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Learn about your biological terrain as seen through the eyes of Scientist Gaston Naessens, inventor of the Somatoscope. The Somatoscope was the forerunner of today's phase contrast microscopes. making it possible to study living blood and fluids without using chemical staining. This approach to microscopy makes it possible to study the functionality of blood and the cells, not just the chemical profile of the body fluids. kffmenterprises@gmail.com

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This is your opportunity to purchase a wonderful one hour teaching video which will help you to learn why you are suffering from chronic disease or illness in your body, not related to viral, bacterial or protozoa pathogens.

Most chronic disease is non-congential and non-environmental in nature. This means it is not a result of a birth defect passed along from the mother to the fetus or is it a result of pathogens (germs) entering your body from the environment around you.

You will learn about the important scientific work of Gaston Naessens, creator and inventor of the somatoscope: A device that lead the way to today’s phase contrast microscopes.

The somatoscope is the first microscope to be created that makes it possible to study living blood and tissue without staining it chemically. So, what is being studied is tissue, while it is alive. Conventional microscopes and electron microscopes were not able to make this possible.

Often enough, necessity is the mother of invention. Gaston Naessens was already aware of the particles in the blood he eventually named somatids. he needed a device that would make it possible for him to study live tissue, especially the blood.

This one hour teaching video is taught by an expert biologist, Joe Segana, who will help walk you through the understanding of Naessen’s work, while working with one of today’s phase contrast microscopes.

He will clearly explain to you in both scientific and laymans understanding what the somatid is and how it operates in all organic life on the planet.

His us of wording is simple enough that even a ten year old could understand his teaching approach.

The phase contrast microscope, often used for live cell blood exams, came after Naessens work in creating the somatoscope. These microscopes make it possible to understand things, not even a serum blood exam can reveal to a medical doctor.

The somatoscope works by not using chemical stain to treat a sample being examined by the practitioner or examiner. Instead, two forms of light are used to make it possible to stain the blood for viewing. You will learn how Gaston Naessens came across this idea and what types of light to use for the staining purpose as seen in the illustration below.

You will learn the type of staining lights that are combined that result in this illustration you see above.

In the sample of blood below, you are seeing the erythrocytes, known as red blood cells in layman’s language, while they are active and alive! You will also see the white cells of the immune system as well as blood platelets. While you also see the salty fluid of the blood serum, you get to see the somatid wiggling around in the serum which is invisible to normal microscopy.

Somatids are present in all living things on the planet and when in dry soil, they wait to be activated by water. When I was a boy being taught back in the 1960’s, we were taught that decomposition was a result of pressure, temperature and atmosphere. Boy how we were taught all wrong! Behind the whole decomposition process is the somatid!

The sample to the left is taken from a common orange showing the somatid at work inside of it while being studied.

The Somatid has 16 pleomorphic forms to its 16 stage cycle. The first three forms happen only when the biological terrain is healthy. However, it advances into 13 other forms when the biological terrain is working less than optimum efficiency. You can learn in greater detail what causes all of this by buying and purchasing a copy of THE MASTER’S KEY TO UNLOCKING AND MASTERING CHRONIC DISEASE

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You can learn more about the story and work of Gaston Naessens on this website, by going to the RESEARCHERS category, under the Healthcare tab on the home page. Here is the URL link to that page. https://kffmenterprises.com/gaston-naessens-the-somatid/


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