Kevin F. Montague

California State Scholar in the arts and sciences. Graduated from Notre Dame High School of Sherman Oaks; College prep school. Attended and graduated from Loyola University of Los Angeles, California; in the fine and technical communication arts and liberal sciences. Scholar, artisan, private scientist, music composer and NDEx2.

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Who is Kevin F. Montague?


Kevin F. Montague was born in St. John’s Hospital located in Santa Monica, California. (For sake of identity theft protection, the date of birth is excluded from this write up). Born to parents Patrick R and Patricia Montague, Kevin Montague was raised in California. He attended four grade schools before attending High School: All Souls Catholic Grade school in Alhambra, Cahuenga Elementary School in Los Angeles, Park Public School, also in Alhambra,  and finally St. Elisabeth’s Catholic Grade School.  Upon graduating he attended Notre Dame Catholic High School, a college prep school, with his brother Patrick V. Montague. Notre Dame was well known in the arts and sciences back in the 1970’s, just as it is today and Mr. Montague was very interested in all the arts and sciences while growing up as a boy into manhood. Mr. Montague graduated cum laude from Notre Dame upon graduation and was a qualifying California State Scholar, who attended Loyola University of Los Angeles, California through a California State scholarship. He pursued the arts and sciences in both high school and at the University level. He graduated from Loyola University with a Technical Communication Arts and Sciences degree and almost a second major in Music, excelling at musical composition. You can find some of his musical works he wrote when he was younger through Apple iTunes. Here is the URL:

Passionate about the arts and sciences, Mr. Montague was thrown into a nightmare scenario with his health December 16, 1994 after ingesting what turned out to be contaminated sausage. It was the only thing he ate that morning which lead him into a local ER room and ICU where he was fighting for his life. Even when the doctors released him from their care, Mr. Montague’s troubles were only beginning with his body. He went into over 45+ major life threatening complications that were draining his energy levels at all times (CFS/ME) leading to so many other complications. Finally in December 16 of 1997, his primary care physician, Dr. Nechemia Peleg, MD, told him there was nothing more western medicine could do for him and that he would die soon. The shock of the news was more than Mr. Montague could bare, but he went to his car and bowed his head in prayer, having been dead once at age 25, asking why he was sent back if this is what he had to face. What he could not see is that this injustice was going to lead to the writing of an incredible new health science book titled THE MASTER’S KEY TO UNLOCKING AND MASTERING CHRONIC DISEASE which is key knowledge that helped him change his biological terrain and save his body from premature death. Read below to learn more.


Upon graduation he had his first full death experience at age 25. He has released a few videos on YouTube telling about those experiences, to some degree. Look for my YouTube channel titled “Beyond LIFE there is the LIGHT” at the following URL:

Look under the appropriate playlist devoted to NDE experiences to find his testimony.

While fighting the chronic disease process starting age 37, he faced death again at age 44 fighting to save his life. His first NDE was at age 25. He did not have to come back as He faced our Lord of the Light the Earth knows as Jesus. The experience He had was peaceful and profound.

Before age 44, Mr. Montague was building a young consulting and publishing business called Opal Star Industries. He was assisted by his first cousin on his mother’s side of the family, his mother’s brother’s son was named Charles Michael, (Last name left out because of identity theft issues concerning the net) but everyone called him “Mike”. After the first NDE Mr. Montague had, he knew he needed to get his life more in gear and while living with a friend in North Hollywood, California, who he had met during his University years, a fellow named Kevin L. Norwood, he began work on a board game, he hoped to sell to the banks to be used as a giveaway premium to help him raise money to help get him where he knew he really wanted to be in life. His main passions growing up were the music business and the motion picture industry.  He finally formed Opal Star Industries, as a family publishing concern. He attempted to bring in partners along the way, which did not work out, due to personality issues, but in the end his cousin stayed loyal to Mr. Montague. Mr. Montague was doing the business negotiating side, while his cousin would help with all the office work and repetitive work.

Bank Game - Lonlan Brochure 1992 (A)

The board game was titled THE MILLION DOLLAR BANK GAME and was an idea proposed during a lunch break when Mr. Montague and a friend of his Ross A. Haber were helping Robert L. Munger to move things from one of his offices to another one day.You can read more about the story by going to this URL located on BoardGameGeek.com. There are also some videos that will tell you how the game is played and the marketing strategy being used before Mr. Montague lost his health just before full success of the game was about to be experienced. After a 23 year long convalescence, he is rising up with a new book titled THE MASTER’S KEY TO UNLOCKING AND MASTERING CHRONIC DISEASE as he works to make a come back through using the Internet to still make his dreams become real.

