Race of the Wild Stallion

Race of the Wild Stallion: Composed and engineered by Kevin F. Montague on the EnergyXT2.5 computer program where making REAL music without REAL musicians is fun to listen to. / Click Here to Learn More!

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“Hi Ho Silver and away we go!”

Well, that use to be a common expression for the old Lone Ranger show that appeared on early television back in the 1960’s, but when I was composing the “Bursting the Bubble I” album (BB1), my goal from the start was to create a four album series, depending on sales of the first album. Each album is to have twelve original instrumental works on it, composed off of the EnergyXT2.5 program.

Anyway, in the end, I wound up with one extra instrumental with the first album. I got so excited about what I was writing; I did more than 12 in my first six month session of writing. Since I was restricting each album to 12 works per album, I had to decide which of the thirteen would be the first twelve on the album. This was before CDbaby was offering songs and music works as singles. After a year and a half from releasing the first album, I’ve decided to release this instrumental, entitled “Race of the Wild Stallion”, as a single, now that CDbaby has been offering such a service. That solves my problem of getting all thirteen works offered for sale, while restricting the album to 12 instrumental works. Keep in mind this is only a 30 second sample, not the entire 6 minute instrumental work and is better sounding than the old theme from the Lone Ranger music of the 1950’s.

This will give you some idea of what all twelve instrumental works sound like on my album entitled “Bursting the Bubble I” and perhaps encourage you to buy the BBI album as well. The BBI album is being offered as a digital download too, as well as a CD, with a beautiful cover design that will look good with your music collection of CDs as well as music that will sound good in your CD record collection of great music.

You can play the album at parties, for adults or children, on the road when you are driving or in your office or work shop, as background music. All arrangements are very uplifting to listen to and just wait til you hear the sound, when you crank your stereo all the way up!!! It sure sounded great on my stereo system when I was done engineering it all!

I love horses. I remember shyishly courting a young girl named Carmen, when I was in the 6th grade, who also loved horses. The cover design, I’m using with this offer, was originally drawn when I was 10 years old, by me, the artist. It looked good then and does even now. I drew it with her in mind too. So, I thought I’d take it out of mothballs and use it for this “single” offer through CDbaby and their partners. 

Horses, I think, are very beautiful and powerful animals, with kind hearts. All that power in one body, as well as the heart of a dove in one beautiful animal. Horses are simply awesome! I’ve loved movies and documentaries like the “Black Stallion”, “Return of the Black Stallion”, “The Red Pony”, “Flash”, “All the Pretty Horses”, “Touching Wild Horses”, “Horses of the World” and much more, which helped inspire me to write this piece on the EnergyXT2.5 computer program.

Given how wonderful a program the EnergyXT computer program is for composing music, I decided to spend some time, while writing Bursting the Bubble I, pursuing the subject matter of horses. While I love seeing horses in the wild, they are equally wonderful to watch when they race. Given music story poems require drama to make them interesting; I thought a race would be a nice focal point for a composition. The result is “Race of the Wild Stallion”. It also offered me a challenge in the complex instrumentality of the virtual reality Bluefire Band set up I used for all instrumentals composed on the Bursting the Bubble I album (BB1).

So if you love country type music, are the cowboy type, are a rambler, loner or high adventurer who loves the outdoors and the wild, I think you’ll love having this on your Ipod as an mp3 file.

Do support me by purchasing my music and telling your friends to do like wise. It’s the only way I’ll be able to support myself to write more wonderful music, which can only be found on CDbaby.

Riding the high planes of adventure in music:

Kevin F. Montague
Composer, arranger and engineer

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