Fur Elise’s Wild Party

Starts off with a classical arrangement of Beethoven's well know piece "Fur Elise". It then breaks out into mad party music using the same theme, but greatly jazzed up. / Click Here to Learn More!

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This piece was completed around July 31, 1981, while I was sharing an apartment with my friend Kevin L. Norwood in those days. Kevin and I met one day, at age 19, while attending Loyola University of Westchester, California. Kevin loved acting and music back in those days. So did I. We were doing one of our CA projects in Studio A, an on-campus TV studio; when we were minus one actor for the comedy skit we were doing. The script was called “The Tom Morrow Show”. You can see it on my YouTube channel by visiting TheAstroboy9 channel.

This was one of my undergraduate programs I had to take if I was to get my degree in the technical communication arts and sciences back in those days. I was the only one who went to Vince Talbot, the inhouse engineer and asked for a copy of the recorded skit to be transferred to 3/4 inch tape back in those days, otherwise they would have erased the work after we had been given a grade back then. This was fun to do too.

Anyway, Kevin Norwood came up to the big studio doors that day, while I stood with the Producer and Director. I was the Associate Director on that project/exercise and was playing Tom Morrow that day, while we had a full staff, in studio, for the production. Tom Morrow was a satire based off of the then popular Tom Snyder show back in those days. We were learning how to budget time, people and management of facilities with a full scale production, with this project. I love the arts and sciences with a passion. I love the motion picture industry because of the power it can bear, when it comes to teaching and enlightening others.

When our one actors didn’t show, who was to play the police officer being interviewed in the script, I noted Kevin entering the studio as three me, the producer and director were wondering where we were going to get a replacement. As I saw Kevin Norwood enter through the large studio doors, trying to talk to someone else for one of his projects, I then said to the guys; “I think we have found our replacement!” I ran up to Kevin and begged him to fill in for our missing actor. Poor Kevin wasn’t sure. All he had to do was say the same line in the right places, to put the gags over in the script. He wanted to know his motivation, having taken method acting lessons and I said: “You motivation is to save our butts, so we can get an ‘A’ in this class!” That was good enough for him.

We got to be good and very close friends from then on. Kevin works at Loyola University these days as one of the computer help desk engineers and does acting part time. You can find him these days on IMDB Pro these days.

After graduation, we had taken a studio apartment in North Hollywood, California, to share the costs, with both of us interested in the music industry and the motion picture industry. Neither of were rich by any stretch of the imagination in those days. It was in that apartment that I wrote this piece, using a borrowed 4 track recorder from Kevin’s friend Ramon, who seldom let go of his 4 track, but who loved Kevin enough to allow me to use it for a while. Both Kevin and Ramon grew up together. So Kevin borrowed the 4 track to help me out.

I always loved playing Beethoven’s piece “Fur Elise” on piano. If you can imagine the time of Beethoven, where everyone wore powdered wigs as part of the apparel of the day, which you see me wearing in the cover of this single, this is how I would have had this piece performed on stage. I’ve taken Beethoven’s piano score into our more modern day colors of electronic instrumentality. I’d like to think Beethoven would have enjoyed it too, if he were here to appreciate what I did with this lovely piece he wrote. Then again, maybe this kind of arrangement is more Mozart’s kind of humor, when I think about it?

So picture yourself attending a concert with me and my players on stage. My youth has passed, so it is something I never got to do, due to my age and poor health. Picture the stage set up to show the late 17th Century…the time period of Ludwig Van Beethoven. As I open this piece in it’s normal style, but with embellishments, as I add to the style and the electronic orchestra; while you sit in the audience, you see everyone come in from off stage a little at at time, dressed in powdered wigs and such, making the normal pleasantries and greetings of the day. Once everyone is done doing the societal greetings, the music suddenly breaks into this wild party-chase music, as the powdered wigs fly off and the men chase the woman, as well as the woman chasing the men: Add in some of the guys chasing the guys; and you have the makings for a really comical wild party!

I had thought the music would have worked with enough humorous gags on stage, through all the antics of the music, which sets up the madness of love in the moment, as sex takes each person down the pathway of hysterical play on stage, to the full amusement of the paying audience. I think it would have been a fun production piece, if my dream of making it in the music industry had played out. Somehow, however my life was always being plagued by health issues and no support,  starting with my family, which kept me from that dream in the end. So there you have the premise behind why this is written the way it is.