Bob Munger was the main guiding force behind a series of motion pictures called THE OMEN films back in the 1970’s. Mr. Montague was always meeting people from the motion picture business during his growing years and hoped to be a motion picture producer and director one day, as well as do motion picture scores. However, at age 37, just when things were finally coming together for his pet publications project, after 12 long years of planning and steady work, he walked into a local Vons supermarket near his home. He bought some contaminated sausage which did a good job leveling his health to the point of a death sentence. It turned out to be a long 23 year long battle too, which lead him into his second full death encounter at age 44.

With both death encounters he was told he did not have to come back to the Earth, but he had started work on a new book he was to title THE MASTER’S KEY TO UNLOCKING AND MASTERING CHRONIC DISEASE. So he returned and did what he calls a resurrection of his dead body, so he could continue to use his own body with man’s science to unveil what he eventually named the CDS/PD Process (Chronic Disease Syndrome/Premature Decomposition Process:CDS/PD Process). This was the title of the first book he released on the net which was 143 pages long. Later his ongoing writing would develop that book into THE MASTER’S KEY which was also released to the world through the Internet. THE MASTER’S KEY is 411 pages of a lot of incredible information no one can do without if they are stuck with some form of non-congenital and non-environmental disease.

If you wish, you can use the following link to take you to my interview page, involving my talk with George Noory on Coast to Coast AM. I share my two NDE experiences with Noory which will help you better understand me as a scholar and scientist.


Mr. Montague had hoped to have his formal graduate work done by this time in his life too, but life had taken him a different way as a research scientist. Mr. Montague had been an artisan and scientist, since he was a boy and was often treated poorly, because of his ability to see far into man’s future by about 20 to 40 years, with accuracy all of the time. Mr. Montague had always been taking things apart, since he was a boy and says dealing with this puzzle was the most complex thing he had ever taken on in his life, but his own life depended upon it. To this day Mr. Montague remains a author, scholar, artisan and private scientist doing private research on his own.

Today, THE MASTER’S KEY is available to the world through the Internet, which has been selling globally. Mr. Montague continues to write, while operating under the business name of KFFMenterprises.com these days. What follows is a half hour interview done by Steve Prussack, the online Juice Guru, who interviews Mr. Montague to get some idea of his story and his research work captured in THE MASTER’S KEY.

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kfm-up-against-book-case-a  Webmaster’s Notes:

Speaking as both a California State scholar and University graduate in the arts and sciences, I need it understood that the 411 pages that make up THE MASTER’S KEY TO UNLOCKING AND MASTERING CHRONIC DISEASE was never meant to be a definitive work. It barely captures all I’ve learned as an artisan and research scientist at age 63. However, it is ground breaking in the connections it makes which cover law that are spiritually correct as well as physically correct when applied.

The main principle behind THE MASTER’S KEY works in combining the works of Michael Faraday, Nikola Tesla’s principle of alternating current and Tesla machines, the Schumann Resonances behind electric current, as well as the pH issue of the body related to Quantum theory, where I literally turned my body into a Tesla machine to restore the light load of my own body, which was heading into darkness and death. These connections have never been made before in our sciences that I know of, given a life time of reading and study. The final full perfection of these connections results in what I call a MREC (Mild Radiant Electron Cascade) our machines can create one day. Drugs only cover up or mask a problem. They cure or remedy nothing, except for what antibiotics can do.

During death at age 25, when I was in the Light, I learned that the entire Universe is made out of the substance of God’s being, which is pure white Light. The flow of that light through the creation determines its relative definition of “power”. Our Universe is suspended inside the Light as a “pocket of space”. God, the Light, which Christians call “the Holy Spirit” of God or “the Entire Spirit” of God, then condenses down the energy of the Light or super cools it to make solid formations we know as “matter”. You can not understand the Jewish “Book of Formation” without this basic knowledge.

