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While I was in high school, I had gotten involved with the Charismatic Prayer meetings sweeping through the Catholic church back in those days. My first exposure happened during one of our ethics courses, taught by one of the Holy Cross brothers named Brother August. Brother August was also a certified psychologist in his ethics teaching classes. The whole Charismatic Renewal thing had started in Ann Arbor, Michigan and spread through the Catholic Church back in those days. This is when the Souther California Renewal Community was formed and still exists to the present day in the Catholic Church. Here is the URL to their site location.


It finally reached our school, when some of the guys had attended the growing prayer meetings at Loyola University, where I eventually attended to get my degrees under a California State scholarship. I was a bit of a skeptic when I attended a small meeting one night in one of the class rooms known as room 1 in those days, which was in the basement of a building called The Riverside Building. It was the firs time I got to see anyone speak in the tongues the Bible talks about. There was only a small group of us teenage boys with Brother August guiding the meeting. When everyone finally went deep into prayer, I felt nothing happening to me. I was already suicidal at age 14 because of the deal I had gotten handed growing up in the home I was born to. My dad was ok to live with, but my mother had been Hell on wheels to deal with growing up to who I got beatings from all the time that I never deserved. I was her private whipping boy growing up.

I was a pretty withdrawn little guy at age 14, having gone through a miserable childhood as a result. My mother had been an abusive mother where I was constantly getting beatings every 6 to 8 weeks by her for the first 10 years of my life. The first one started in my crib which I remember to this day. Also the kids at All Souls School in Alhambra, where I lived growing up, were pretty darn cruel to me and my brother for the most part. I was also a born asthmatic and suffered poor eye sight having been through two surgeries on both eyes starting out in life. I also had my tonsils removed by age 5 and my appendix busted by age 10, requiring more surgery. I also had the more than normal dose of childhood diseases. I was always picked last on the sports teams, as a result and had to stay indoors during most recesses, because of the smog affecting my asthma.

Anyway, I was close to the state of committing suicide at age 14 given the size of the heartache I was enduring that far into my life. I wanted music and the performing arts all my life, but my home life was pathetic for the most part when it came to support in even getting piano and dancing lessons. My mother divorced my dad when I was age 10, after a three year separation. We were with my mother for a year and then I accidentally lit our Christmas tree on fire doing one of my science experiments, which burned us out of our apartment. What I did not know was that my mother had lied to the judge in court saying my dad was beating me, in order to get custody of me and my brother. The truth was she was beating me all the time, not my dad. My dad was a sweet heart of a guy to live with. What I did not know, until recently in my elder years, as I think out all the pieces of my life; is I rectified the court’s judgment by burning down the Christmas tree and part of our apartment. So my mother was forced to give custody to my dad.

At the prayer meeting, I finally whispered a silent prayer saying; “Holy Spirit: Are you to come to everyone else here and not come to me?”. The moment I finished saying that, I started to feel what felt like hot oil pouring through me, from my head down through my entire body. With it came peace I would not experience again until I was in the Light at age 25 with my first NDE, when I got to see the source of my first experience at the prayer meeting. With that hot feeling pouring through me was unbelievable love pouring into me: Love I had longed for all through my boyhood years. Everyone stopped praying because they could see what was happening to me. I felt like a rag doll, unable to stand up and the hardness in my heart I had developed which I needed to help keep me alive, was literally melting away. Later on, I would attend one of the Loyola Prayer meetings where this presence would come on me a lot harder and stronger. When that night came, I was kneeling on a solid marble floor with my hands raised crying out in a unknown language as the Spirit of God moved through me. No one could get near me either or the power of God would strike them down. So I was left alone for 2 hours like this while others in the prayer meeting went around praying for each other. This presence stayed on me for two years, until I decided to walk from it all to experience the world. Now I wish I had not decided to experience the world. Why we tend to throw God’s best away in favor of exercising free will is still a mystery to me to the present. We did it in the Garden of Eden too.

My mother finally had to sign custody of me and my brother over to my dad. Eventually, my dad moved us to the San Fernando Valley, where I attended 8th grade at St. Elizabeth’s grade school in Van Nuys, California. He later endured two heart attacks and then the new open heart surgery done by a fellow named Dr. May in those days. I had finished making an animated Super 8 film entitled “The Moon Trip”, which won an honorable mention in the Teenage Movie Award contest, while I was a freshman in high school. This lead to Brother Alfonso Comeau, C.S.C., the principle of the school, asking me to do a film on the school, after he read about me in the local paper, which the school helped to pay for. I had to find other ways to raise the other resources over a two year shooting schedule, as I did a documentary on the school, with tons of gags through out it, which was first shown before a 200 member parent audience, who could not stop laughing at the gags we did with my team of guys I put together.

