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Here is a holistic doctor who played a life and death role appearance in my life after all my western medical doctors told me to go home and die. Take a moment to read a little about my horrifying story, a tragedy that set me up for my second NDE in life and the unmasking of new scientific knowledge which has resulted in a new book I'm offering on the whole CFS/Fibromyalgia disease process. It's more than CFS and Fibromyalgia in the end. You'll find the new book under my "Health Care" category. / Contact email for Dr. Rick Santee

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The broadcast you are hearing is not an isolated case going on in America, where good men and woman are being closed down for bringing forth the truth to get people well. All the science behind Dr. Santee’s work is in our science books here in the United States and if it was not for our great constitution, which protects freedom of the press, people like the FDA and AMA would have had book burnings, like they did in Nazi Germany, by now. There just is no money in getting people well. Only if you keep everyone sick, which drugs do; do you make ongoing profit from it all which I’ve learned through heavy painful experience.

Rick Adams interviews Dr. Rick Santee, NND

Lazarus’s Tomb is the place where I resurrect issues the establishment would rather keep buried. In this first program, The Radio Avenger of talk radio, Rick Adams, interviews Dr. Rick Santee, Naturopath; on September 6, 2005.  This is the full interview without commercials.

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On the morning of December 16th, 1994, I ate contaminated sausage I bought from a local Von’s Supermarket near my home. By that evening I found myself in our Sherman Oaks Community Hospital Intensive Care Center near my home, fighting for my life. I was two days in the ICU ward and then three days in a regular ward. When I thought it would end after that, 30 days later it too off into a nightmare story with my health for the next 20 years years.

I first went through three years of dealing with the western medical system, getting no where. After three years my primary care physician, Dr. Nechemia Peleg, sent me home to die and gave up. To get a better list of all the complications, go to my webpage that offers my current new eBooks THE MASTER’S KEY TO UNLOCKING AND MASTERING CHRONIC DISEASE which reveals a lot of new science, teaching in detail how the chronic disease syndrome works in organic life. This is unprecedented understanding in written form

What follows next, is an interview on YouTube that took place December 2, 2003, between myself, Kevin F. Montague, and Carole Punt. Carole represents “Sharing Health From The Heart Inc” operating from Canada, a company who is working to keep the Bob Beck legacy alive.

DISCLAIMER: Understand that this video represents a small portion of a 2 hour interview. Carol was trailing the pathway of 32 different success stories in the United States when Dr. Santee recommended she interview Artisan and Scientist, Kevin F. Montague. While the Beck protocol was at the heart of the program used by Kevin F. Montague, there is far more to what Mr. Montague had to do to regain his health than the simplicity that the edited interview reveals. The main line of reasoning Mr. Montague used, to regain his health from a universal process he learned is true for all organic life, is revealed in his new book offered titled THE MASTER’S KEY TO UNLOCKING AND MASTERING CHRONIC DISEASE found on this website. Just click the button below to change to that page any time you wish to learn a lot more.

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Here are some hard to find video interviews of the famed and legendary Gaston Naessens, a Canadian Scientist who developed the Somatoscope. His invention made it possible for the first time to view live blood whole without staining the slide so cells could be studied in their own environment.

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All my doctors failed to see the sausage I ate was full of parasitic worms which are known to carry viruses and other parasites in their bodies. I also learned allopathic doctors don’t believe humans get parasites, even though it is in their medical books. In short, I suffered 36 incurable complications that eventually lead to my second death experience at age 44, with my first death experienced happening at age 25.

After three years of dealing with my PPO doctors, I was finally told by my primary care physician there was nothing more western medicine could do for me. I was sent home to die, with no hope; while being given less than six months to live. Then two months later, when I could hardly get up off my living room floor, one Saturday afternoon, I slipped into unconsciousness and heard an audible female voice tell me to get up and that my healing was waiting for me. My destination was my local health food store in my ongoing search for answers. When I walked into the store, I found Dr. Santee talking to a woman, who was chewing him out, because he had proposed her body was full of parasites. I had just learned from a local ER Doctor two weeks earlier that the coastal chondritis, concerning the spasms in my rib cage area, were being caused by parasites, which they could do nothing about. When I heard the word “parasites” mentioned in the conversation, while in the health store, I gravitated to Dr. Santee and introduced myself.