Anyway, this is best understood when you properly understand Einstein’s equation of m=E/c2, where the Light slows the speed of its substance down by c2 (the speed of light squared) and becomes m (mass). E is God’s pure white light being, which is at a steady state of flow at all times, in its pure form or formlessness. God is best to be equated to as an ocean of Light, consciousness and love that became all that is, as far as the structured creation is all about.  From there all the corresponding frequencies possible are able to exist in the Universe or what the Bible calls “The Tree of Life”.

The foundation of all life is based on a simple foundational premise connected to the particles of electrons that make up the atom. This level does not yet address the absolute particle of the Universe however. When you know this, you can see God created a back door way out of any mess; any organic life gets into, by simply restoring the light load of that organic matrix or life form to its proper levels. This is possible, because everything has consciousness in it, even the cell and the atom and yet, all of it is programming done by the Creator, who is also the Creation I learned in death.

When properly directed, the electron becomes a great servant that can restore the body back to its full functional power, once that power has been inhibited by chemical, physical and parasitical blockages the body acquires over time and misuse. This movement of power also explains the resurrection of Jesus and the power used, to raise, back to life, His disfigured and badly damaged body, after His crucifixion.

The Bible refers to these offenses as “sin” and deadly to the body, given the way people live their lives for the most part. My work provides a “grace”, or “unmerited favor” to the reader, that can walk the one trapped in this process, I call the CDS/PD Process, out of that process and back to full health again. The hardest part was writing all of this in a form the average person or doctor could understand, not to mention what to use to reverse the process over time using what is currently available to work with on the planet these days when it comes to integrative medicine. When I started, I did not even know what I had walked into. Normally, when writing a field research project like this, the researcher would be prone to write the ultimate conclusion first and then detail its discovery. In my case, I did it in reverse, mainly because the world is upside down in its view of the Universe and how the creation works. Man does not have to know every nuance of detail behind the mechanisms of the creation to fix the body once it enters into chronic disease. Man only has to know the back door way out and the rest takes care of itself in the end: Meaning, the body will fix itself, when supported correctly, without the use of drugs and surgery. Drugs and surgery support nothing, but are only used when crisis care is warranted to try and save a life. This only happens when it comes to trauma and congenital related issues.

Again, THE MASTER’S KEY is only a bridge of insight I’m building at this time, next to what I can still reveal, but have not had the time to write, simply because of the lack of funds I need to get my focus off the problems I’m having with the banks and having to do all the marketing myself to date, except with the help of a few affiliates working to help me these days. I had to face a lot in my own body just to come this far as well and my body was the first to go through the road way back, before I started to teach this to others to help them regain their health, especially when their own doctors were totally lost with no answers.

However, the restoring of the electron load of the body is not done by “electrocuting the body”. It has to be done as a form of cascade, which is unheard of physics in our world these days because such a cascade bypasses the body as a resistor to get the task done. This can be done over time or in literally minutes or hours one day, depending on what approach is used to get the job done. I did it part chemically and the other part using devices that “pump” electron load into the body.

Aging is caused by yet another programming issue related between both the brain and the DNA of the cells of the body. While Dr. Bob Beck’s protocol is a good, low cost way to invest into, so as to help the body regain it’s “light load” over time, also raising the pH of the body to normal. There are other factors to consider that must be used to assist the body becoming whole again, but Beck was at least on the right pathway before he died. pH is both related to electron load and mineral load, which requires much discussion. THE MASTER’S KEY addresses those many other issues, as it introduces the reader to a much higher way of thinking in terms of what defines good health in organic life and how to work to restore it, when it is lost; due to non-congenital and non-environmental chronic disease.

This knowledge won’t make you live forever, due the aging process being controlled by the brain and the DNA of each cell. In the end, exercise is required when the body matrix is restored, something I have been kept from doing personally, because today’s current day approaches are not sufficient enough to fully correct trauma that the CDS/PD Process can do to the body to damage it. I suffered from tumors forming in key muscles of my lower back, groin, left and right ulnar wrist areas and more, like what happened to my Golden Retriever who also ate the sausage that started this process in my own body. Normally, most people just walk into this thing as they age and their body becomes more and more polluted. So, I was not able to continue into a full exercise program, once I cleared my body of the entire CDS/PD Process. As such my body suffers from atrophy and sever pain associated to the damage done to key nerve fibers in my lower back alone. Still, I did not want to hold back this knowledge, because I knew that if learned early, a patient can be kept from walking into the disability I suffer from today, if only THE MASTER’S KEY had existed back in 1994 when all of this hit my life some 27 years ago. I would not have written this book, nor did I want to, until a miracle happened in my life commanding me to write this book which I talk about with George Noory on Coast to Coast AM November 19, 2019. Here is the URL:

