Steve Prussack (Juice Guru) Interviews Kevin F. Montague

Hear a half hour interview between Steve Prussack, the online Juice Guru and Kevin F. Montague, author, scholar, artisan and Scientist as they discuss the science behind THE MASTER'S KEY.

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The Master’s Key To Unlocking And Mastering Chronic Disease

Who:  Kevin Montague:  Kevin is the author of “The Master’s Key to Unlocking and Mastering Chronic Disease”. A survivor of two near-death experiences, the medical establishment had given up hope his body would heal from a severe case of food poisoning. Kevin is a renowned scholar and scientific researcher. His fight to get better and restore his life led him on a deep journey to unveil the truth about disease and the human body. It his mission to share this important information with all of us.

What We Talked About:  Kevin shares insight into his new book and sheds new insight on disease. He dives deep into the history of the medical establishments and shows us that important information on overcoming disease is being kept from us. He is working to shed light on the truth.

Why I Like Kevin:  Kevin Montague is brilliant. He’s the kind of guy that is able to distill complex science and data into understandable concepts we could all learn and benefit from.

Great Line: “When the body goes into the chronic disease process, what people don’t realize is that the cells are transforming from the state they’re normally in, as healthy cells into micro-plant cells of the creation.”

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