That teenage movie award also caught the attention of a casting agency named World Wide Talent Search Inc, who wrote me a letter, asking I come and sign up with them, saying I may have the necessary qualifications for the commercial advertising media of the day as a young actor. However, at that time, my dad succumbed to the first new open heart surgeries of the time, I knew I could not tell my dad, if I went to the casting agency, but once he had his open heart surgery, I knew I could not go at all, yet I wanted to. Still, I debated it, thinking I might be able to justify the bold move to him, saying that if he died or was laid up for a long time, it would be a great way to bring money in, while I got tutored on sets and did what I knew I wanted to do with my life. Even the famed Tommy Norden, who starred in the TV show “Flipper”, was supporting his entire family with his acting career. I understand he was raised Catholic also.

I was already friends with Sean Michael Kelly and his parents. Sean was a child star at that time, who became Stuttering Bob in his sophomore year at Notre Dame, in the John Wayne movie “The Cowboys”. Sean was gone that whole year, while they filmed at several locations. So I knew Sean could help show me the ropes, if I got casted in television or a movie or two. I knew I was born for show business in other words and had the talents too, but I made a bad choice. I should have left this world with my first NDE at age 25 after I stood before Jesus in the Light who told me my life was “wrecked”, to quote His own word on the whole thing. For those of you who think you’ve had it rough, be grateful you weren’t me; gifted, talented and beaten by age 14, by a family who should have supported me, but was working hard to kill me.

While growing up, I could count on any really good days I had to have my mother tear me down all the time, when I came in through the door from school or playing outside each day. She even threatened to kill me, if I ever told anyone she was beating me all the time. So, after hearing these guys who had come back from the Loyola Prayer meeting and what they were experiencing, I asked my dad one night, if I could attend one of the prayer meetings they planned to have in room #1 of the Riverside building on campus one night. I had to work on my dad for a few hours to get him to give his permission too. I was desperate for an answer other than suicide and with hope that I might still get back onto my chosen path I was born to experience.

I did go to the prayer meeting and I met the guys who had shared with us earlier, in the classroom, what they had experienced at Loyola. Brother August started to monitor steady prayer meetings each Tuesday night from that point on. I always attended, because the presence of God’s Spirit would come on me in those meetings which was awesome to feel. I’ll detail that out a little more, because this was one of the most memorable times in my life as I look back on it all at age 63.

There was only about a dozen of us that night attending. Like I said, I was in constant heartache most of my childhood and was ready to take the next step to take my own life, if something didn’t happen to let me know someone truly loved me and accepted me as I was. As the guys prayed, each started to have something happen to them I had never seen before. Each started to talk in a language they had never been taught before. Whatever the force was, it started with one guy and started to move in both directions around the circle. The whole thing finally stopped at me. Nothing happened. I thought; “Oh great! Figures: I want to know if this thing is real or not?” So I whispered a prayer gently and sheepishly at age 14 and said; “Holy Spirit? Are you to come to everyone here but me?” At that moment, it felt like someone was pouring hot oil through me, not over me, from the top of my head through my entire body. Then waves of intense heat and love, indescribable, started to pour through me like an ocean. Suddenly all the hurt and hate in my heart was drained out of me and still the waves kept flowing through me, until I was in the state of a rag doll, with no inhibitions. I was full of love indescribable. God knew my need in that moment and filled me with His love.

The experience that night warranted I attend the Loyola Prayer meeting the following Thursday. I got permission from my dad and went. We were taken by one of the parents in his pick up truck: A fellow by the name of Bob Hansen. After the prayer meeting, we attended mass, which was like heaven on Earth as I could feel the presence of God pouring through me again. Out of all the Catholic Church masses, I grew up being bored to tears with, this one was filled with love I’d never seen in people before, let alone feel come into me.

At the end of the mass, they made an alter call for those who needed prayer. I was shy and scared, but told Mr. Hansen I wanted to go, but only if he would take me. He smiled and agreed. As I knelt at the altar, a friend of mine named Bob Pompa told me to pray to God for anything I wanted and God would give it to me. I was going to pray for the gift of wisdom, but I felt I could never meet up to that state of being. I got it anyway, over the course of a 40 year wilderness I got thrown into, before my current age, as I learned about the world. That’s another story.

