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I first wrote this song as a poem in remembrance of a friendship that went sour in high school. While at first you might think this is about a romantic love relationship, as you listen to the lyrics, in truth, the story was about a special friendship that had gone bad. The greeks have four words for love: Theo or godly love; Agape or angelic love; Philio or brotherly love and Eros or Sexual love. This song, given the way it is worded, I realize, can be applied to any of the four ways. So you chose, which way you want it to apply to you.

In my case, a friend of mine, named Jeff Steimle and I, had a falling out back in high school, when I was 14 years old and it triggered the lyrics for this song. I had just started to experience the Catholic Charismatic prayer meetings back then when this all happened too. You can read about that part of my life by reading the write up I have of my song titled “The Sweetness of God’s Spirit”.

I thought highly of Jeff back in the 1970’s, while attending Notre Dame High School, but as is true with most friendships and relationships in high school, most don’t last or pan out. That seems to come later with maturity hopefully, if you are lucky. If you are really lucky you might have one life long friend that starts between childhood and reaching adulthood I think who is with you all your life. I have one such friendship to this day at age 63 who I met at age 19 at Loyola University, but most, I once knew, are either dead or I’ve lost contact with them over the many years.

I lost two and a half decades to poor health from contaminated meat I ate, which went into the chronic disease process It was cleared and reversed using holistic approaches, which took a long time to do after Western medical science failed me and sent me home to die one day

Distant Love 02

Anyway, this song’s chorus was not what you would have heard at first, when I was first working the lyrics. When I was working on this during my University days, I brought it with me one day to my part time job at Six Flags Magic Mountain in Valencia, California in those days. You can see photos of those days on my Facebook page. I eventually became foreman of the Showcase Theater back then.

Anyway, one of the gals there named Joanne Farnum, who I truly loved and respected, wasn’t busy one day and I asked her to read my poem, because I knew it was missing something in the chorus. She read it and said; “It sounds like a distant love”. Wow, did the “music hook” lights go on in my brain at that moment. I told her she was a genius and renamed the song “Distant Love”, while rewriting the chorus and some of the lyrics. The truth was I was having trouble talking of my love for one of the guys in high school, in that song and I was beating around the bush with the lyrics. Finally I just came out of the closet with my feelings and told the story in the song no less. I also knew the song was written in a way so that anyone could identify with the concept of a love relationship going sour. Understand, this had nothing to do with sex, but was about someone I truly cared for; who would not fully let me into their life and I couldn’t understand why.

Distant Love 05

I realize when I look back on my writer’s block with that poem, I was not willing to focus on the real subject of the poem, which was a love friendship that had gone south on me. Once I started to face that hurt back then, the lyrics came forth easy enough. It made me realize back then, we should never run from our feeling for anyone, regardless of societies bans telling any of us how we should feel or not feel about something. I was also under a lot of Christian upbringing and male to male love issues were forbidden in conversation in my environment. I finally overcame all of that as I matured.

Distant Love 06

As I was getting more and more trained in music at Loyola University from age 17 to age 23, I finally sat down and took my guitar progression and wrote a more elaborate piano score for the song, which you hear recorded here in this studio mix. Later, after graduation, I hired a drummer named Bob Jenson to do a number of my prepared 4 track works, mostly songs, which needed drums. Coming up with any money to pay a musician was never easy. I was always a struggling scholar and composer back in those days. I still struggle today in the battles of life some 38 years later.

Everything is a grace from God in my life it seems. So I do my best to go with the flow of it all, even my health issues. My life has been far from easy too, as I’m always being struck down by health issues that come from sources I’ve had no control over. I also wish we had, had computer programs like Music Score 1.1 back then, which I used to arrange “Tribute to a Wounded Spirit” on and “Airwolf Returns – The Motion Picture”. It’s freeware, donation driven and is great for accomplished composers who are poor and struggling, like me, who can’t afford to hire musicians at any time. I always have wonderful performance ideas to pursue, but never any support over a life time to get them done. Sad too.

Well, after fighting my health issues these past 26 years, which started from contaminated sausage I bought from a local Von’s supermarket and while I still have a roof over my head, I find I’m strong enough to pull out my old Fostex 4 track recorder, which I did have serviced a years ago and am pulling out old reel to reel tapes that have all these old songs on them. Well, they are old to me, but new to the world.

I’ve been transferring them to digital for remix and in this case, added a new, current day vocal. My voice has changed little, since I was age 25 and now that I have pretty much desk top, 24-track capability, I can hear how this really should have sounded, if I had been able to afford a 24 track studio back at age 25.

Distant Love 04

While I never got the music career I had hoped for as a boy, due to a lousy home life and too many health problems through my life, I often think this one song would have been a hit song back in the 1970’s, if someone had taken interest in me, as a growing writer, musician and composer. However, I was never able to do the club circuit and found myself in one life battle after the next, it seems, fighting for my life and sanity along the way with all the battles life threw me into. Along the way, many a song was being written, as evidenced by my growing CDbaby artist page, now reflected on Google Play Store and ITunes these days, since CDbaby shut down their artist pages. Too much talent and too little time to pursue it all gave me a late start with the music training in my life. Originally I asked my mother, at age 5, for a piano and lessons. I also wanted dancing lessons too. However, we were a poor middle class, struggling family and I was also an abused child growing up, often taking many a beating from my very restless and disturbed mother. She passed away in 2010. I was not at her bedside when she died either, simply because my own health made that impossible at that time.

Distant Love 07

Anyway, for those of you who have a friendship you once longed for, or a lover you never could fully connect with in your past, this song is for you, the once broken-hearted. If you are currently going through a break up, then maybe this song might help cheer you up, by letting you know you are not alone, but at the end of a long line of heart breaks in life. Do enjoy this production piece and please buy a copy, while asking your friends to support me, as well as encouraging them to buy a copy. I need the money to save the home that my father left behind, which is heavily mortgaged these days and with me disabled.

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