For a Motion Picture Sci-Fi

One of my all time favorite types of movie making is science fiction. I loved these type of movies growing up and...

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Battlestar Galactica in the Jazz Quadrant

After I formally got started studying music in college at age 18, by the time I was reaching age 26, I was...

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One Sun By Day, By Night Ten Thousand Shown Above

After I left Magic Mountain in March of 1979, after working there for 3 years and attending Loyola University on...

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Escape from the Planet Altieres

This is an orchestral sketch written back on July 31, 1981. I write pretty darn fast, once inspired and wrote...

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Fur Elise’s Wild Party

This piece was completed around July 31, 1981, while I was sharing an apartment with my friend Kevin L. Norwood...

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Sorcerer Musician

The word sorcerer is defined in the dictionary as “someone who performs magic”. For those who only listen to...

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