So I asked for the gift of understanding instead, given I knew little about the world nor understood our Lord’s book all that well. I then asked for the gift of tongues, so I could talk to Him better. Many put their hands on me and as they touched me, incredible heat, not related to body heat, was passing into me off of each person, who had laid hands on me. My will was diminishing and so were all my defenses, as they kept praying. Finally, Bob Pompa told me to say anything and the Spirit of God would do the rest. I finally did and out of me came this language I had never spoken before and as it did, the heat intensified on me and so did peace indescribable.

Everyone finally left me there, kneeling on a solid marble floor, speaking in a loud voice, praising God in a language I had never spoken before. I couldn’t stop either. The more I praised God, the more the love flowed into me. Finally, the place was closing up and they said we had to go, but I couldn’t move. I had been kneeling on a solid marble floor, which felt like a cloud to me. Finally Bob Hansen and Bob Pompa picked me up, draping me over each of their shoulders, while they carried me out. I was acting like a little child telling everyone how much I loved everyone. I felt like I was drunk, but had never taken alcohol in my life. I was blowing everyone away with all the love pouring out of me toward everyone: Something I always wanted to do, since I was a boy and be all my life.

As we got to the doors of the Church, a gal I had never known, but who I guess was from one of the local girl schools said; “You too!” I nodded with a sheepish little smile on my face full of love and no pain anymore. I had no more desire to kill myself, because I knew God truly loved me. The interesting thing about this experience is that when I had my first NDE at age 25, as I faced our Lord in death, I felt the same heat, peace and love I felt in that experience some 11 years earlier. You can hear this experience on my YouTube channel: TheAstroboy9 channel.

Hear me tell Kevin Moore my two NDE experiences
You can also hear me give my testimonies on Coast to Coast AM. If you are an insider, you can hear me interviewed by George Noory. Find the link on this website under Radio Interviews.

I realized in my first NDE at age 25 that our Lord was indeed in that room that night and knew my real need. I just needed to know I was loved given the way everyone had treated me growing up. Most kids I met we wicked and cruel. Others were sky like me. So he took away the barrier that keeps us from feeling His Holy Spirit, which is all around us at all times, so I could know God was always loving me at all times. My love was making Mr. Hansen cry, as they drove me home, because he watched this shy, broken young teenager transform right before his eyes, filled with love and peace. It changed Bob Pompa too and we were friends after that. For the first time I didn’t feel so invisible to the others guys around me. I still had much to work through that would take me the next 40 years of my life to work through and life did not get easier for me either, but harder. Still I pushed forward through it all to where I am today having written my first major health science book titled THE MASTER’S KEY TO UNLOCKING AND MASTERING CHRONIC DISEASE. You can find that being offered under the Healthcare tab on this website.

Notre Dame was an all male school back in those days and we were surrounded by three other all girl schools; just so you know what I mean when I say “the other guys”. Still, I was so withdrawn from life, I felt I was on the outside looking in all the time on life.

Eventually, I was attending the prayer meetings at St. Francis Church in North Hollywood, when the meetings stopped at Notre Dame. That’s another long story. I teamed up with a gal named Helen Wilhide, who offered her services on the guitar for the music ministry. I loved music and wanted to compose one day. One day, I wrote some lyrics to capture my experience with the first two prayer meetings and she put the chords to my melody and lyrics. I could not play the guitar yet, but that was coming. Everyone loved my little song. I lost track of Helen eventually, when I left to go to college in 1974 at age 17.

I was finally learning the guitar on my own and was teaching myself, given there was never any money in my life to pay for lessons or voice coaching. Nothing in this life has been easy for me. Even now, the house my dad left me and my brother, where I live is a house full of grace (unmerited favor). I’ve had to work hard for it all, but still there is always grace coming from God when things get too hard.

Finally, after graduating from Loyola University and getting nearly a second major in music, I went to work to score “Sweetness” with a decent band arrangement, in my fledgling studio, as I sang the lyrics of that real live event that happened to me in Notre Dame High School some 10 years previous. Feel free to sing with me when you buy the song and see if God won’t pour out a blessing you can not hold, as you feel his love pour into you, while you sing.

I later did a full instrumental version of this song on the EnergyXT2.5 program, which is available on my Bursting the Bubble I album as of 2009. Here is the URL. It is the last selection on the album. You can buy the album or the instruments separately.

I sometimes envision those in heaven dancing to the instrumental version, while clapping their hands before our Lord, in praise for all He’s done to help this world along. It’s just a fantasy I have, while everyone is singing and dancing around the throne of God or in the grand ballroom of my mansion I got to see in my 2nd NDE at age 44.

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