Afterglow of our Love

SINGLE: This is a romantic ballad. It speaks of the love felt after the act of making love with someone you are in love with. Use it to speak to the one you love. / Click Here to Learn More!

Product Information

I completed this work around November 20th, 1982. This song is written in the form of a ballad-lullaby. The arrangement was never fully finished by me in the recording. The arrangement was in the form of an orchestral sketch with this recording. Still, it is still beautiful enough to be released through CDbaby, which I hope you will enjoy and tell me so, by purchasing it from me as a digital single.

I had broken up a two year love relationship at that time, but reminisced over the love I experienced in that relationship, after I had moved out, while finding a port in the storm of my life with my father at that time, as I worked to think out where my life was going. This song also encompasses a few other short term relationships I engaged in, but did not fully pursue. I was around age 26 at that time. My dad welcomed me home fortunately. I had always gotten along with him, but my mother was a nightmare at all times to deal with.

I think the words of the song pretty much speak for themselves. They are also something anyone can identify with, after the act of making love, with someone they enjoy being with. Feel free to send a copy of this song to that special someone in your life, before the relationship breaks apart. It might save your relationship with them. This is for all the afterglows out there!


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