was to be a celebrity I was shown in death. So in truth, I’m a never was and never will be. I did not have to come back, but did come back to help my parents and brother. Then more unfolded as my body’s health was greatly hit. During that fight to regain my health from bad meat I had eaten, I spent 15 years writing a book I titled THE MASTER’S KEY TO UNLOCKING AND MASTERING CHRONIC DISEASE. You can find the book and read about that part of my story on this website. Just look under the ebooks and books tab.

This song was one of many songs I got a late start writing in my life, with the first NDE. I had asked my mother for piano lessons at age 5 and that just never happened. She did everything she could to discourage me from playing too, even though she verbally said she wanted me to have the lessons. She was a constant walking hypocrisy growing up with her, as her youngest son.

After the first NDE at age 25, I wrote another song that truly captured the true me and I entitled it “I Have A Home”. All I wanted people to understand was that while the material things are nice to have, we have all we need in what God gave us and it was perfect in the Garden of Paradise, where none of us ever owed a mortgage and all the food we needed was free for the taking off the trees. I had learned in death that no matter how much we think we need to know, we can never know enough, even to keep us from making mistakes or sins: That God is to be simply loved & trusted. In death I learned that God is an ocean of Light, Consciousness and love that became it all. Jesus and the Father are extensions of that Light in a form we can understand with the entire creation existing inside of God’s being: I learned God is both the Creation and the Creator. I also learned that this world is under a different set of judgments, than the rest of the Universe is, in regards to the Light (God), which became it all. you can hear me talk more about this in one of my interviews with George Noory on Coast to Coast AM.

It really is that simple in the end I was shown. You don’t have to be Christian or say a sinner’s prayer to find your way home in the end, but do know that everything goes through the one we know as Jesus in this world. He died to get us back into the Light when we die. I also learned Hell and Hades were real as well as our Lord’s heaven, which I got to see some of, but you can hear more about that by listening to the Coast to Coast AM interviews.

So enjoy these old recordings I did in my home studio some 35 years ago and please support me by buying your own copy of this song. Encourage your friends to do the same and buy a copy to support me. I need the money support being disabled the past 18 years, when I lost my health to an injustice done to me.

Kevin F. Montague
Songwriter & Arranger

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