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Art Prints

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(Wholesale pricing on my personal special inventory of 2400 is $10.00 per unit resale price, but you must buy the entire lot of 2400 to receive this special wholesale price. Contact me at my email address, if you wish to make a retail or wholesale purchase)

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Something about the Artist
Rick Schwartz

While Vincent Vango may have chopped off his left ear in rebellion to the intellectual hang ups of the world of his day, his paintings showed the innocence of a child. That kind of genius can come in other expressions of art as well.

The work you see in this presentation came to me as two oil paintings into my possession which I purchased from the artist himself. This image was the first of the two I bought.

This is the first lithograph in the new Dare to Dream and Believe Lithograph Series offered by KFFMenterprises. The original oil painting was rendered as a 3 x 4 foot rendering; done by an exception artist named Rick Schwartz. The title of this work is “If They Only Knew…”

The replication is true in every way to the original colors seen in the master canvas work!

I am making this remarkable piece of work available to the general public (you) for as long as there are copies to sell and trust me, right now there are only a limited number of prints in existence, about 2500 as of this posting. Be one of the lucky few who have found this exceptional work and own one!

You can afford this wonderful 8 1/2 by 11 inch full color replication of this great work of art, done by the original artist Rick Schwarz!

What attracted me to Rick’s work is the combination of innocence and complexity of spirit conveyed in each rendering. Vango was able to do it no less.

Not only are oils the most difficult medium in the world to work with, but Rick captured the complexity of his subjects while conveying a complex and yet simple message of spirit; all in the same breath or brush stokes.

These works are something a child could understand, but I think adults might have trouble understanding, if they have forgotten their childhood. All the more I’m doing this write up to help the adults reading this to understand more what they are seeing in Rick’s work.

I could not help but think how well Rick Schwartz’s work would be for young children’s bedrooms or even pediatric doctor’s offices where uplifting messages were needed. This might even look great in your bathroom, if you are raising young kids. It encourages the young mind to know it can be and do great things!

I suppose we all need that message given to us each day, even as adults; given the world tends to be a cesspool of negativism these days which you read in all the comment sections on the Internet. Some dream of doing great things, while others actually do them. Even the best doers dream visions of their true self when they sleep. This is something that is true of all of us where we engage in our true and higher self when we dream. If all you do is dream, what if you could dare to dream and believe your greatest ambitions? Wouldn’t you think anything was possible?

Don’t you often ask yourself, if people really know who you really are?

Most people see you as they want to see you, not as you are. Such is the blindness of so many in the world. This is a great buy for all ages and a great gift for any occasion, any time of the year!

It’s great for holidays, birthdays, religious celebrations… to send the positive message that we all are greater than we each know.

It’s great as a gift just to yourself. Why? Because you deserve it!

Think of how beautiful this will look in any room of your home in a nice wall frame or even in your office?

Think of how uplifting the image will be every time you look at it or what a conversation piece it will make when friends drop by to see you?

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