One Sun By Day, By Night Ten Thousand Shown Above

A beautiful romantic love ballad of a time in my youth telling what happens to a relationship when more than one lover is involved. I dedicate this to Rene Salas and the good times we had together. / Click Here to Learn More!

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After I left Magic Mountain in March of 1979, after working there for 3 years and attending Loyola University on a California State scholarship, I started to date a young gal by the name of Rene Salas… for about six months. The relationship didn’t work through well and we parted our ways after the six months, because I had learned she was in love with another fellow. I was also at fault because I was not giving her the attention she wanted from me. I was also not looking to get married any time soon. It was bad enough growing up in the home I grew up in where I felt I could never be myself and with both my parents divorced since age 10. I simply lovingly encouraged her to seek him out to be sure he wanted her, but told her I was still here, if she wanted to come back. She never came back It made me think of a plaque I had that said “If you love someone, let them go, if they return to you, then they love you, if they don’t return, they never did.” I tend to think woman demand too much of men, even at my current age. Support needs to work from both sides, not the man giving all the time to the women. I believe in a balanced transaction in other words. I can only be strong so long, even when I was young.

The result was this beautiful love song I dedicated to our six month relationship entitled “One Sun By Day, By Night Ten Thousand Shown Above” The real candle that was burning low with no wax beneath it was a multi-tiered candle that I bought for her one night, which was so beautiful too, as we made love to each other that night. Still, it also represented a relationship that was not off to a good start either.

This artwork I put together captures the terminator between day and night on the planet, a rare sight to see, if you are in the right place to see it on the planet. This happened to me one morning, while standing on the shores of Dockwhiler Beach, near Loyola University one morning, as the sun started to rise from the East and the night sky was to the West, with the stars and moon shining still. It was quite a sight to see the whole 180 degree panorama of night going into day, which I thought would be an appropriate image to capture the title of the song.

I liked the river in this artwork, because is represents the never ending stream of love through our lives, be it night or day and whether we be in the valleys of life or the peak heights above the valleys. Our downs and lows are always covered by the Universe, no matter what happens I suppose.

Anyway, this was one of my better piano arrangements too. I never really did the full orchestration I wanted to do for this work. In fact, all my works were really prepared as demos back in my twenties, with the hope one day I would get access to a 24 track recording recording studio for me to work from. However, that took money I never had.

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