When I was born, my parents were living on Beethoven street in Santa Monica, not too far from where I was to attend college at Loyola University of Westchester some 17 years later. This was no accident either. Having had two full Near Death Encounters at age 25 and age 44: I was shown in death that I was born, while they were living on that street, to let my parents know they were going to be getting a musical prodigy: One at the calibrate of Beethoven himself. God is more in the details than most of you realize. He’s got nothing else better to do I might add.

I got a late start on my music studies in life, because I was born to a mother who was abusive and restless all her life, who also grew up in an abusive home back in Rockaway Beach, New York. I had asked for piano lessons at age 5, but they never came at age 5. My dad was finally able to buy a piano, when I was about age 9, but every time I tried to play it, the neighbors would complain about it being too loud. Well, it was a piano for Christ’s sake? What the heck did they expect? My mother thought I had lost interest in the piano, but I hadn’t lost interest at all. I was simply trying to honor everyone’s request to keep the peace. It broke my heart too, because I really loved music, even then and knew I was here to participate in the talent explosion of the 1960’s and 70’s.

Finally, while attending a Catholic Charismatic prayer meeting at age 15, a nun named Sister Joan at St Francis Church of North Hollywood, decided to give me her nylon string guitar, as a gift, which was a great sacrifice for her back in those days, but she loved to hear me sing. I had been singing at the prayer meetings and everyone loved my singing voice. I had also written my first song entitled “The Sweetness of God’s Spirit” which is on my Google Play Store artist site, both as a band song arrangement and in it’s instrumental form on my Bursting the Bubble I album, as of this writing.

Finally, after graduating from Notre Dame High School in Sherman Oaks, while starting my State scholarship at Loyola University, I decided to take on music, as my minor, while pursuing my technical communications arts and liberal arts science degree. To my surprise, just before graduation, I was 15 units short of a double major. The scholarship money was to run out and I could not take the extra semester to complete the second major for a full diploma, but I think I’ve since made up for that missed semester, after graduation, as you listen to the songs and instrumental work samples on my Google Play Store site. Just know all of these recordings were engineered only as demos back in those days. While I got very close to 24 track recording quality using a 4 track Fostex recorder back in those days, I had hoped to eventually do everything in a 24 track recording studio one that. That day never came. However, now thanks to the help of digital technology, I’ve been able to enhance the recording quality of my works dating back to the 1970s. So all is not lost after losing so much to the health issues that hit me during my life time that kept me from my dream goal.

With each song, I give some history to when it was written and what was going on in my life that resulted in that particular work. Please support me, by buying the works of my youth. I’m disabled these days having fought the chronic disease process, which I learned how to eventually clear while losing 26 years of my life to the process. This lead to me writing my first major health science book I’ve titled THE MASTER’S KEY, which you can find on this website as well. I am still crippled by a herniated disc and other trauma done to my body, with no support coming from the system through the years which cleaned me out financially getting to where I am today.

The chronic disease process was caused by bad sausage I ate at a local Von’s Pavillion supermarket in 1994, located near my home, which also cost me my life and resulted in my second full NDE experience in my life. The first one happened at age 25 when I got to go into the Light and met Jesus who I got to talk to. I got to see heaven with the 2nd NDE at age 44 however and visit our Lord in death again.

My life, both physically and spiritually, has been beyond the normal experiences of most I must say, but then I’m no ordinary prodigy. Too bad the original plan for my life was wrecked by my family in the end and by the grocer who did this to me. I was shown in death what my family did to me. The world will never see me perform live on stage, as a result, given I’m age 63 these days, with a badly damaged body. Fortunately, I did record many of my works either in sketch form, single instrument or full band arrangement when I was younger and thanks to the Internet, I have a little time left to share my talent with the world with the help of CDbaby and their partners.

I don’t feel as accomplished as Mozart who wrote over 600 works, before death, from syphilis, took him at age 36, but I did the best I could with what life had handed me; regardless. I guess that is all any of us can do in life, even with our dreams and desires.

Please enjoy this work in the spirit of fun for which it was written.

© Kevin F. Montague – Bluefire Music Enterprises 1981 – 2012
All Rights Reserved Internationally

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