A Heartache to Workout

This is one of those songs I think everyone can identify with, as they face the heartaches and heart breaks of life. This is beautifully recorded and uses nothing more than a piano and vocal to sing the song. I could easily have created a more elaborate arrangement to this work if time had permitted which I'm always short of in life. / Click Here to Learn More!

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As I rummaged through my old audio reel to reel recordings, I couldn’t believe this had recorded so beautifully and had forgotten about it in my treasure trove of old 1980 recordings I composed. Still, I’m releasing it on CDbaby as is, because in many ways, I think this particular arrangement was all that was needed to deliver the lyrics and melody of this song. It would be great to write a arrangement for this one, one day, should I live so long. Any further instrumental additions I think would have taken away from the somberness of this beautifully melody and lyrics of the written work.

This was originally completed come March 6, 1983. I’m not sure what brought me to the moment of writing this song. It first started as a series of keyboard movements on the keyboard, as I looked over my life and love relationships that had gone their course. I then walked away from what I was playing around with on the keyboards and found myself humming out the melody with no lyrics. I was going through a melancholy moment in my life, while facing a relationship that had broken up.

It seemed my whole life was full of painful times when my heart and spirit had been trashed by those I had loved. I’m not talking sex either when I talk about all of this. So perhaps this song was the culmination of an age old question I would ask myself each time I got my heart badly broken, when it came to love. I’m talking about the kind of love that makes us give our all to someone we truly care about, be it a family member, a lover or a friend.

My first biggest heartbreak came from my mother, who often beat me as the bright sensitive boy I was growing up. She had many problems based on her own youth full of insecurity and fear when she was growing up. What that did to her, she took out on me growing up. Still, my divine nature always found me forgiving her, no matter how many wrongs she delivered to me. Same was true of all my friendships and the lover relationships I had. The world can be a pretty cruel place, because so many have their own hurts they carry into their adult years I learned through it all. When that mixes into a lover relationship, it can spell disaster to that relationship, even before it has begun.

Anyway, this little song seems to be a summation of all those times where I would have to go some place alone to think out where I was in my life. Sometimes, with my song writing, I would sing my words to our Lord, wondering if he was listening, as my heart hurt through it all. This song was one of those such songs, which was more like a prayer, than a song when I first sang it.

With that said, feel free to listen to this lovely song work, as you enter into one of the most sacred moments of my life. Feel free to make this song part of those sacred moments in your own life, as you try to work through your challenges in search of the love you seek and also long to give.

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