I talk about a MREC (Mild Radiant Electron Cascade) that can be created one day to do it all very fast, but we are not there yet. The MREC is what the Light does when a supernatural healing takes place and when done correctly should be pleasant to enjoy when experienced. We are not there yet with this world as a form of grace. If I could produce the machines I see can be created one day, such a machine would clear the remaining trauma to my body in less than an hour’s time; theoretically. I don’t know if I’ll be able to complete the work I was sent back from our Lord’s heaven to do, so as to create the machines mortal man needs to do to the body what God’s “Spirit” or “Light Being” can do to a body, when properly executed, what Christians call “a supernatural healing”.

Man can do what God’s Spirit can do when the laws are fully understood. It’s all very logical to me at my current level of understanding that I’ve lived to become at age 63 and THE MASTER’S KEY is the first humble attempt to communicate how much I’ve learned in a life time as a scholar and scientist, while supplying the scientific proof to back my work up. I also provide the reader a teaching profile on how to integrate all the right things together, so as to gain the results I demonstrate in my documented case studies provided in THE MASTER’S KEY.

Life threw me into a fight to save my own life, up against a global medical system that is in so many ways blinded by its own arrogance, darkness and troubles with money, which fight to hold the system together. My experience with the western medical system was far from pleasant to go through. I found it a very arrogant and very disconnected system to experience over two decades. It was bad enough that my western medical doctors had given up on me, which lead me to the full 2nd NDE I’ve had in my life at age 44, but it was even worse to try and find my way on my own. I never thought I would have come as far as I have, but I guess it was dealt in the cards for me to do the work I was born to do and is only mildly reflected in my research work captured in THE MASTER’S KEY.

One of the major things I learned in studying both western medicine’s approach with synthetic chemicals and the science behind holistic medicine is that both sides use nothing but supplements to try and forestall the inevitable….DEATH. I could not understand why I had known perfect health at one moment and then after eating contaminated sausage, I was shortly facing an ongoing death sentence, which not even my western medical doctors could diagnose and correct. That was the key word to it all too….the word “correct”. I had gone from one state where I was able to get all I needed from my food into a state where I was constantly supplementing my body with over 100 bottles of vitamins, minerals, amino acids and other compounds just to keep going; along with a degenerative condition that was making me feel chronically fatigued with about 45+ complications. I could not see that my body’s state had changed to trigger a set of algorithms, sets of instructions, that was transforming my body cells into micro plant life forms, which proved the key to why I was supplementing my body with drugs and food supplements all the time. This process of transformation has three factors to it too, both with the somatid, the protits that emerge out of erythrocytes and the stages tissue cells go through as the transformation is taking place. The protits are nothing more than the 4th and 6th stage of the somatid’s pleomorphic cycle proving the somatid penetrates the cell membrane when electron load diminishes inside the body. You can learn how it all works when you buy and read THE MASTER’S KEY. Not until I realized I had to find a way to turn the process off; was I then able to get all the way out of the deadly spiral process into death. Only then was my food and food supplements helpful in rebuilding my body and not until then.

While I still have questions to the three aspects of this transformation process the body goes through as it transforms into micro plant life forms, I did learn enough to know how to work with all the healing medical sciences, not just the limitations western medicine could offer, to how to get my body out of the mess it had been thrown into by a horrible injustice done to me. I can’t stop the aging process because I know that is regulated by the brain and the DNA of the cells.

Sadly, today’s alternatives are crude, next to what could be developed one day. The point is they do all work, when you know how to manage them all, but if you take off the “e” off the word crude, you are only one step away from “crud”, next to what has to be achieved, to get instant results in saving a dying body, stuck in, what I call, the CDS/PD Process. Still, my insight is correct and as such opens a new doorway for mankind that can bring forth some amazing new technologies one day, so that rapid and incredible healing can take place with all organic life on the planet, when chronic disease sets in. However, for today’s health professions to embrace the work I’ve labored to uncover, which saved my own life, it will take a major change of vision, up against old precepts, earlier thought to be true by mankind and by the old vanguard of medicine, when it comes to the microbial world.

Kevin F. Montague
Author, Scholar, Artisan, Scientist & NDEx2

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