Shortly after that, I had my first live cell blood exam done by Dr. Santee and started down a new pathway in my life. Here is a link to a five minute presentation showing my blood over a three year discourse as it goes from the anemic dead state it was in back into a healthy state. Understand what you are about to see happen, Western doctors are taught in medical school is impossible to do. Normally a blood transfusion is given by western medical doctors when blood is this anemic. Later on, I learned that even if a transfusion had been given, it only would have gotten anemic again, because the underlying cause was not being addressed. My new eBook THE MASTER’S KEY TO UNLOCKING AND MASTERING CHRONIC DISEASE will teach you how this transformation can be done with your own blood, if you have had a live cell done showing your blood in this condition or even a worse condition.

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I was to learn about the evils of our world medical system, which I had been subjected to by dealing with the establishment. I further learned where the real truth of our science had gone world wide. It was from this point on that I learned our doctors do not want to get us well, for a patient cured is a customer lost.

Dr. Santee was critical in my own life’s journey, because his approach to the way organic life works is truth in science come alive and his knowledge lead me down a path way of discovery, which saved my life. I also excelled past my original teacher in Dr. Santee. All the more reason why I am honored to present him to you here at KFFMenterprises.com.

You can learn more about my current new eBooks. Just press the next button and it will take you to my webpage which will present the work to you. If you like the presentation page, please buy the new eBook. I offer a 30 day money back guarantee to encourage you to buy and read the book.

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The video that next follows shows the same transformation take place with one of my students who was housebound and on welfare when we met. Her name is Kathryn Saunders. Watch the same miracle happen to her blood that happened to mine, proving the knowledge I know will help you to better understand how to use the alternatives in holistic healing to get the same results, not just for your blood, but for all the cells in your body as you learn how to change your biological terrain.

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There is an old saying that says “The devil is in the details”. I was thinking of that one night and decided to use the services of a company now gone out of business called Xtranormal and came up with a more humorous approach to introduce my work through my new character Dizzy Ease. What follows is the end product. Given how big the world is, I can not be everywhere I’m needed. So I’m relying on the multi-media aspects of the internet to help reach our world of some 8 billion people which is expected to double in the next 16 years. I use to help people one on one as their health coach and I wish I could take all of you by the hand and teach you personally, but for now, you’ll have to be helped by the videos I can create which will help open your mind to the answers you need. The real answers are in my new eBooks, so don’t be shy about making a purchase and taking advantage of my 30 day money back guarantee. You will not be sorry about your purchase.

Dr. Santee and his team want you well. They know there is more to medicine and healing than the limited thinking behind western medicine, which is driven by politics and money, not truth. I do my best on this page to present to you incredible food for thought when it comes to how your body really works. Western doctors only believe in antibiotics, drugs and surgery when so much more is available to you which they are not telling you about. In the words of the late Dr. Robert C. Beck, a patient cured is a customer lost to a western doctor. You are in charge of your own health care at all times. Edgar Casey told the world we need them all, not just western medicine. Western medicine makes 3% of it’s money off of trauma or surgery. They make 97% of their money on chronic health issues. If you were making that kind of money to feed your profession and your families, would you want to find a cure for anything? Think about it? I learned all of this the hard way, as I journeyed it all, over 18 years of my life. It’s all quite real and a very profound evil in our current modern world. Take charge of your health! There are great men and woman who want to help get you truly well, not keep you sick by taking drugs all the time. Dr. Santee is one such man. Contact him yourself and learn. You won’t be sorry you did.

 March 29, 2015 Update:

Dr. Santee has recently released a new book he has written titled PROSTATE RELIEF NOW. Learn more about his new eBook through this website. Just click on the photo below to be taken to the new presentation page promoting his new eBook which you can buy through Payhip.com

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