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In February of 1983, while taking on some temporary work assignments through temp employment agencies doing tech writing and illustration work, I got the idea for this song. I was simply getting tired of going from one job to the next, while pursuing my hope for a career in music, after too much had gone wrong in my life. So, I decided to express myself frunstration in this song. I was still driving my old car, a red Dodge Dart that my dad had bought me for my high school graduation at age 17 and it took all I had to keep that car together. I even taught myself how to fix anything it needed along the way to save on the money for repairs, so I could have time to do my recording and writing as well as other creative works.

I was late getting started with my pursuit in the performing arts at age 17, when originally I had asked my parents for a piano at age 5…and lessons! I even wanted dancing lessons as a boy, but I never could talk to my parents about my interest in being an entertainer growing up. At times, my parents would pass the Arthur Murry dancing studios or Fred Astaire dancing studios back in those days. Every time we passed those studios, I would kneel up on my knees in the car to look out the window, wanting so much to take lessons.

Obviously I was born to the wrong parents. They never could see the gift God gave them in me as a musical prodigy. When I think of all the parents that try to make their kids take music lessons, I don’t understand why God didn’t give me to one of those eager parents??? Instead I got a pair who loved music, but just had trouble connecting with each other in love. Plus I was an abused child growing up who often got severely beaten by his mother every 6 to 8 weeks, which badly damaged my psyche totally, wrecking my life in the end. I saw all of this in my first NDE at age 25 and did not have to come back to the Earth, but I came back anyway from the Light to try and help my parents and brother see the light…literally.

They didn’t realize I knew what I was born to do. My mother was a nightmare to live with and she was an abusive parent toward me, always beating me physically every 6 to 8 weeks for the first 10 years of my life. It took a lot to overcome the damage she had done to me and once I was in college, I started to pursue my true passion which was music. I excelled at all my studies in music, while also pursuing a degree in the technical communication arts and sciences at Loyola University of Westchester. I have degrees in both fields of study. I was also studying all the sciences since I was about 3 years old. One day one of my mother’s friends, Jerry Wilson, told my mother; “Patty, someone has to get the artists and scientists. So why not you!” My mother was in disbelieve she had been given a soul like me and really didn’t know how to understand me.

Point is, even if you are born talented, you still have to develop your skills and studies to perfect any talent God gives you. My time was robbed from me in the end, as far as my early years were concerned, but I wrote many songs at that time, while in college, which I think, if I had been given a better chance, which should have happened, would have helped me make my fortune and I might have wound up where Danny Elfman is these days. He and I are around the same age as I write this. I love his composing work as another composer of music.

Anyway, if you like a mock Reggae style and hate your job, you’ll enjoy listening to this song. I wrote this just when Reggae was coming into the market in my life time. Too bad I didn’t know the people where we could have been a video with me singing the song in the video. You can dance to it and sing to it. Feel free to yell it to your boss too. Maybe you’ll get promoted…or better….fired. (chuckling) Then you can find a better job or be the struggling song writer I was in my twenties. 😉

© Kevin F. Montague 1983 ● All Rights Reserved

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